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'We're Not Settling for Sound Bites': Citing Democrats' Own Platform, Open Letter Demands DNC Host at Least One 2020 Debate on Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/were-not-settling-sound-bites-citing-democrats-own-platform-open-letter-demands-dnc

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Climate crisis, global poisoning/pollution crisis from chemicals and plastics, mass extinctions, and contaminated food crisis - the industrialization and denaturing of food, that causes numerous ill-health conditions, diseases, and premature death - good for the for-profit “health-care” and pharmaceutical industry, bad for life.

The Chemical Regulatory Agricultural Pharmaceutical Conglomerate (C.R.A.P). has undermined the essential building-blocks and health of life on Earth.

Hypocrites wrote “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” - a truth that spans the ages, now ignored and supplanted by greed that contaminates and removes the essential quality of food or adds poisonous ingredients, that makes a mockery of Hypocrites truth of health-giving food and water - the critical building-blocks of life on earth - a healthy, sustainable, planet, turned into a cesspool…

Surely there is no greater crime against humanity than to intentionally - with pre-meditation and aforethought - poison and contaminate food, water and environment essential to the lives and health of millions/billions to create personal and corporate profit for the few with the open subversion and complicity of government?


The dems are terrible at articulating a policy needing change. They were, and still are, week at describing things like (healthcare change, climate change, and our warring situation). If it is good enough to fight for, it is good enough to get a concise hearing.
Do we really know the details of these topics, enough to make voter choices?
What are the “pay for” provisions?
These need to be spelled out for an uninformed public.
And if the dems don’t, the republicans will sell their upside-down version of the truth again like they did with their “no preconditions” lies at the end of the last election.


Always like what you post and I am not usually picky on spelling etc. but I think you mean Hippocrates https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocrates not Hypocrites which is the noun for Hypocrisy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypocrisy. No offense meant it just made your post(which is great) hard to understand at first.


Thanks Cool Breeze - I am writing too much today and editing too little. Of course you are correct on Hippocrates, and my spelling reference to “hypocrites” not - although it fits into some part of my rant. - my bad. Keep the faith!

While I’m at it, I’ll add this relevant piece.

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Perez is holding the party’s neoliberal line by not allowing a debate on climate change or any other topic that might upset the Democratic party’s big money, corporate donors. You can be sure that what is discussed about climate change during any of the debates will be rigorously controlled and censored, same as any other issue that might make a dent in the flow of corporate money.

This is what comes of “privatizing” the debate format and allowing the two parties of the duopoly to make their own rules and weed out potentially dangerous questions. The end result isn’t a debate, of course. It’s just another night of sound bites with voters getting to rate candidates on who had the catchiest comeback, the best stage presence, the best hair, who was most likable and all the other meaningless garbage that the media so adores.

In the end, we really don’t need any more talk and empty promises from politicians on climate change, anyway. We need concrete and measurable action and plenty of it. Left to its own, the Democratic party will still be “debating” about having a “debate” on climate change in 2030, 2040, 2050 and beyond.


Climate emergency solutions are suppressed. The DNC is a party to the suppression.


"they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time.”

Greta Thunberg



Quote of the day:
“I don’t think the base is going to be satisfied with candidates simply saying, 'I think climate change is happening; I think it’s because of humans; I’m going to get us back into the Paris agreement,”’ said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale program. “That is like the easiest part to get under in the primary lambada. Now people increasingly want to know, 'What is your actual plan?”’


Global Warming is and should be the only topic –

and the remedies that will respond to it – like immediately moving
away from fossil fuels.

Like ending oppression of women all over the world and ensuring they
have a voice in every government.

Like stopping the eating of animals which would also end the long chain of
violence connected with it and improve the health of citizens everywhere.

Like stopping the fakery of “terrorism” and US’s many illegal wars of aggression.


True, and all the proof one needs to corroborate your post is that the DNC has told GovernorJay Inslee of Washington, State, who wants to discuss his platform of climate emergency…WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE DEBATES!

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Global warming will only be considered important in democratic circles the day after Haim Saban has a melanoma removed. And probably not even then

Soooooooooooo true!

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As it was in 2016 when the DNC provided the questions in advance to their favored candidate … and likely approved the answers she would give.

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Americans have become brainwashed from propaganda. The word “climate” is not permitted.


Why is it that we are so easily propagandized?

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Looks like they consulted Seth the killer for the verbiage of the platform statement.

I think not only should the issue of the DNC stifling debate on the climate crisis be an issue, but the platform statement should be rewritten. It’s clucking pathetic.


Democracy requires manipulation of social thought. The US has developed propaganda into a fine art.

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Well well…damn if it isn’t the plague of Corporate State Democrats. From Pelosi’s campaign to protect the fascist to ensure he runs for reelection to the other CSDs (with Nancy’s leadership of course) keeping the meat grinder of neoliberal economics on track so US citizens can suffer more decades worth of abuse under a brutal for-profit “healthcare” system.

And get real on the climate crisis? Oh no, can’t have any of that. What? Couching the platform in military jargon isn’t enough, and then ignoring even that? What the hell do the “socialists” and “extreme leftists want” CSDs ask.

It just breaks my heart to see so many well-meaning people wasting progressive resources trying to beg the Democratic Party to concede its power without a demand.

There’s nothing wrong with writing a letter to document the Democratic Party’s corruption by their lack of response, as long as no one is wasting resources waiting for a credible response.

The Democratic Party’s platform means nothing. I really want everyone who thinks it does to listen to what Nick Brana said. He was with the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, and now is with Movement for a People’s Party.

This video is 52 minutes. At 2:52 there is a summary list shown of the last four years of attempts to reform the Democratic Party. At 13:40 he talks about the platform specifically for a few minutes:

And never forget the Democratic Party is the party of bait-and-switch. If they start promising a Green New Deal, don’t be fooled.

Nick Brana:
“This shows that the Democratic Party is playing the same game it has always played: When it is out of power, as it was after 2016, the Democratic Party turns to Single Payer and other rhetorical progressive promises to win its way back into government. The minute they get into office, they toss those commitments out the window.”

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