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We're Still Waiting for 'Early and Often' Climate Debate Questions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/01/were-still-waiting-early-and-often-climate-debate-questions

As noted elsewhere, there have NOT been ANY ‘debates’ among the DamnocRatic candidates for the presiduncy, just dog-and-Jackass circuses.  Hopefully all the remaining B-B-Bozos backed by the DNC will follow Bait-Oh into oblivion sooner rather than later, and then there can be at least one real debate between the remaining two or three contenders prior to the ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries.


Debates are so Lincoln-Douglas 19th century. For at least a few decades, we have only had “joint appearances”, with very circumscribed rules & moderators.

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Every time a BBeto-andswitch drops out, a Bloomberg jumps in.

Meanwhile, the only Dem candidates to steer the debate conversation to climate chaos are Bernie or Steyer. And every time they do, Tom Perez is on the phone reassuring the DNC’s fossil fuel gravy train that either Bernie will be kneecapped or Trump will be re-elected.


The two biggest threats to worldly existence, nuclear weapons and global poisoning/warming, get little attention in the debates. So what will it take to ‘come out of the closet’, so to speak? Maybe when it’s too hot in the studio to conduct them even with the coolers running at full blast. Oh wait, I’m mistaking these staged events for actual things that shape our lives in ways that need addressing. The climate/warming crisis needs to be center stage, not a few off the cuff remarks in passing. Green New Deal is a starting point with rapid transition away from militarism and industrial capitalism in general.

Waiting for a government response to ecological collapse is probably a bad idea. We have to demand it, create it, or most likely some combination of both.

It is not as though the Democratic Party organization were somewhat more reasonable ecologically. They sell the ways of capital to people in a different demographic. Were that not the case, we would see significant action on these fronts. Instead, we have a fifty-year history of excuses.

A lot has to change before we see large corporate interviewers presenting lots of honest and ecologically oriented questions to candidates. We have to take control back first.

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The leader of the Democratic Party couldn’t go beyond a cheap stunt when it was time to confront a crisis. He literally did the exact same thing our corrupt Repub governor did in Flint:

Thank you, Julie! I gotta say, I am loving your articles.

I’d like to add that it is so difficult for the public to express just how heavy this existential threat bears down on us. The other (nuclear war) seems distant, imo. The next ones (authoritarianism/bigotry/oligarchy) seem confront-able, imo…

But climate change is the big silent screaming in the back of our heads when we fight anything else and we hear “it’s all gonna end anyway”. Talk about a dark rabbit hole. Well this is how trauma festers. Please keep talking, it is needed more than we know.