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We're Not "Polarized" Everywhere. In Maine, Democracy and Green Energy Win Big

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/19/were-not-polarized-everywhere-maine-democracy-and-green-energy-win-big


I love Maine too.

My folks took my brother and I to Maine for vacations from the time we were small.

Maine has it all, mountains and seashore.

My wife and I are heading up that way next week for a little vacation.

I love Maine.

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“How often I hear that in “polarized” America rural voters will reject a green agenda out of hand. For them, green means liberal, tree-hugging snobs, unconcerned about the struggles of real working people.”

That’s what the oligarchy wants working people to think. Its deceitful, patronizing, exploitative and assumes working people are stupid.


Now if they can only get rid of Susan Collins.


Another glimpse of what’s possible, when individuals act on their convictions, especially with such respect for those they strive to represent.

Like AOC, Chloe Maxmin reinforces my belief there are others besides Bernie, ready to take on the struggle.

Keep’em comin’!

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This “polarization” meme has been way overused to death by the unthinking media practicioners–This country is not “polarized” the 2016 election gave Clinton a majority vote–Probably around thirty percent of the voting population are Trump supporters–The rest, seventy percent, do not want the Republican agenda or Trump, so how is seventy-thirty “polarized”? Wouldn’t the two poles have to be roughly equal?
The moderate Democrats are peeing in their pants about the “undecided” out there who might vote for Trump, or they really believe there’s a fifty-fifty split, “polarization” in this country–get over it.

We’re gonna try!

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