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We're Sorry, Are These Disabled Protesters Who Could Die From Your Bill Disturbing Your Rest By Being Dragged Out In Their Wheelchairs?


We're Sorry, Are These Disabled Protesters Who Could Die From Your Bill Disturbing Your Rest By Being Dragged Out In Their Wheelchairs?

Chanting "Kill the Bill, Not Us," over a hundred furious activists, many in wheelchairs, halted Monday's only scheduled hearing on the travesty that is the Graham-Cassidy anti-health-care bill. They were met with a response only the current cretins in power could conjure up: They were hauled out and arrested by Capitol Police after Chairman Orrin Hatch told them to "shut up," while Bill Cassidy literally yawned through the turmoil. Ranking Democrat Ron Wyden called the process that led to the spectacle - and he could have been referencing the state of the Republic - "an abomination.”


These abuses of some of the country’s most physically challenged members are revolting! I remember when Saddam Hussein called the USA “the Great Satan”, as did Hugo Chavez a little later. Looks like they were both right. Truly, this place has become an animal farm!

What many Americans seemed to have missed, but most of the rest of the world surely by now understands, is that Nukemonger Trump, dangerous as he is, is nowhere near as big a danger to world peace as is the US Republican Party that backs him up. How can so many politicians march in lockstep right over the PEOPLE they were elected to serve?

Will we awaken tomorrow or the next day, or the next, to the sound of machine gun fire as the citizenry makes a last-stand effort to defend the principles so many have died for from a runaway hate-fest being held by the Republicans in Washington and the statehouses?


I simply cannot comprehend the shamelessness of these Republicans. Are they so demented that they do not see what the world sees - that their depraved policies say too much about their very selves… Shame. Shame and more shame - as we allow this to become the open stated values that our countrymen allow. And double SHAME on most of our Congress. We see that they are “bought” - yet don’t seem to have the capacity to notice that the world does see just THAT - sold out maybe to that devil someone mentioned. Only one other reply here to this story that one would never expect to see since the Hitler era!! Shame on them. And SHAME on us who do not speak UP! Or take a kneel, perhaps. Love/struggle, Elizabeth Sarfaty, Malone, NY.


Remember ‘death panels’? Well here they are and the perps are the ones who warned against them.


Graham and Cassidy: sick monsters who need to lose their jobs in disgrace.


But why didn’t the democrats end this outrage and stop their removal? Why did the police/security do it? We are over the top with unkindness.


For the first time that I can recall while watching the news, footage of this barbaric travesty brought me to tears.