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We're the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, And We Have Three Dreams

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/06/were-afghan-peace-volunteers-kabul-and-we-have-three-dreams

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Praise, praise, praise!! This is so beautiful! So inspiring! I am sharing it–may it be heard and seen widely. It is like taking a bath in waters of realization and hope.

Thank you greatly for putting this out, Dr. Hakim. As a student of Nyingma Buddhism, I know that the land of Oddiyana, where the founder of Tibetan Buddhism came from, the Great Guru Padmasambhava, is not far from you. I feel you and Earth GENeration are surely an embodiment of Padmasambhava, if you don’t mind my saying so, and of simply sincere effort for understanding and peace. To say that love is the goal: wow, yes.

Your work inspires me.

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Blessings on all or you! You give me hope as we are working for Peace here in the US! We are many!


Thank you ! Afghan Peace Volunteers!
We are all family
Peace and Abundance
Wisdom and Health
May Friends be Constant and Ever Increasing

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I must confess I was out at a Cafe for lunch when I read this inspiring piece. I started tearing up and had to look out the window. This is beautiful.

I’m relieved to see Dr. Wee’s name and credentials underneath the webpage today. A person otherwise would be wondering who was behind this venture, who was running things paying for things, you know. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya 1978-9, in “economic development” (but remember please, “no politics!”) and decided I had a golden force-field around me, like in a toothpaste commercial on TV, because I could talk about very controversial things with local people but they couldn’t touch me: I was American, I was rich, I was light-skinned with skinny straight hair, etc. Of course, that safety prevented them and me from talking at all. But I did learn one thing, one doctrinal point: one’s culture is a bubble of pleasant assumptions and outside it is foreignness. When I got home after a year (“this job is pointless”) I began a life of discovery and exploration in the foreignness of my homeland and, for thirty years now, my home state of Maine. I’m beginning to discover my family of birth, not just by records but by conversations: some getting richer, some getting poorer as I go further. Let me suggest one more doctrine, and it’s a slogan, a motto, perhaps an instant cliche. Peace is a process.

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These young people are the hope for the world.

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What, America hasn’t brought peace in our eighteen years of occupation? Well then it is because we don’t want it, or we could give a rats butt.