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"We're Not Leaving": US Weighs Helping Saudis Bomb Yemen Even More


"We're Not Leaving": US Weighs Helping Saudis Bomb Yemen Even More

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. is looking to increase support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen, officials said Wednesday—a move that some see as another signal that President Donald Trump is itching to take the U.S. to a new war.


How can you call this a "new" war when the U.S. has been supplying arms, satellite targeting info, drones, mercenaries (contractors), political coverage and special ops to assist in drone/plane attacks?

The additional troops that Trump will send are simply an extension of the Duopoly policy of all-war-all-the-time to serve the interests of the neocon/neolib oligarchs.

It would have been more useful to report on the successive days of slaughter of civilians in Mosul, as Trump inherits Obama's "war" (slaughter) there.


NO, It is when the United States is in the Middle East region....
(or anywhere really) that things get REALLY MESSED UP....

For those in NYC area: on May 14, 2017 (Mother's Day)...these is a protest against
the obvious escalation towards ANOTHER WAR.....

Battery Park, NYC....Sunday, May 14th....
between 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

look up or contact : Codepink.org for more info....
we want to say we are LIFE AFFIRMATION....for NATURE AND NURTURE...
NOT death and destruction....


The expression on "Mad Dog" Mattis' mug speaks volumes about the mean-spirited, war monger who "loves to kill." Sidle up the the Saudis, MDM...you will regret it more than you will ever know. In the process, you are undermining world peace and our nation...placing our planet in peril just so you and your emperor can "strut your stuff." You are both devoid of souls, hearts, and consciences.

We are 'effed and every day gets darker and darker. If we are not choking from the pollution, being poisoned by water and GMO foodstuffs, then we are faced with destruction as a result of flexing military might/muscles at every opportunity presented. Diplomacy is dead, common sense thrown out the window, and the only god is money.


Will be with all in spirit. NY is way to far to go for me. Blessings!


"Everywhere you look, if there's trouble in the region, you find Iran," says the US defense secretary James Mattis.

However, the fact is that wherever there is trouble, anywhere in the world, and more so in the Middle East, you find US Mad dogs, Mad Bitches and their equally mad handlers.

Take Iraq for example. Of course Saddam Hussein was ruthless towards those who opposed his rule but as a secular leader, the had given fair degree of peace, progress and prosperity to vast majority of citizens with diverse religions and ethnicity. Saddam Hussien had a Christian Tariq Aziz as his top adviser and foreign minister. And look what the US invasion has done to Iraq? Apart from killing over a million innocent Iraqi men, women and children and turning into paupers the formerly well-to-do families, it has given rise to monsters like Abubakar al-Baghdadi the likes of which Saddam Hussein never allowed to emerge, and nipped them in the bud.

And knowing what removing strong leaders does to states with diverse population groups, the US did the same to Libya.

And then it is doing much the same to Syria.

And now it wants to mess up Yemen.

But for Yemen, the Saudis are also to blame. With a Saudi-led Muslim Military Alliance having over three dozen members, there was simply no need to encourage a character like Donald Trump to jump in. Perhaps Saudis have weak memories and have forgotten how the US leaders had threatened them at the time of rising oil prices, while they also ignored the fact that for United States, the only real ally in the region is Israel, with which Donald Trump now has a family bond by virtue of his daughter - now turned Jewish - marrying a Jew who happens to be fanatic Israel supporter, and who the US President has now made a virtual boss in respect of Trump's wild, haphazard actions meant to be his Middle East policy.



"During a visit to Saudi Arabia this week, Defense Secretary James Mattis accused Iran of being a troublemaker, saying the country was destabilizing the region by supplying the Houthis with weapons.

"Everywhere you look, if there's trouble in the region, you find Iran," Mattis said Wednesday after meetings with King Salman and other top Saudi officials. "So right now what we're seeing is the nations in the region and others elsewhere trying to checkmate Iran and the amount of disruption and instability they can cause."

The U.S. would "reinforce Saudi Arabia's resistance to Iran's mischief," he continued, adding that "we are not leaving this region."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ quote from the article ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is interesting that, no matter what Iran does or agrees to, our monomaniacal government is so fixated on hating them that all we hear is yet another diatribe about Iran's "trouble making."
* The US Fourth Reich will go thousands of miles and deliver millions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition to support some tinhorn dictator that the Reich has put in charge to whip their people into obedience, yet if a neighbor and friend tries to aid the people who are being oppressed or killed, they are immediately classified as "terrorists" or troublemakers. Look at the Ukraine, for instance. The US destabilized the Ukrainian government, then welcomed the neo-Nazi dictator in and he and his "government" were instantly recognized as the legal government and the Reich sent more weapons, satellite intelligence, etc., to them, to kill or suppress those Ukrainians who didn't accept the new Nazi government. Russia, whom the Ukrainians who did not submit asked for medical help and supplies mobilized an humanitarian convoy with supplies. The Reich immediately accused Russia of an invasion.
* Iran, who has not fought an aggressive war for centuries (though they are pretty good at defending themselves) apparently cannot help their neighbors in any way without being tarred with the same brush.
* If the US Fourth Reich and its Saudi coalition are bombing, starving and destroying Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world, and any neighbor tries to help them, they are threatened by the Reich as well.
* Picture, if you will, a situation where, say China, decided to get rid of our government and occupy us. They bomb the West Coast cities and land in great force, thousands of miles from China. They have drones and missiles and use them to destroy any town or base that refuses to surrender and obey. We are on the ropes and in horrible shape.
* In Canada and Mexico, there is great sympathy for what the people are suffering. They smuggle in medical supplies, work to rescue people and bring them across the border. Some people from both nations volunteer to cross over and fight for the people, their neighbors.
* China then charges the two nations as terrorists and troublemakers interfering with China's rightful control of the late US. It mobilizes all of its coalition to threaten and isolate the two countries until they agree not to help their neighbors. And this goes on and on.
* There is little difference between this scenario and what the Reich does around the world. (I apologize to China for using them, but I just needed a powerful nation several thousand miles away to make the comparison closer to what is happening around the world by the Fourth Reich, today.)
* I realize this is greatly simplified, but it would take a formal paper to cover the entire problem.
* Mrs. Minitrue says that "the easiest solution to the refugee problem is stop making refugees! Quit destroying towns, cities and villages. Stop killing people! Stop destroying their livelihoods, their agriculture, their schools and hospitals. Try practicing Peace!"


And, of course, Iran and North Korea are the villains of the month, although neither of them poses an
existential threat to us, or ever has. The real threats to us and all life in the world are comfortably ensconced in our corridors of political power, in the boardrooms of some of our largest corporations,
and of course along Wall St.


Excellent points, of which most Americans are unfortunately ignorant. If only your post could be all
over the MSM!


Well done! The truth brings light and the lies, only darkness.

Thank you.


You can also wonder who did "regime change" in Iran in 1953 and had their puppet the Shah of Persia rule for 25 years with secret police, torture and all the other stuff the "Land of the Free" endorses. In 1979 he was ousted by the current religious regime, which the USA has always wished to topple. So in the deadly and long Iraq-Iran war, they were firmly on the side of their pal Saddam Hussein. The CIA even kindly help gas the Iranians around Basra when Iraq was being overrun. Later Saddam was not quite the good poodle,he even had the cheek in 2000 to start selling his oil in Euro (rather than dollars as the USA wishes), seeming a significant reason for his demise.

Yemen started around 2009, as the local dictator President Saleh ran out of oil. This left him without cash to pay off all the competing warlords and tribes. Furthermore, South Yemen that he had fought a long war with before annexing the territory, had a separatist movement going. After 30 years in power he knew what to do: All opponents were labelled Al-Queda and the USA was requested to help combat this terrorist threat. After a sufficient number of drone strikes on wedding parties, the killing of a few US citizens and the like, the country fell apart. That is the way it goes when the US military or secret services intervene.

Just like the USA once upon a time trained and armed a guy called Osama bin Laden (and spend considerable resources spreading his ideology!); they also trained and armed parts of what later became ISIS in their eagerness to oust President Assad of Syria. So long before the civil war broke out in Syria, the USA was arming terrorist groups (as defined on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations) in an effort to topple a President who was traditionally under Russia's sphere of influence. The book "Wikileak Files" describes this and other glorious actions by our noble government.