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We're Not the Class of 2019. We're the Class of 0000.

We're Not the Class of 2019. We're the Class of 0000.

Lia Harel

I am a second semester high school senior. For many students in my position, this is the best part of the year: the notorious "senior-slide" kicks in, chatter about life after high school fills the hallways, and we countdown the days until we get to toss our caps in the air. It’s graduation season.

For decades, each class before mine has shared a similar experience at their graduation ceremony—an experience of time hopping, per say. Students celebrate their past academic accomplishments and look forward in anticipation of future endeavors.

Dear Class of 0000, PLEASE REGISTER & VOTE!


You have chosen a path toward nonhierarchical seven facet government with a constituent assembly as the central all powerful yet autonomous facet. A constituent assembly is collected and focused human intelligence. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human is ready at all times for speed of life engagement.

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Excellent class of 2019… really the class of 0000, because saving the planet starts now! EXTINCTION REBELLION began in the UK, and REALITY all began with 16 year old , GRETA, reminding ALL nations that there are NO ADULTS in the government rooms-----and as they can’t depend on us, students are building their own Peoples Army. THESE are the Times to change adults souls-----and we salute and support you all! : )


Hi Lia, Welcome to the NWO! The new One World government is here to help you accept the wonders of Globalism! Just embrace everything we tell you to embrace and you’ll be just fine. Drink and enjoy the wonders of fluoridated water with the rest of us, take all the “safe and effective” vaccinations the government now mandates you take for their drug industry overlords, embrace 5G and nanobot death tech, keep your head buried in your cell phone like all your peers and most of the “free” world, watch all the latest sitcoms and movies and “Like” all the things it seems politically palatable to “Like” on Facebook, rejoice at the censorship that Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al. are now promoting with the help of every MSM publication that specializes in propaganda and the kind of fake news we need to properly control a Democracy, make it march in lockstep with the agenda of Rockefeller Medicine and the always helpful and loving World Bank. Oh, it’s a lovely chance you have to acquiesce to all the wonders of the corporate takeover we’ve achieved in the world at the expense of the human spirit, the individual, common decency, and the nuclear family. You’ve so much to look forward to. Start by always keeping your cell phone turned on, preferably to the new 5G, and keep it close to your head at all times. We want to stay in very close touch with you because we love you so much. Be the cybernetic extension we need you to be to usher in our corporate dream of trans-humanism via AI. Your generation has a chance like no other to get in line and do what they are told. Good luck.


I broke out in tears when I read the banner.
I don’t know what to say. It’s not that we didn’t try and aren’t still trying
. We won a few wars but lost most of the big battles. Too many people are asleep. They bought into divisiveness and hate spin and supported candidates that would put money in their pockets… The flower children somehow became drug addled dirty hippies. Environmental activists became eco- terrorists. Love It or Leave It…anti american agitators…God hates (fill it in) … I am so so sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh5FQhbirrc&list=RDdh5FQhbirrc&start_radio=1

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Lia, I’m going to tell you the same thing I’ve told my kids and grandkids.
I’m Sorry
My generation and the generation before me have failed you, you’re classmates, and all future generations. We can’t hide from it, and we can’t deny it, no matter how much some of us want to.
We were legally charged with protecting our Democratic Republic - we failed.
We were morally charged with protecting the earth for future generations - we failed.
I am ashamed of myself, my peers, and generations before me.
Because of greed, we have left you and you’re peers with a scorched earth and a fascist country that I fear will only be made right again after a bloody and prolonged revolution.
I’m sorry.


Here is Yvon Chouinard and his take on things.

‘Denying climate change is evil’ (Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard)

Good idea. Hopefully the young can show the way cause us old farts are still too screwed up.
Hang in there, it won’t be easy but large objectives never are!!

“We’re the class that dresses up profts for the shale/fracking industry as “GREEN” by pumping in toxic waste CO2 exhaust to extract more shale oil” Ever since the shale industry found it could be “GREEN”, it’s been green lights for media to bring out Greta THunberg. Hooray for carbon sequestration!

Considering the extent of GREENwashing in the fossil fuel industry (fracking example is but one of many) and just about every other industry, the GREENwashing industry must be at least a trillion dollar per year industry ?

Class of 0000: please don’t follow your predecessors’ footsteps by falling for GREENwashing. Demand that businesses and politicians pursue actual green strategies.

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Now that was funny.

As another poster mentioned…register to vote AND vote, especially in elections where no POTUS is on the ballot…unless you live in one of the ten swing states, your vote for POTUS plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee and not much more. Your vote counts in local and state elections so it is always frustrating to see young voters getting jazzed about POTUS elections and sometimes voring in large numbers while ignoring the elections where they can actually make a difference.

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Yes, keep on believing that your vote counts. It is what counts in those “local” elections. Yes, we will win the Battle against climate change one little town and county at a time. Only our victory will be about thirty years too late!
“We need zero emission, zero excuses, and zero delays—because we have zero time to waste when it comes to solving the climate crisis.”
This will not be achieved by voting.

Here are 3 questions for potential candidates:

  1. Who is funding your campaign? (correct answer: the people who will vote for you, not the mega-bucks person or corporate person)

  2. What will you do to change the direction of climate change? No answer IS an answer. it says that you don’t care if the world becomes uninhabitable by humans.

  3. Will you prosecute, not pardon, the law breakers in the previous executive branch (back as far as you can go)? Let bygones be bygones has sent the message that “high profile” office holders are above the laws that apply to the rest of us and can get away with anything.

This SHOULD be the defining characteristics of a progressive candidate.


Very admirable, and likely necessary, but I can just see Nancy, Debbie and Steny enjoying a hearty chuckle in expectation that most will choose the LOTE route before the primaries are over.