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West Virginia Legislation Would Make Civil Disobedience Against Gas Pipelines a Felony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/09/west-virginia-legislation-would-make-civil-disobedience-against-gas-pipelines

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The “people” no longer have a say in legislation.

Corporate bought politicians from both sides of the Duopoly create legislation to protect the corporations, not the people.

The word “representation” as it applies to politics, must be redefined.


What? You didn’t think this was coming.
This is exactly how fascism rose in Weimar Germany almost a century ago. First, you get a fascist sympathizer and his cronies elected to leadership positions. Then they in turn move to make everything they’ve done that’s illegal, legal. Then you change the laws to make sure nobody can do it to you, and that any awful thing you do in the future, is legal.
Sound familiar?
I urge the people of the US to take a really close look at West Virginia. It is the petry dish for how to implement a proto-fascist state.




Sometimes we just have to fill the jails.

Solidarity with all Earth Defenders. Another reason to contribute to organizations fighting voter suppression.

I gave to Fair Fight. Let’s make this Earth Day April 22 a day to remember. #Strikewithus


They are already killing “slowly” with their policies. An emergency requires us to act like an emergency. April 22-24 are days of strikes that at some point need to escalate to General Strikes and finally to total non cooperation.


Hardly, if this your example. This bill is in the WV legislature now–it has already passed in several other states Your post also implies that this started with Trump which is miles from the truth.

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I predict the anti-protest bill will pass. I sat through a session of the WV House Energy Committee while it considered a bill to give subsidies to companies involved in turning the wet gas into petrochemicals–they want to turn the entire western border of our state, AKA the Ohio River. into Cancer Alley #2. Essentially all WV’s politicians are fervently in favor, including all five of our reps in DC. A couple of those are trying to get federal subsidies; the bill considered in Charleston last week would give STATE tax subsidies to companies involved in wet gas development. Many of the reps questioned how much it would cost, as there is currently a budget shortfall. None mentioned environmental issues… Despite not having good answers on the cost, the bill narrowly passed. WV’s people have had a century of schooling by the coal industry in the idea that if you want a job with a good wage, you have to be willing to sacrifice your own and your neighbors’ health. WV’s politicians have had schooling in the idea that you don’t say no to coal–and now that King Coal is sinking, Queen Frackemall is taking up the scepter and the whip.


Without reading the entire article so all I’ll say is these anti-demonstration laws are against 1st Amendment rights in the Constitution. The “establishment” is trouncing on our freedom whether it’s the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, or others. It always gets worse every year. Never better unless we protest, get our heads cracked by cops, get arrested, or even killed. We have to fight against these monsters for our rights in the US Constitution or we lose them forever. As we watch the world catch on fire the corporations will continue to murder our home, Earth’s, ability to survive. It may well have to get violent, I hope not, but so far, peaceful protests do nothing whatsoever on policies enacted for ecology in Congress.
Edit: How about everybody in the country going on strike for just one day to show what can happen? That includes all cops, doctors, truck drivers, all transportation, all utilities, everything in the damn country to show what power “the people” can have if united in mission.


I really HATE to agree with you, but revolution may, ultimately, be our only recourse.


This the perfect marrying of the State and the Corporation to the point where they indistinguishable from one another. It also the definition of Fascism.

Maybe someone needs to pass a law called the “What were we fighting for in ww2” act.


Freedom of Assembly
is the rule!!

If a person were to physically change a railroad track switch or turn a valve at a pipeline - that is a different story. Because danger will occur. A train derails or a surge inside a pipeline ruptures steel, safety valves, spills oil into rivers, fires, etc.

If you are going to jail, having a felony on your record, and haven’t accomplished much, wouldn’t if be at least a thought that the opposition should pay a price. A blown up pipeline infrastructure, a kidnapping or an accidental shooting?


I made the decision to no long send my pittance donations to politicians. Instead I send it to community groups like those fighting for our rights.

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Don’t forget the CDC which is hugely underfunded and staffed. So when those strains of virus and bacteria are out of control there will be no defense.

I understand your message but it will depend on one’s convictions–Total non coordination can accomplish the same thing.

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SUPPPORT CATHY KUNKLE FOR WV-2! Protect freedom of speech and assembly!

And I understand your reluctance. Boycotts and such held back Walmart for a while but people’s nature went for the pricing factor eventually. Target was hit pretty hard with it’s position on sexuality. Most other attempts fail if they ever get off the ground.
A national campaign might do it if the MSM cooperated. just my opinion.

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They don’t necessarily have to cooperate, just be victimized enough by it to be used as an example. It would be a highly visible disturbance if we do it right.

And a VERY fitting example if you ask me.