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'We're Rounding the Corner Beautifully,' Trump Lies Just Before US Hits Another Record: 85,000+ New Covid-19 Cases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/24/were-rounding-corner-beautifully-trump-lies-just-us-hits-another-record-85000-new

MAGAT- make america great again trump=MAGAT.


How has that semi-literate, racist divider made anything he touches better? In fact that reverse is true, everything this compulsive liar touches turns to excrement.


You are witnessing what Trumps plan for re election has been since July. Do nothing and hope the pandemic runs wild, frightening most people away from the polls. But early voting in many states, and the explosion in mail in voting has perhaps poo pooed that plan.
Trump has perhaps made a fatal miscalculation. He don’t realize that at this point he so universally reviled that people will jump through flaming hoops to vote against him.
But…there is another shoe to drop. Remember what Stalin once said, voters decide nothing, while the people that count the votes decide everything


George Bush Jr… post 9/11…we will not be kicked around.
Obama… Hope, yes …hope again.
Trump…MAGA… MMGA…make me great again…MTGA…make trump great again…

We all know where there is headed…not a good ending in store… The strength that the Soviet Union had when they collapsed was a strong system of personal farms, the same at the time of the 1930s Depression in this country, the old USA… The weakness of our current MAGA is that we do not have that resilience… when things collapse, it will be dark indeed… Yes, we must act now, accept and prepare for the collapse, prepare your families and your communities…use this Pandemic as Preparation for the times to be, as they are now…there is no going back to the “.normal” that was… that “normal” set us up for our new normal… if you are wise, you will move on and prepare for what is coming… a good read is “The Global Emergency” available , google it… pulled from the New Message… for humanity… MTGA…red or blue, this or that, Dem or Repub…all the same…


At this point, I want to see him humiliated in a land slide loss both in the popular vote and in the electoral college…not so much so he can’t contest—just to see him lose bigly. So he can go down as a LOSER!


“Trump’s lies and his rejection of science have cost us tens of thousands of lives. We need a new president?”

Or: an ALTERNATIVE? A vote? Some SAY? Our OWN party?





wingsofadove & BigB are BOTH right: “It’s NOT who votes that counts, it’s who COUNTS the votes?” Joe’s nameless victim


I think you’re right BigB:


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The only corner we’re rounding is the one that leads off a cliff, Fuhrer Donald, you despicable mass murdering lying POS.


Reading that Scientific American URL about Maine’s great results, from astute, empirical & prescient governance; I’d wondered how REAL Murikan ubermenschen were coping?


In fact, he has actually never done anything, and therein lies the disconnect from the world of others.(The real world, so to say)

Early voting is way up, however, we don’t yet know who those early voters are or who they are voting for. I do know that Trump/Pence signs on lawns outnumber Biden/Harris signs about 100:1 around here and that they are hysterically motivated.


While early voting in many states certainly does help [40 % of people have already voted in my county] it should also be pointed out that the plan by the White House is, it seems, to intimidate voters in key battleground states such as Michigan. In that state militia groups along with fanatical Second Amendment organizations are suing the state because they feel that their rights are being infringed upon if they cannot carry assault weapons at poll stations. And in another story which, for some unknown reason, has not been covered by some progressive web sites, a 19 year old man was arraigned in court in North Carolina and denied bail when it was discovered that he had made threats against Joe Biden. In his van were found assault weapons, a 9mm handgun, explosive devices, books on explosives, and $500,000 in cash.

And the Democrats are trying, inexplicably, to downplay all this [if they even mention them at all] even though it would be in their best interests to show how Trump and his followers are doing their utmost to undermine this election. Not wanting to call Trump a fascist and some of his loyal supporters domestic terrorists is not very helpful for the pusillanimous Democrats. As the expression goes, you are not going to win when you bring a knife to a fight when your opponent literally has a gun in his hands.


Excellent point. I live in a rural part of Wa. state and am surrounded by Trump signs, bumper stickers, and Trump flags where it is very rare to find anyone who can remotely be thought of as a progressive, never mind an actual leftist.


It is no more in their (DNC & their media) interest to report this, than it was to recognize rust-belt “deplorables” Chuck dumped in 2016 included many of “our” party’s precariate victims who’s HOPE had CHANGEd into rebellion (eg: W4 “working class,” now working 2-3 1099 gigs, unemployed by Democrat donors, skedaddled after NAFTA; fucked by party or union) inebriate grandiosity Trumps deaths o’ disparity?

Cui bono: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Pharma, M.I.C.
Flip victim’s homes, indenture us with usurious short term loans, call us: independent contractors or “essential” then force us ALL into infecting each other, exponentially?


~https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-biden-administration-civil-service-stephen-miller-2020-us-election-b1185828.html (ratchet effect, same as it ever was)



~https://newyorkschooltalk.org/2020/10/did-nyc-sell-student-teacher-dna-to-a-biotech-company/ (well, DUH!)

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The nature of the epidemiological terrain in USA at the moment is truly exceptional in an unpredictable sense, both biologically and historically awesome. With the exact right balance between virulence and asymptomatic contagion, a virus which looks less deadly initially, killing fewer the first time around, may reduce human population worldwide on the level of historic scourges, in the long term. We don’t know how far it can go yet. We know it can be scourging to underestimate the cleverness of pathogens.

Here in USA, the (incidentally genocidal) national chickenpox party we’ve played with Covid has boosted the bug to levels of general community spread nobody anticipated, because nobody could have expected leadership as suicidal as ours. Johns Hopkins’ tracking of test positivity is, imho, the most revealing metric of a state-outbreak: how many tests come back positive. According to WHO, an outbreak is out of control unless positivity is kept below 5%.

Johns Hopkins, a silver fount of international health statistics if ever there was one, is having such trouble attempting to track statewide positivity lately. Nobody wants to say out loud that community infection has reached such frighteningly ubiquitous levels that testing is of diminishing value, but JH just reported 100.0% positivity for Mississippi.


If that figure is true, it means they can just skip all the tests in Mississippi, because your zipcode is a sufficient instant test: everyone in Mississippi has it – by the numbers – without a single exception. Then again, maybe this figure is hogwash – but if reports keep jamming JH’s analytical tools somehow, that’s equally alarming. We’re clearly in uncharted statistical waters.


Only the good die young. This bastard might live forever.

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In the debate and in other speeches, Trump Trumpetted the idea that we really should just go on with our lives and ignore the virus since 99% of people that get it will survive.

Let’s put that in perspective. United Airlines has about 600 flights per day out of O’Hare airport in Chicago. Suppose every single day about 6 of those planes crashed. Well, that says flying out of Chicago on United would give you about a 99% chance of survival. Since we must get on with out lives - what would you do?

I know what you should do. Dedicate your life to improving the quantitative literacy of the population.


He has, in fact, done much, all of it destructive. Any review of his term of office would quickly show you that fact.

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Trump has a reverse Midas touch, instead of everything he touches turning to gold…it turns to manure.