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West Coast Warned to Prepare for 'Tar Sands Invasion'


West Coast Warned to Prepare for 'Tar Sands Invasion'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Environmentalists have issued a warning to the West Coast: Watch out...the tar sands are coming.

North America's Pacific Coast, from the San Francisco Bay to British Columbia, is facing a "tar sands invasion," according to an analysis released this week by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), NextGen Climate America, ForestEthics, and a coalition of 26 partner organizations.


Buried within the TPP trade deal is the legally enforcable enabling of oil, gas and coal export. Money is free speech, even privately held behind closed doors.


Does anyone know how close the Alberta Tar Sands fields are to Jasper National Park?


You see where the Province of Alberta on the western side cuts to the right? Right at that point is jasper parks North edge.

Now if you look on a map you will see a blob of brown representing the Western extent of the tar sands. It seems an isle from the major deposits.

This is about 400KM away however there no where near the extraction plants in this area as there is over on the major deposits further East. Indeed you will see more devastation due to logging than mining in this area.

Now if you want to actually SEE the main deposits where the forests being clearcut and all the topsoil stripped away you would have to go quite a bit further. Direct roads hard to find but it would be a 1200 KM drive.


Jerks with deep pockets ruthlessly determined to extract the last penny of profit from the earth regardless of the consequences both short and long term to the planet and its inhabitants…all so they can go shopping for big ticket items.


Indeed. The Earth is seen as “property” and has as its only purpose serving man’s greed in the minds of those Corporatists and Dominionists.


The black snake slithers to the sea


So, last night and tonight, I am going for a walk, ( I am rural) … trains going by, two last night and one tonight… with, Liquified natural gas, non oxidized petroleum… carbon dioxide /refrigerated liquid.
Chlorinated… /breathing hazard…
all the trains were going about 15 -20 miles an hour… They go past my home, on the tracks that are about one hundred fifty yards from my house…
two of the trains were so long, they had to be one hundred cars or so…
I can’t stand that I have to just sit by and this stuff is passing by my home. Here I am so against it … and it is right under my nose. I am very disgusted…


I stopped reading your post at “clean green nukes”… I just do not get it… why don’t you say, "energy that
creates a little less co2… but IS also extremely dangerous in so many other ways, that it could kill thousands and contaminate the earth for century upon century… and do not give me that crap about thorium reactors… I’ve been reading about them…


In the planning process right now is the Jordan Cove Pipeline Project, a liquefied gas pipeline, going through Coos Bay, Oregon, located along scenic Southern Oregon Coast. This pipeline to be constructed on sand dunes in an earthquake and tsunami zone.
So many things really stink about this plan (like the super sneaky finagling on local pipeline organizers’ part), but there is also the fact that a breach in this pipeline, with a kind of highly pressurized gas, can result in a massive explosion, like an atomic bomb, instantly leveling everything near it and for miles. The port will be also be across from an airport, and have thousands of homes within the potential impact zone.
The S Oregon coast has a real chance of economic recovery thanks to the growing retirement Mecca and sustainable tourism efforts going on- which are of course hampered by prospect of a dangerous pipeline. Those combined retirement and tourism industries can provide much more development, creating new businesses and many more jobs than this stinking pipeline ever will- and with profits enjoyed by the people living and working here, not to a Canadian company with bulk of main export out of Oregon going to China.
New users can’t post links (boo hiss), so, please search for info about the Jordan Cove Pipeline Project in Coos Bay, and this article by Tim Palmer and former Oregon Sec of State, Bill Bradbury, “The New Keystone XL Pipeline: Jordan Cove”.