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"We're Staring Into the Abyss": Unhinged Trump Rally in Colorado Highlights Stakes of 2020 Election, Observers Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/21/were-staring-abyss-unhinged-trump-rally-colorado-highlights-stakes-2020-election


When the Plutocratic Party nominates a corporate shill instead of who We, The People choose, i hope that Bernie runs third party and breaks the duopoly.

He’s the most popular politician in the USA; voters for the former “Democratic” Party will never have been more disaffected; in AOC there’s an obviously charismatic heir to Bernie who can carry the third party forward in 2024.
Break the “Democratic” Party if it won’t represent We, The People.


Oh, and f!@k Trump and his supporters - i, personally, am partial to Robespierre’s “no freedom for the enemies of freedom” philosophy.


hang on a sec!
Trump 20,000
Bernie 11,500
at Colorado events
Not good

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Trump: “Vote for me and I will rid you of Them.”

Bernie: “Not Me, Us.”

Pretty damn simple choice for this Progressive Independent.


Trump jokes about shredding the Constitution and serving more than 2 terms

Bloomberg will need to explain his own extra term.


Following Trump around with tv cameras is like following a dog around with plastic bag. In the end, you’ll get home with nothing but Trump and a bag of shit.
But now that the media is almost completely for profit the idea of them not following trump around to collect his shit is repugnant to them. “If it bleeds it leads” has been replaced by “if it calls for blood, it definitely leads!”

Goebbels is sitting in Beelzebub’s hot tub this morning, smiling like the butchers dog.


Can you believe that our fellow Americans would go down this path of darkness even though they had been raised in freedom? This is the road - the unexplainable choice that others have made in history which their children wish that they have never made. There were always those who thought that by making this kind of choice that they would be ones who’d come out on top and it would only be those who were not like them who would be the ones on the bottom. But look at the reality later. After the rallies and publicity shots are over, look at the way things have always ended for everyone… every single time. There were those who cheered for Mussolini’s pompous posturing when he talked to them about his New Roman Empire. There were those who cheered the bullying tactics of Hitler’s brown shirts until they became the black uniforms of the SS murderers. There were those who never had a choice but to cheer for Stalin. Or for Mao or Pol Pot. They cheered in Rwanda too. They are afraid not to cheer in North Korea

There are always those who cheer for themselves being on top and for others to be on the bottom. None ever would continue to cheer after the excitement of those earliest heady days of public rallies and of course, those little discussed meetings that get held behind closed doors. None ever expected things to go bad for them too. They never cheered for that. They cheered for things going bad for you but not for themselves. That’s that thing about history. It never really repeats itself but people often do. They sometimes only notice it too late.

They cheered for things going bad for their neighbors but none have ever escaped when things soon went bad for them too.



DT could post a framed front page of the publication showing him voted Man of the Year (he’s done that before with other covers, all fake). He could do the same for Melania and Ivanka). He wants the Nobel War, er, Peace Prize and might be able to bribe and bully a win. He seems pretty good at that. He should go for an Oscar: Trump Horror Picture Show at the White House (he’ll never outdo the Rocky Horror Show, but he could try since we all need a laugh from this fool). All kidding aside, I still believe he will either cancel the 2020 elections, declare himself some sort of “God”, or refuse to vacate if he loses which wold be the same thing. He’s been talking that since day one, and no one seems to be taking him seriously. He has the people in place and I am far from convinced of a military revolt if they attempted a takeover. The DP is powerless (and all would be arrested anyway) and the RP has made it clear they just don’t care.


I wouldn’t read too much into that. Colorado Springs is ground zero for christian extremism and militarism. Bernie would win Colorado in the general election.


It sounds, to me, like there is much less enthusiasm at this rally. I think even his supporters/spectators know he sounds crazy.


He, trump, is absolutely RABID type insane. His supporters, elected and just deluded are infected just like him, some, maybe, not quite so bad. Only one cure for that, we all know what it is.


Ok, so he’s NOT joking about shredding the constitution. He’s done that. So WHY should any of us think he’s joking about staying in office for 26 years. He’s NOT.

More Bic Macs, please. Our dear leader needs a coronary.


… the president is now reading off ‘poll’ after ‘poll’ at his campaign rally to prove he won the debates in 2016.

Good! If his base believes him, it will enable them to stay home on election day since their vote won’t be needed.


Just a minor correction in your eloquent post: Brownshirts didn’t so much become black as they were killed and imprisoned by those wearing black. The Brownshirts—the SA, ie, Sturmabteilung or “attack group” were thugs sent against scapegoated (Weimar) republicans, communists, Jews and others in the streets early in the Nazi Party’s history to stir things up, create chaos Hitler could then “solve”, and break up, prevent and intimidate others from organizing. The Brownshirt leaders were arrested on and about “the last day of June, 1934”, as Al Stewart sang about—the Night of the Long Knives. The Gestapo (Secret State Police) and SS (Schutzstaffel, or “protection squadron” originally the bodyguards for Hitler and the other leaders, then for the ideological purity and pure power of the Reich), went on to purge the Nationalist/Socialist party of its more left elements. The SS was fanatically loyal to Hitler and more filled with hate by nature and training, so later became the instrument of the Holocaust and of terrorizing Germany, even the military, into fighting on as the Reich collapsed.

How many parallels do we need, for people to see the truth? We have Blackwater/Xe/etc. as Brownshirts, and Trump’s rally attenders as the nascent SS. Are there extrajudicial groups there? Secret handshakes for the Redcaps? How many are planning or getting ready to keep der Gropenführer in power past his sell-by date?


I don’t know what’s more tragic - a narcissistic orange shyt gibbon, obtuse, mentally deficient, bigoted, grifter feasting at the taxpayers largesse. Or the willfully obtuse, bigoted, neanderthals that show up to cheer on that delusion!


Quoting Robespierre on freedom is like quoting Hitler on tolerance. As the author of the ‘Reign of Terror’ in France he supported the slaughter of thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of innocent people. Jonathan Israel (Princeton Historical Professor) is sharply critical of Robespierre for repudiating the true values of the Enlightenment. “Jacobin ideology and culture under Robespierre was an obsessive Rousseauiste moral Puritanism steeped in authoritarianism, anti-intellectualism, and xenophobia, and it repudiated free expression, basic human rights, and democracy.”


The advocacy of mass murdering opponents in the name of freedom is something I don’t think most people agree with (or at least I hope they don’t)


"We cannot continue to have president who is a pathological liar, who is running a corrupt administration, who has no clue what the Constitution of the United states is about, who is a bully, who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a homophobe, who is a religious bigot" - Bernard Sanders on the malignant pathology and narcissism of the person that has already done so much to divide our republic, kill or threaten for his political benefit, and destroy so much of what so many have fought-for over time.

His rally in Colorado shows how extreme and divorced form reality and honesty - from human decency trump is - how rooted in madness ans brutality and violence. .

We once before have been staring into the abyss and the “Greatest Generation” stood-up and answered the call to defeat such hideous racism, mental illness, and contempt for the lives of all else!

Luckily there is a video of what trump rally’s today reveal and mimic.in many ways. We have been down that ugly road before!

trumps mentors and heros were Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn, today replaced by Roger Stone and otherextremists, criminal felon and liars. The list of those trump has pardoned includes killers, extortionists, racists and bigots, the uber wealthy and war criminals - such is the depraved person that rules our republic like a king or emperor, and wants to continue to do so.

BERNARD SANDERS 2020 for honesty, empathy, justice and honor!


“They asked if our own nation wasn’t using massive doses of violence to solve its problems, to bring about the changes it wanted. Their questions hit home, and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today—my own government.”
– MLK Beyond Vietnam, April 4,1967

It was true the day Martin said it, and of course becomes more true every day – witness the appropriate rise of our very own Mussolini.

I say appropriate, because historically, for global hegemons intent on maintaining a tenuous domination of subject peoples both domestically and all over the world, dictatorship has definite advantages. Martin saw it more than 50 years ago, and knew that USA’s ossification into a permanent war state, and a state of permanent war, could lead nowhere else but to the loss of all liberty, all around. Love and marriage, dictatorship and military imperialism, go together like a horse and carriage.