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West Virginia Teachers Chant 'Put It in Writing' as Lawmakers Reach Pay Raise Deal


West Virginia Teachers Chant 'Put It in Writing' as Lawmakers Reach Pay Raise Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Nine days ago, West Virginia teachers collectively walked off the job demanding better wages and a fix to soaring health insurance premiums, and on Tuesday Republican Gov. Jim Justice announced that lawmakers finally reached an agreement to give educators—and all other state public employees—a five percent pay raise.


Looks like some good news.


Here’s the larger issue: if HR676 were the law of the land, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


Oh yes, the lower class gets redistribution only with ever diminishing cash from social programs.

But corporations and super wealthy individuals get perks paid for by all US citizens. State Department opening up markets specifically for certain corporate interests and protecting such interests, the CIA covertly doing the same, the Pentagon doing the same via criminal wars of Empire for corporate interests, the courts up to the Supreme Court protecting such interests including intellectual property and “trade secrets”, and on and on and on.

That redistribution of income is totally fine with those same wealthy jerks who insist on Austerity for the little people.

I’m so fucking sick of this never ending right wing hell that this country has become.


Now the bastards in D.C. (Downright Corrupt) will have a reason to assault unions even more strongly. How DARE workers join together to create a powerful force against the stinking status quo?!

Folks, this is just one example of what can happen when we COME TOGETHER!


And the fact that the reasons why HR676 doesn’t have a chance in hell with Corporate Democrats voting as a block with Republicans explains why we are.

HR676 is anathema to the interests of Corporate State Democrats.

But I’ve been informed (not by you) that I have no clue what happened in the 80s and 90s.


So it looks like tossing a few crumbs will be enough to shut this whole thing down. I guess better crumbs then broken heads.


I guess if you can call a few crumbs good news…


They got bought out for not even chump change. Their health premiums will go up more then what they see in a raise. Really the fascists won…again…


Tax on natural gas to pay for revamping WV teachers’ shitty healthcare plans and insurance. The governor wants it. Get it done WV legislature, even if FF industry hates it. Otherwise, get ready to lose in November.


I was just pointing out the fact that they got ATTENTION by their numbers. If they agreed to “chump change”, well, that was their choice I suppose. I guess we are all so used to getting “crumbs” instead of a loaf that…


Yes I understand. They were probably smart to take their crumbs. The fascists felt it was worth those crumbs to make them go away. But if they had stuck to their position and demanded what they actually deserved those same fascists probably would have crushed them in a hundred different ways.


I agree, Dan. Maybe one day crumbs will be no longer acceptable and the fight will continue to a substantially pleasing endgame instead.


They are only half way there. They need to get rid of their shit bought for union reps next.


Potentially successful efforts such as this are self perpetuating which is why, just like the NRA, every incremental effort is so strongly fought against. Republican’ts should have accepted the neoliberal moves as the maintenance of the status quo it is, but they do not want just our lunches but our ability to earn them as well. Their horrible greed is intolerable! For that, They Must Be Destroyed!


Crumbs? What crumbs? For too many there are not even crumbs.


As must the corporate-owned neo-liberals.


These seems like a hollow victory. Teachers got a raise and improved healthcare but it comes via cuts to other social programs. The coal and gas industries win again as this ends up costing them nothing.