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We're Shutting Down BP Because It's a Climate Emergency

We're Shutting Down BP Because It's a Climate Emergency

Paula Radley

As you read this, I’m sitting in a big container outside BP HQ in London, blocking one of the main entrances to the building. Along with a team of climbers on the roof, and more people in containers like mine, we’ve shut down the building. This is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but I know it’s the right thing

We’re at a critical point in history. We have the science telling us that we are destroying our planet – that we’re facing a climate emergency. And one thing we know for sure is that oil and gas must become a thing of the past.


Good on the protesters. Nice imagination. I am sure the corporate media will botch their message, however. I am sure Fox Spews will ironically explain how the protest (in London) is unAmerican. CNN et al. will be more subtle yet surely will demonstrate fealty to the petrodollar system. The term “radical” will be deployed most definitely. The context of Earth as an ecosystem will be avoided entirely. In other words, it shall be Business as usual.

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But, but Peter Joseph Bidengieg says we have time to implement a carbon capture and tax program.

And '“emergency” is such a loaded term. I prefer to call our situation a “beachfront real estate (miles inland) buying opportunity.”

My thanks to Paula Radley and the others who took part in this action. I have been arrested in a protest and can say from experience that it is not fun going against all of us have been indoctrinated with from a young age; respect authority and we, as US citizens are the greatest act in the history of humanity. I say act because we have literally been actors on a stage of pure bull shit. We have been brain washed and in desperate need of a thorough cleansing. Again, thanks to Paula and her friends for speaking real truth to a very fragile power.

“From 1956 onwards he published a series of papers on the topic, partly based on advanced calculations of the absorption of infrared radiation, and he made use of early electronic computers. Plass predicted that a doubling of CO2 would warm the planet by 3.6 °C, that CO2 levels in 2000 would be 30% higher than in 1900 and that the planet would be about 1 °C warmer in 2000 than in 1900. In 2007 the IPCC Fourth Assessment Reportestimated a climate sensitivity of 2 to 4.5 °C for CO2 doubling, a CO2 rise of 37% since pre-industrial times and a 1900-2000 warm-up of around 0.7 °C.[2][6]

Hmm !

I read Plass’s paper “Carbon Dioxide and Climate”, published in 1959, Scientific American, while at McGill University in 1970, for a class I was taking in marine geology.

Later, I read the MIT group’s Club of Rome Report “Limits to Growth” in 1972.

Greenpeace was founded just before that report, in 1971.

From Plass to “Limits” - almost exactly 60 and 50 years ago respectively.

And yet here we are - still in denial.

Of course we have excuses, reasons even - galore, for our failure to act.

When the denial ends, if it ends, will the religious bent and herd mentality of the human being collapse the stock market ??

And if it does - the emergency would move from “long” to short, now wouldn’t it ??