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"We're Screwed": GOP Pollster Laments Losing Millennial Voters to Sanders


"We're Screwed": GOP Pollster Laments Losing Millennial Voters to Sanders

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The future of the Republican Party is "screwed," as one delegate put it after being informed by GOP pollster Frank Luntz that conservatives have "lost" an entire generation of voters.

The comments were overheard by a reporter for the The Hill during a breakfast event Tuesday for the South Carolina delegation to the Republican National Convention (RNC), which is being held this week in Cleveland, Ohio.


Frank Luntz, you are the worst of the worst, because you work so very hard to kill truth. Every single day, you work very hard to murder, torture, and at the very least mask truth. You would never have anything to fear from any fascist regime.

The future is quite bright for you personally Frank. How ironic that your name is Frank.


The GOP is willing to admit that they have lost an entire generation of young people who say that socialism is an acceptable form of government.
Why can't the democrats admit that they too will lose a whole generation of voters by dumping Sanders and propping up Clinton?
Clinton should be 30 points ahead of someone like Trump, instead of a candidate who represents the future, the democrats pick the person who 65 % of the population say they cannot trust.
The Oregon primary was the only time in over 45 years that I voted democrat [for Sanders] ,it will be the last time also.


That is unfair to a generation that IS waking up. The fact that some will be cajoled into supporting Clinton, in large measure by those fearing a Trump presidency should be considered. We should be supportive of youth and their future, not scornful.


Gee, Frank Luntz, I guess you just didn't try hard enough to deny us all a college education. It certainly couldn't be the lying us into war, denying healthcare, the war on women and minorities or trying to sell public park land to oil and coal interests. Nah, that couldn't be the thing that disenchanted the millenials.


If you want them they are there for the taking if you honestly bring them in, because neoliberal warmonger Hillary Kissinger austerity and the DNC sure isn't.


They blame academics for the younger generation's openness to socialism as an idea.

This does not seem so far removed from how Democrats view any type of critical thinking: BLAME Others, is the game played by oligarchic strategists in general, because, in their thinking they must always be right, ... they must always win.


Losing the youth vote is an inevitable consequence of perpetually being at war with the future itself.


Young people support candidates like Sanders because he has a positive message. He stands for something constructive. That resonates with younger voters.

The Republicans are against everything--except banal slogans like making America great again, whatever than means.

And the Clinton campaign is floundering for the same reason. She's against Trump because he will be awful. OK. But that's not an inspiring message. It's certainly not a message that will resonate with young people the way the Sanders campaign did.

This is the election in which both candidates will lose. Perhaps neither of them will get 50 percent of the vote.

One of them will become President by default.

It's not just the GOP that screwed.

We all are.


I am a holdout for something happening during the convention that will put Bernie as the nominee and neither Trump nor the Clintons will be the next POTUS. I have 9 more days to live my dream.


"The fact that 58 percent [of millennials] say socialism is the better form of economics, that is the damage of academia"

The ridiculous myth of universities as hotbeds of commie indoctrination (instead of institutions of mainstream economic indoctrination ) sure dies hard.

I don't think that the guy should be so pessimistic. Look at all the former hippies who turned into republican capitalist stockbrokers once a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" fell into their hands back in the early 1980s..


First of all, this made me smile. Lost is a good thing in this context.

And secondly, wow to the bit about the "damage done by academia" which to me translates to too much real information.

Boy, things sure change slowly. Same old same old re the coming up generation having to set the tone for those mature adults who have lost their way.


Well, well--looks like Luntz is now believing his own mendacity. So glad the youth are proving to be smart. Socialism or barbarism-- a no brainer for them. Solidarity!


Luntz sez: "... a whole generation is being taught by professors who voted for Bernie Sanders. That's a problem that begs for a solution."

More propaganda! Stat!!


Luntz echoes other conservative writers attacking academia. Most of it is bunkum. Probably the major mover and shaker against the academy is David Horowitz, it's apparently a personal crusade of his. See:

Former leftists often end up as the most rabid conservatives, Horowitz fits that bill.


Thanks for posting this blowhard's bio and date of birth. Another Capricorn to add to the club of regressive Conservatives along with Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, Karl Rove, and other delightful patriarchs whose idea of freedom (not to mention this nation) is telling others how to live and enforcing THEIR narrow rules over everyone's lives and experiences.


That's just nutty, showing a level of paranoia that is disconnected from reality. The notion that anyone is nervous about millennials considering socialism need only pay attention to what they say. They're solid believers in US capitalism. We see this in the fact that they maintain the call to Stand in Solidarity to protect the advantages of the better-off alone, the middle class -- albeit with an encouraging pat on the head to low wage workers now and then. They truly believe that our system works so well that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Capitalism has triumphed! (Although they do want more breaks for the deserving middle class.)

Well, except for those millennials in poverty. The great thing about losing everything, becoming one of the very poor, is that you can then see the face of America without its mask on.


I wouldn't bet the farm on these youngsters. By the time most of these millennials get out of the war debts 70-80 yr. old Conservatives and Moderates have passed along, they'll have moved on to being card-carrying members of the Khmer Rouge. Frank Luntz will be on their A-list for reeducation and some reacquaintance with manual labor. Sorry I'll miss seeing him on video in a rice paddy somewhere near Miami Beach.


Or Boomers, many of whom watched as Bill Clinton ended actual welfare and took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security (targeting the disabled). On top of that, Bill Clinton stuck us with NAFTA, worsening conditions for working class sons and daughters, while Hillary Clinton worked in 2015 (before launching her campaign) to sell the TPP to Congress (yep, she was for it before she claimed to be against it). Democrats couldn't have picked a candidate who is opposed by more of the Dem voting base.


This is not the first generation to abandon the GOP. So until they give the nondenominational or non religious any consideration they will lose any hope of increasing their base. I dropped them in the 70's after they couldn't end the 'Nam any faster and in '80 Reagan abandoned ecological concerns by removing solar panels on the White House. They won't even acknowledge global warming which is a long term crisis. I'm no longer young but the youth of this planet need to have one worth living on for their grandchildren and the way it's going it's not very good. So yes continue to abandon more Americans that rely on the leadership for real action and watch the GOP go down the memory holes of history.