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'We're Ready to Mobilize': As Trump Moves to Steal Election, 500+ Demonstrations Planned to Protect the Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/were-ready-mobilize-trump-moves-steal-election-500-demonstrations-planned-protect

tears and jeers
do not change the real vote results.

Trump has the edge so far at 6:25 AM Eastern Wednesday.

The fourth rate people in the white house staff continue
Pompeo managing CIA, State and war dept. continues

Just sent them an email–not all of us have a mobile phone. Contacting Labor groups to join the General Strike. Aren’t we now way past simply demonstrating and protesting? Think of all that is at stake and rise to the occasion. Solidarity!


A political system this dysfunctional is not only disgraceful it is also extremely dangerous. Passions are extremely high on both sides with inconclusive results, obvious cheating by both parties whether in the general or primary election and all the while facing a depression coupled with a pandemic leading to frustration and anger can reaching levels unimaginable even a few years ago. Whoever is actually responsible for 9/11 accomplished their goal of throwing this system into chaos leading us to the edge and now we stand on the precipice hoping against hope that a stiff breeze does not take us over the edge. Solutions start with guaranteeing a closely monitored democratic election process where all votes are counted equally with fair and honest results. This corrupted bought out process we have now is hurting all of us - even the elites.


And meanwhile DT the tin hat would be dictator has walled off the White House, activated a WH war department, and appears to be planning a WH lawn rally reminiscent of Nuremberg.
Deja vu.


Although the recent article about many unions going on strike across the US sounds like a more effective strategy than demonstrations and protests, getting buy-in from “organized” labor will prove more difficult, considering so many rank and file have been afflicted with Stockholm syndrome for decades and appear to be forever beholden to their fascist captors.

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I was only up till 4 AM Eastern but at that time I concurred. Now, I’d say Biden has the edge. MI and WI moved a lot into Biden’s favor and even GA doesn’t look like a sure Trump win anymore. If Biden ends up winning with AZ but would have lost without AZ, that will be a huge story.


I believe WI was called.


I suppose we should take heart that Biden hasn’t folded like Kerry or Gore - so far.

I’m just casting a net over those nebulous clouds looking for a silver lining.

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Take heart. The Washington Generals actually defeated the Harlem Globetrotters one time. It was a fluke, though.

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Pacifism, in my opinion, is cowardice. Bravery is non-violence where one is willing to die for their patriot cause non-violently, just like the soldier who is willing to die violently.for his cause. .


Thanks. I decided to stick with 270towin which hasn’t called it yet, but according to my last table (~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/he-doesnt-decide-we-the-people-do-as-predicted-trump-makes-first-move-to-claim-false-victory-and-delegitimize-election-results/83829/28), WI is Biden’s safest state (most negative number last column) right now among those 270towin hasn’t called.

It’s looking better for Biden for sure.

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I said much the same thing after Bush’s shocking, illegal, and awful attack on Iraq, when millions of us demorstrated and protested alas, to no avail! When Bush used the persiflage of calling us a " FOCUS GROUP" i realized that America was not a democracy, but a fascist military dictatorship; especially, when Nancy Pelosi said Bush’s ( A WAR CRIMINAL) impeachment was: " OFF THE TABLE" That made Nancy a complicit war criminal ! .


Yes, dara, I’m clinging to the hope of late Dem votes in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

What I fear is that many, many mail-in ballots are sitting in post offices everywhere. Perhaps historians will succeed in counting them because Trump’s lawyers never want them to see the light of day.

The absentee and mail in ballots are certainly showing what I suspected all along - you don’t get that many US citizens casting votes if they’re happy with things. Went to bed feeling really pessimistic, but feeling a bit better now.

However, Drumpf was right I suspect. There’s been massive voter fraud committed, but it’s pretty damned clear looking at the numbers that the widespread fraud is happening in Red States. No way in hell with his favorability rating that he’s beaten Biden 2 or even 3:1 in some of those states.

I know how stupid people can actually be, but the numbers just seem really off.

About the WHite House wall.
I apologize, Fact Check states it is fake and photoshopped from a 2009 image.

I think DT is packing his bags as we speak.

So far, aside from encouraging right wing democrats to continue their corporate subversions of democracy, it would seem that the Lesser of Evils strategy that so many derelict Americans followed in the primaries has only succeeded inn giving Trump 2 terms in office, and done nothing in the way of reforming the government as is vitally necessary. I would imagine that Sanders could have done at least this well and probably better, but Americans seem to like these neck and neck races with two right wing candidates both clamoring to kiss the asses o f their corporate pig bosses. Get ready imbecile Americans for the end of the world as we know it, I cant say you didn’t earn it.


I think the elites are very happy right now-------They will keep their stolen gains from the past three years.

300,000 mailed in ballots are missing----and the PO has not complied with an order to check for all ballots.

At 3 PM eastern, Wednesday:
Michigan and Nevada can provide Biden the 270

Georgia, North Carolina, likely for Trumpo.
Pennsylvania attorney general advises results will be Friday. count is at 82% with trump ahead 336,000 votes

Trump wants ballot access in Michigan, so do I.
70,000 ballots were ruled spoiled. Which seems to be too many.

There may be upcoming lawsuits that stall a particular county certifying their results. This may hold up the state certifying and delay - pending lawsuits in state courts and federal courts. I would be careful being overjoyed by a federal judge decision - it will be appealed the same day.

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