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We're Rolling/ My Sweetheart/ We're Flowing/ By God

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/04/07/were-rolling-my-sweetheart-were-flowing-god


Thanks, Abby. Good job.

Now, how do we convince a CV spiked cell to visit the Oval Office?


I have been crying since I heard that John Prine was in the hospital. I bought my first, and his first , album in 1974 so I have been in love with him most of my life. Yesterday was a horrible day, losing John and the hope that we might have a better country in the same day. I think I will go drink my lunch now.


sending white light and comfort today, i am so sorry and wish you peace.


Felt the same way yesterday. A real up hill climb.

Thank the Goddess for spring flowers and good red wine.


Enjoying “spring flowers”, while:

“sitting on the front steps drinking orange crush” - Sins of Memphisto


I still, and never will, don’t understand or accept that angels (imperfect ones just like us mortals) must die while the most loathesome dregs of humanity get protection from the Secret Service and other fascist thugs. This has all got to be a sick joke from on high. I’ll be with you soon, John, and we’ll sing forever.


Happy Enchilada and you think you are going to drown. hehe

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I observe a human race descending back into savagery, with all of our high tech, high tech weapons (WHY WHY WHY SUCH A WASTE), but savagery nonetheless. Cruelty to others in words and deeds, cruelty to harmless animals, senseless violence on all levels from individuals to gangs to whole countries trying to find more ways to inflict damage and pain upon one another, vast wealth and massive actions dedicated to death and destruction. The human race is horribly flawed, flawed beyond worth saving as it longs for self destruction anyway.


“To believe in this living is just a hard way to go.”

Hug reality tight. Don’t let it go - ever, or you will become the contradiction that plagues this earth.


That is such good and profound advice Edmundo.

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Yeah. America the Great: water still off in thousands of homes in Detroit +. During a pandemic…wash your hands for 20 seconds.
I’m rapidly changing my mind about capital punishment.



…Like I have always said…I’ve got duct tape, rope and a shed out back…

I only wish to commend you on this beautiful writing. Every word is so well put and correct about the wonderful man, John Prine. What a lovely tribute! Thank you