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"We're Not Going to Control the Pandemic," Trump Chief of Staff Says on Live TV as Covid Cases Surge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/25/were-not-going-control-pandemic-trump-chief-staff-says-live-tv-covid-cases-surge


mark meadows…nuff said! Wondering why trumps ass kissers keep getting invited to spew their shit on the teevee? And, the worst part, they all seem to be getting away with it, along with their fake golden boy “little donny the whiney Lil bitch”.


You’ve got those peabrain sycophants of Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan tRump PEGGED!


Somebody with prosecutorial and investigative skills should look at Trump’s handling of the pandemic as a crime scene.
If a foreign agent used a bioweapon to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, make millions more sick and permanently injured, and wreck the economy, they couldn’t have done a better job than with how Trump has handled COVID.
The evidence shows that he and his ghoulish allies saw several months ago that the disease was most likely to afflict minorities, poor people, elderly people, and people already ill.
Deciding that these people were Democrats and not useful in society, they refused to roll out a professional virus response, opting instead to “cull the herd.”
They are mass murderers and should be criminally and civilly accountable.


and the media lets them get away with claiming the moniker “pro-life”!


So, that is prima facie cause for impeachment of both Hair Furor and Poncy Pence, for a premeditated plan to murder of 2-4 million Americans. And, if Numbskull Nancy would file these on Monday (which of course she won’t) it would wipe out any chance of a SCOTUS hearing, because impeachment articles are privileged, and must take priority of Senate business.


Just in time for Halloween - the Trump House of Horrors.


You are correct. Pelosi and the other blue dog corporate Dems have repeatedly dropped the ball regarding impeachment, as Trump has committed dozens of impeachable offenses including the one he was impeached for.
Of course the GOP Senate protects the Fuhrer, but just the fact of holding impeachment hearings and documenting his many crimes against America, while also delaying Handmaid Amy’s placement on SCOTUS, would be very useful.
I’ve repeatedly called the offices of Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, etc., along with the progressive caucus members, but they never answer their phones.
We can’t count on weak politicians to oust corrupt, monstrous politicians.
We need a French Revolution 2.0 to do it ourselves.


Quite frankly , if Trumps handling of the Pandemic does not translate to the need to Impeach nothing does. I am no fan of Clinton or of Nixon but what they both did to start impeachment proceedings against them is nothing when compared to Herr Trump.

Just as Obama refusing to prosecute the War criminals in the previous Bush Administration showed what administrations can in fact get away with in the future, the failure to act against Trump in a meaningful way opens the door for more such abuses years down the road.


Horror films draw big at the box office. I myself have never been a fan of that genre but there millions that are. It appears many just do not want to watch it on film , but want to live it in real life. This might explain those millions of minions out there cheering Trump on.

(This tongue in cheek)


There’s a sense in which test-positivity numbers, as reported by Johns Hopkins, indicate that what Meadows says may now be inevitably true: Nobody can know whether it’s even possible to “control the pandemic” after it has been broadcast so ubiquitously as in USA – incredibly, up to 100.0% positivity, the absolute maximum, today in Mississippi:


That’s supposed to be a seven-day average. Johns Hopkins is essentially telling us that hardly anyone in Mississippi ever tests negative anymore. How can anyone control that?

South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming are at 1/3 positivity, Alabama and Iowa 1/4, Nebraska and Kansas 1/5… all very nasty indeed. Probably irremediably nasty at this point. Noboby knows how to recover from this severe a community infection. We’re pushing the viral saturation envelope here.


First job responsibility of the new VP Harris.


Well said indeed.

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Hair Furor’s foaming-at-the-mouth rallies are Orwell’s “two minutes of hate” on tape loop.


Maybe this time they’ll actually charge him with a crime, instead of the generic “he’s a big meanie” gambit that Pelosi and Schiff pathetically tried ten months ago.
What I fear will happen is already starting to rear it’s ugly head. The Democratic Party secretly want Trumps last three months to be as awful as possible for America. They want him to dig as big a hole as possible as chuck the lot of us down in there. That way, during the next four years, they can do the bare minimum, and still look like FDR liberals. Just listen to Biden and Obama’s speeches the last few days. Dismissing socialism in a manner reminiscent of Reagan. All but telling us that they have no intention of implementing the kind of big Social programs that the nation will need to not only crawl out of the disasterous trump years, but to also deal with a world warming out of control.
If the democrats follow the Biden/Obama model, they will fail us miserably in the next four years, and then the nation will turn back to the republicans for a more orderly and honest march to fascism.
Big bold socialist ideas are the only things that can save us now. I fear Joe Biden, and his potential cabinet of Third Way cronies, will not be up the the task, as they still believe that the magical healing powers of the free market are the only thing that can lead us away from this perdition.


Precisely. Biden and Obama both are using the right wing Politics of Trump to in fact justify more right wing politics and people are wondering why the USA keeps drifting further and further right.

It a Thucydides’s Trap.


Good point. Just like in 1992 and then again in 2008, it appears that the only solution to the democrats have for dealing with the nation consuming the republicans poison is for us to simply take less poison.


GOP or Dem. All bought by Koch and DeVos. Tea Party Mark Meadows probably has a brand on his ass with KB initials.
On the bright side, Chile is finally so done with the Buchanan/Koch Brothers written constitution after 40 years that they’re voting for a new one. My fear is that the oily bloody fingerprints of the usual suspects will interfere once again.
The truth is out in the open. We’re all excess population according to the planter class represented so well by those economists who pushed Raygun down our throats with glitter that was not gold.
It’s gonna be a long, cold, dark winter.


“Herd mentality”.


It is no more complicated than people like Meadows - a corrosive actor upon society - are protected in ways that the rest of us are not.