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West Virginia Teachers Flood State Capitol to Save Public Education From Privatization Scheme


West Virginia Teachers Flood State Capitol to Save Public Education From Privatization Scheme

Julia Conley, staff writer

A year after sparking a nationwide movement of educator uprisings, teachers from across West Virginia flooded the state capitol building in Charleston on Tuesday to fight a bill they warn would drain money away from public schools and seriously harm students.


The choice to reject Privatization is the only sensible choice to keep our kid’s education out of the hands of corporate corruption and control.


For those naysayers who say picketing and marching don’t work…


Way to go West Virginia teachers! Our country is even more doomed when Capitalist pigs like Betsy Devos take control of education.


Unless America gets its free market privateers in check, you’ll end up with a pay to play education system that works for no one. As a retired teacher in Canada, I remember a bumper sticker we used to have that is even more relevant in free fall capitalist America

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Once the privateers get a hold of your kids, American parents will learn how expensive that ignorance is…even while it makes buckets of money for wanna be pundits designing computer programs for kids they have no intention of interacting with.

Support your teachers…they shouldn’t have to do this alone.


Why do you think the emphasis on public sector unions in the last few years? Because of charter schools. The 1 % and Congress Repugs want to destroy all unions because there is strength in numbers.


I guess this shoots down the talking point that greedy teachers are just interested in themselves. Rejecting their pay increase to protect their students is not exactly what a greedy person would do. It is what a selfless, decent person would do.

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