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West Virginia Frontier Communications Workers on Strike

West Virginia Frontier Communications Workers on Strike

Russell Mokhiber

More than 1,400 Frontier Communications workers in West Virginia and 30 technicians in Ashburn, Virginia went on strike this morning at 12:01 am.

Two things.

What the hell are they are smokin in WV? First the striking teachers, and their odd coalition of public workers, and now communication workers? Empowerment is the name of the game, and it seems to be spreading. Good news for We the People.

This little tale speaks directly to Internet Freedom and protecting the commons. For the richest nation on Earth and the developer of the Internet to rank 28th in global Internet speed is a humiliating loss on the stage of economic leadership.

Don’t worry, because a few corporations got really rich screwing us over. Bad news for We the People–unless we stand up!