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"We're Still Here": Thanksgiving Day Sees Powerful Dakota Access Resistance


"We're Still Here": Thanksgiving Day Sees Powerful Dakota Access Resistance

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On a day imbued with painful significance for many Native Americans, hundreds of people demonstrated against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in North Dakota and beyond on Thursday.


Water protectors trying to keep capitalism from consuming itself and everyone with it.


They are protecting the interests of big (and little) oil.
Keeping extracted natural resources flowing . . . .


What is the source of your claim that 95 percent of the local community is against the pipeline?

Remember lots of development interests benefit at least short term from project. And lots of landowners have sold their land, or land access, to make money.


This prescient quote from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is as relevant today as it was in 1947.

" America is the most industrialized country in the world and yet it has not banished poverty and degradation. That was because it neglected the universal manpower and concentrated power in the hands of the few who amassed fortunes at the expense of the many. The result is that its industrialization has become a menace to its own poor and the rest of the world."


That's it in a nutshell. And, the MIC has only gotten bigger, more lethal, more dangerous and much more corrupting. The Lakota and all Indigenous People know that this beast runs on one thing, too. Oil is its lifeblood as it is with The House of Saud, France, Great Britain, Japan and China. America is being sacrificed on an altar built by Oily-Garchies who will use any means necessary to make sure this situation remains the same. Trump will build up the MIC and increase funding the Police & Security State to make sure this doesn't change. Please remember it was Sanders during his run who called for $100 Billion in cuts to this beast. And, both he and Dr. Stein have supported the water protectors and spent time with the Lakota Nation and their ardent supporters.


Jane Fonda was right to stand with the Vietnamese during the Viet Nam War in spite of the vileness thrown at her and she is right now to stand with the indigenes. I salute her for her convictions and courage in the face of hostility.

This is the fight for Mother Earth and for healing the racist history of the US by drawing both white and black folks to the cause in unity.

Contact the US custom and border patrol to voice your opposition to their attempt to assist the violence against the water protectors

U.S. Customs and Border Protection contact

1 (877) 227-5511


Quoting the last sentence of this exquisite update: "There is no excuse for the brutality we've seen in recent days and it should not be rewarded." Thanks CD. This ol' Woodstock Rocker lives to know Good People. CD delivers Every Time. And time for the "Pilgrims" to offer some help here, too! Like Neil Young sings, "Only love can breakdown hate". Good to see Jane Fonda out and about for the cause of saving Our Commons from the "consumers".


Good reply, thanks.

"The beast runs on one thing,oil.. oil is its lifeblood."


Yes, oil is it's lifeblood and violence is its response.


Jane Fonda has been excoriated by the MSM ( who are nothing but fawning parasites and cheerleaders for the Fascist, Empires wars) for years as a traitor, and been labeled "Hanoi Jane" and now will they demonize her with a new moniker: Standing Rock Jane? Also, I salute her for her convictions and courage in the face of hostility. Jane spoke truth to power and has received the wrath of the politically powerful, economic, elite.





DONATIONS FOR DAPL?.... WHERE can one donate money and resources to support our Earth Protectors on this DAPL project?

Both HRC & DT are on the side of the militarized police and Fossil Fuel Barons.
Jill Stein is on the right side of this one...

This is Yet another sign of the Global Emergency.
from the sacred Texts from the newmessage.com.

Evil is Destructive... Our DAPL Earth brothers & sisters thru peaceful prayer are taking the best approach. All parties who inflict destruction are acting with evil intent. If you are on the side of the militarized police, please reconsider your action and bring peaceful resolve from your side. I understand that you may be dependent upon this employment, but go into your heart and ask yourself, is this the best course of action for the community, for Earth, and for myself...for your actions will speak volumes, bring peace to your warring side to end this situation... Remember we are living in the beginning of a Global Emergency and your actions will be important.


Thank you.... Capitalism and ultra-competition depend upon a system of winners and losers. The corrupt system is designed to create poverty and wealth....Mindful changes are needed.


Absolutely! And lets start by calling these oil protectors what they really are: PRIVATE GOONS! Not the canard, law enforcement, because they are only law enforcement for the wrong side and there to protect the $3.8 DAPL. Oil enforcement goons is more like it!