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"We're Running Out of Time to Get This Right": Advocates, Experts Demand Congress Provide More Election Assistance Funding Amidst Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/were-running-out-time-get-right-advocates-experts-demand-congress-provide-more

By not rescheduling their primary until an all mail-in ballot implementation, Wisconsin is already jeopardizing their voters health, and is already engaging in voter suppression seeing how many voters won’t risk going to the polls.


Don’t let the corporate elite use this crisis to force an early end to the primaries as a way to rush rapist Joe Biden to the nomination. Joe Biden is a rapist and must drop out. #IBelieveTaraReade. Bernie Sanders, as second in delegates, and the only other candidate left in the race, is now the ONLY legitimate possible Democratic nominee for President.


It doesn’t matter. The Democratic Party has chosen a demented, old man spouting anti-universal healthcare rhetoric and is willing to lose to Trump again rather than hold a fair election. Your vote is merely propping up a corrupt and totally undemocratic system. People, don’t get yourself killed to cast a vote that doesn’t matter. GOT is now run by Tom Perez, a man who even looks like the Grim Reaper.


Hi Godless—sigh, and it is so depressing because Joe doesn’t have enough votes. And even if the PEOPLE all voted for Bernie, I suppose that the electors would erase the votes anyway! I don’t think Biden will make it very long as he looks terrible, plus he has no ideas to improve America. People have said he was a joke when he was V.P. and he’d be an even bigger joke as president.

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They have already come up with his replacement; Cuomo. A man who governed on Republican principals despite being in a state run by the Democratic Party. Even now, during a pandemic, he is moving to make Medicare/Medicaid cuts. The MSM loves him and will make the push on his behalf. I expect Joe might not be able to accept the nomination due to “medical” reasons but, instead of giving it to the guy who came in second, the rich delegates will hand it to the Cuomo/CIA-Pete or Ms Stapler Klobacher ticket. It is all farce.


The good news is that the pandemic will cause shorter lines to vote.
The bad news is that the pandemic will cause shorter lines as well.

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Citizens have to sign up for mail in ballots –
and then also demand that they are counted and recorded as they
are received – and then tallied immediately with the Election Day votes.


Interesting – The father – Mario Cuomo – was too “moderate” for the GOP
back in the day when Cuomo called them the “destroyers.” A very fair description.
They called him a “liberal” – and the press followed suit, but he was a moderate.

Took a quick look at the proposals for cuts – to offset $6 billion in deficits – doesn’t
sound good.

However, I think we all have to realize that if what you’re suggesting comes to pass it
will be because the nation is so grateful to be listening and watching someone who isn’t
filling the air with hatred for all manner of citizens here and of the world. And who seems
to be trying to help the ill. True – he’s campaigning.

Just having someone in authority who sounds SANE is a relief — !!

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Bernie is last in super,corrupt,delegates, just like in 2016 when they were all for HRC, in 2020 they are with a few exceptions, all for a Biden/Harris ticket.

Well said!