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West Wing Chaos: Priebus Quits, General Kelly Takes Over as Chief of Staff


West Wing Chaos: Priebus Quits, General Kelly Takes Over as Chief of Staff

Common Dreams staff

The White House announced Friday afternoon that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had resigned following mounting tensions in the White House. Reports indicate that Priebus "privately resigned yesterday," and Reuters was told by an anonymous official that "Trump informed Priebus two weeks ago that he would be replacing him as White House chief of staff."


Who is going to keep Steve Bannon company when he sucks his own cock?


Just what Amerikkka needs another war pig to communicate with the American people.:-1:


Mafia Don is about to do his Larry Craig impersonation on Bannon.:tongue:


Kelly was once the head of US Southern Command, putting much of the US’ immediate vicinity under his purview – including the control of Guantanamo Bay. Trump has pledged the US will redouble its focus on its southern border and overhaul its approach to terror threats.

Given Kelly’s knowledge of the southern theater and his extensive military experience, he would be poised to help Trump deliver on his campaign promises from a position atop DHS.

In a 2013 speech, he said of terrorists: “I don’t know why they hate us, and I frankly don’t care.”

Yup, militarize the Now-dingy-gray-House, that will work: line up the leaker/traitors, blindfold them, torture them until they confess, leave the blindfolds on, and execute them at dawn on the WH lawn to send a signal to future leakers the kind of end that will befall them. Should serve as a want ad for all lunatics and crazies to apply within…

Two disasters today and counting…still a little more than 8 hours left (in my time zone) in the day.

Speaking of “beleagured,” Priebus was badgered, bullied, and his credibility constantly belied by bully-in-chief from day one. Not excusing him for working in the WH, but have to hope that going forth, he makes better decisions about the path of his “career” moves.


I’m not sure who, but I bet they’ll be sporting red “Make America Autofellate Again” ball caps and sucking on corndogs to stay in shape.


I would have told Trump…“If you don’t want me here, fire me, I won’t quit”.


Kelly has already been praised by the MSM. That tells you he sucks.


Next up Trump fires the American people.


And the next Secretary of Homeland Security is? Tune in tomorrow to find out. And what is Scaramucci going to say next? And after a crazy performance at the Boyscout Jamboree and some scary language in front of the police on Long Island what is Trump going to do next? And what new policy will he tweet out tonight? Certainly not as boring as when Barack Obama was president. Kind of cerebral and cautious for the audience out there. You wanted entertainment in the White House America and you got it.


Watch Jefferson Beauregard Sessions fellate Mafia Don for a horizontal move over to The DHS. Jefferson Beauregard wants to lead the Fourth Reich, so bad.:us: Impotent Don just can’t fill Session’s mouth or belly. Sessions is busy crawling on that scaly belly.


Ooooh, yeah! Cuz it’s always a good idea to have a General as the President’s Chief of Staff! Fucking Trump, one corrupt appointment after another and the White House in near chaos. THIS is “Making America Great Gain” you idiot Trumpanzees? No, but it confirms the Pentagon’s conclusion that we are an empire in decline. Trumpo the Maleficent really is a combo of Commodus and Nero all rolled into one putrid, overweight ball. Welcome to New Rome, suckers!
Just heard about Scaramucci’s impending divorce after three whole years. It’s a wonder his wife could stand the little shit this long. Anyway, based on his immature, foul-mouthed tirade, I would say - Hey, Tony - it looks like you really ARE going to have to suck your own cock now - asshole."


Maybe we can find someone to wash out the mouths of those who use such foul language like, “Mooch”! Those who do so or replicate that sort of language show nothing but vast ignorance and disrespect for others. But, I guess that is the problem! They have no respect for themselves, let alone others…What a mess!!


Here we go again. Our mentally unstable President loves to fire and replace people. He thinks he is still hosting his TV show. He is still playing the big mean sadistic boss. He is still playing the big important narcissistic buffoon who is the one who makes all the decisions. As president he is discovering that he is not always the last word. He can be overruled by The Courts, The Congress, and The American People.


I say it’s time that the American people FIRE CRUMPUS! Fuck you, Donald…


I wrote this comment on another commondreams article, but it really belongs here:

I think that people need to pay attention to the Trump/Bannon/Miller moves to stack this administration with military guys, and the overwhelming blind support it (the administration) offers to law enforcement. Not only do we have military men in unusual numbers and positions within the civilian government now, we have an administration that is prompting the police, border agents, and ICE to “crack down” on immigrants and “criminals”.

Priebus is out as chief of staff, replaced with retired general John Kelly. I was worried when Kelly was put in charge of Homeland Security, which is a civilian agency; now he is the chief of staff for Trump. We’ll have to wait and see who is going to head up DHS now that Kelly has moved over to the White House.

Trump is calling for hundreds of new prosecutors to handle the increased number of illegal immigrants he is collecting in jail cells, and asking for thousands of new ICE and border agents. He’s penalizing the sanctuary cities - the cities that won’t let their cops act as immigration police and round up all the “illegals” for him.
The Dept of Justice, under the racist redneck Jeff Sessions, is calling for increases in civil asset forfeitures, refuses to recognize LGBT discrimination in the workplace, and ended the program intended to monitor and investigate excessive use of force within the nation’s police departments. (Not that Holder or What’sHerName ever gave more than lip service to this commission.) Sessions has also given strong verbal support to the cops and will not end the program that gives military hardware to local police forces. TSA is gradually implementing more demands for private information on cell phones and is confiscating or inspecting data on laptops from travelers coming in from “certain” countries.

Trump has always supported violence against protesters, not only at his campaign rallies, which he is still holding to this day; he lavishly praised the lack of protesters when he went to Saudi Arabia. Of course, protesters in SA are hanged, hence the lack of any protestation there. And he’s always called for a “return to law and order” here in the US, which is a bell whistle for the LEO types. One of the first pages put up on the White House website after Trump took office was a “Blue Lives Matter” page.

Now surely this is not all the brainchild of Donald Trump. The man is grotesquely vacuous and probably a functional illiterate. It’s more likely that he’s being shoved from behind (e.g., kicked in the ass) by Bannon and Miller, who see that Trump is losing support of the Republicans as well as some of the proletariat. Where to find some blind, loyal followers who will not only obey orders, but who can insure obedience from the population? The military and the cops, of course.

This is not a good situation. And we shouldn’t be laughing. These guys have all the weapons, they are trained to obey orders, and they are mean.


In Italian, scaramuccia means “conniving little schemer.” How apropos. Enter Scaramouche, Stage Right


I firmly believe that Trump will ignore General Kelly’s adherence to the law and custom in the job and continue to tweet away and make breath-takingly illegal and stupid executive orders. I just don’t know how long Kelly will last–probably not long if he has any balls.


Everyday something new and ever more outrageous. To think these power hungry clowns control not just nuclear button but also the ability to wage war virtually anywhere at any time - everything we were taught in civic class that this system’s safeguards were supposed to stop. Well, King Trump will do as he pleases and all of us will pay but ultimately it is a totally corrupted two party system that has got us to this point and, sadly, that system can not be trusted or even expected to solve the problems it created.


From your other posts I can see what a right-wing apologist you are and it is not worth trying to debate you. I just love your fantasy that left-wing fascists attacked Trumpo supporters like you at his pandering rallies. The earlier ones featured people raising their right arms in a Nazi-like salute! And you are accusing people protesting him as being fascists? Unbelievable. YOU were the one in a coma.