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"We're Ready for Whatever, Whenever,' Says Maduro as Venezuela Vows Navy Escort to Protect Iranian Oil Tankers from US Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/were-ready-whatever-whenever-says-maduro-venezuela-vows-navy-escort-protect-iranian

Perpetual war against South & Central American upstarts, as well as perpetual promotion of the only butchers willing to slaughter their people on USA’s behalf, is the area of foreign policy in which I see “no daylight” between Orangeman and… practically anyone, really. Whenever anyone in Washington D.C. opposes Monroe-doctrine hemispheric domination, it’s always been a momentary fluke.


The UniParty Consensus vote for interfering with these Iranian tankers in the U. S. Senate will be 99-0. With only Sen. Graham ( S. Carolina ) not voting because; well, he will be on a Skype call with P.M. Netanyahu and Brazilian President Bolsinaro discussing the sale of some really nice blankets { treated } to Iran and Venezuela.
A 2 for 1 bluelight special.


The United States of America will claim Venezuela commits an act of war , of aggression and of terrorism if it escorts Iranian Tankers. They will claim the action a violation of sanctions against Iran.

What they will not say is there no legal justification for any of those sanctions be it against Iran or Venezuela and that Iranian tankers have the right to sail the seas picking up and delivering oil just as every Country on this Globe does.

The USA is rattling the sabre in South East Asia as they send warships to cruise in waters that China considers as territorial waters. They have indicated they will do the same thing in the Arctic. They use as justification “Right of free passage”.

The United States of America by any definition is a criminal state in violation of all international laws and treaties. Any action the Government of Venezuela undergoes will be self defense.


I know it is difficult in Venezuela, but I have to admire them for their independence and resilience. I wish them the best in obtaining their much needed supplies.


And, right on cue, the Trump Adm. sells more weapons to the Taiwanese Gov’t. That’s a little over $10.5 Billion in the last year.
The Chinese government is quite pissed. This next step in brinkmanship is the more dangerous, as China has about 800 nukes, I believe.
Venezuela has about 12-15 million engaged adult citizens, and more than a generation of ( 22+ years ) basic organizational strength, at the neighborhood level. Ho Chi Minh in 1950 would have liked those advantages, no doubt.
Chavistas understand what is at stake in this. I’m not sure the U. S. understands, though. And, destroying the energy infrastructure of Venezuela during a pandemic, is an expensive folly to a country with almost 40 million unemployed folks.


I’m a little surprised that they mentioned Guiado’s latest pitiful attempt at a coup (a bunch of mercenaries put down by a local fisherman’s militia) since everyone else has ignored it. They didn’t mention that the US was “coincidentally” conducting war games just off the coast at the same time.

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Our media is an embarrassment; wholly onboard with our imperialism. When I saw Trump present Guaido to the attendees at the State of the Union, including all of Congress, and those attendees gave the clown a minute-long standing bipartisan ovation, my sense of shame hit a new low. We have become a despicable, lying, bully on the world stage. The propping up of the failed Guado is so obvious and reprehensible, we can never legitimately espouse democracy again, and never really did legitimately anyways. All is just more out in the open and obvious nowadays.


But the U.S. since Korea and Vietnam has shown it can’t win any of these conflicts, but they do cause unneeded death and destruction.

The U.S. needs to keep it’s grubby little hands off other countries stuff.