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West Virginia Third State to Pass Automatic Voter Registration


West Virginia Third State to Pass Automatic Voter Registration

Sophie Schuit, Jonathan Brater

It’s no April Fool’s joke: On Friday, West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed a law making West Virginia the third state to enact automatic voter registration — and the first to do so with broad bipartisan support.


So basically it isn't "one person, one vote" it is "one car, one vote". Only in the USA would someone like Ms. Schuit and Mr. Brater not see something not quite right with tying voter eligibility with driving a car.

Why not tie voter registration with tax filings, social assistance filings or, if we had it, universal medical care cards? Most people or their employers file tax information with their new address (W2's) the first day at their new job - usually long before they get around to changing or updating their drivers license with the state DMV - especially the increasing numbers of young urban people who don't own cars, not to mention elderly, handicapped and poor urban people who don't have driver's licenses at all.

This is what Canada and probably every other democracy does. It is comical the way the USA obstinately goes about re-inventing wheels and doing things idiotically with checking how the rest of the world does things.


Because those are federal programs, while the DMV is state-run, and handling elections is up to the states, under the Constitution.

And i presume the law includes renewal of a state ID card, for people like me who choose not to get a drivers license.


While this strategy would not capture every voter that would need to be registered, it is a good start because it would capture a very large demographic by just this one measure. And it certainly runs counter to the misguided efforts of some states to throw up as many voter ID barriers as they can to suppress the vote.