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West Wing Chaos: Priebus Quits, General Kelly Takes Over as Chief of Staff


One more thing. You seem to be a big supporter for this idiotic, reckless man-baby that you obviously voted for. I used to live in Alaska and it is so telling that when Sen. Lisa Murkowski decided not to support this pathetic pasted together “Trumpcare” bill that The Donald would then try and get back at her by having the Interior Dept. do something to try and punish the whole state! What a vindictive asshole Trumpo is! Your choice for President is a disgrace and a thug. What’s next, will the man-baby threaten Congress by saying that if he doesn’t get what he wants that he will hold his breath until he turns blue? Waaaa, Waaaa, Waaaaa!


Scaramuchi is a disgrace to humanity just as Trump is a disgrace to the world.


I know I’m going to regret this, but here goes.

  1. Crossing the US border without documentation is not a crime. There are no criminal statutes making this action against the law, which is why the treatment of those caught in ICE raids and traps is so egregious; anyone in the US is entitled to the protections of the US Constitution, regardless of status. Unauthorized entry is a civil offense punishable by up to 6 months in prison and a fine. These immigrants are, in the eyes of the law, unauthorized personnel, although US policies and politics have managed to criminalize them in order to grow the Prison-Industrial Complex–a multi-billion dollar industry, in which deportation centers contribute almost half the profits.
  2. Need I say more:

3. A psychiatrist friend of mine thinks Trump is going senile. He’s watched many interviews of Trump over the years, and the man used to be articulate. Functional illiterate, senile, narcissistic personality disorder, or sane call it what you will, but no matter how you cut it he’s still unfit to be my president, and the majority of Americans think so too.


Just like Trump and the Mooch.


Trump worshippers enjoy seeing actions like locking up immigrants and punishing the LGBT, these people have a weird set of values and a broken moral compass.


That makes all European and other national origins illegal, this is a stolen land, no one has a right to live here without the consent of the natives. Mexican people are natives hence a right to live here. Not so for Europeans though, they’re here as looters plunderers and thieves.


Carrie Fisher, before her death by overdosing, was certain that Donald Trump’s dramatic sniffling was caused by him snorting coke before each debate. The Donald may in fact be psychologically unstable but we also need to keep continuing cocaine addiction as a contributing factor of this instability.

President Pence? Not much better, but at least he won’t do Adolf Hitler things all day.


The threats this pathetic excuse for a human being is bringing to our republic and world should make every person with an ounce of common sense, or decency, shudder in revulsion. World leaders worth their salt - I will not include the ginger pig as a “leader” - must confront his pathology and stupidity as much as they can - given his inability to reason or react without childish anger, I expect there will be little direct opposition, but there better be and damn soon!

As PaulK wrote trumps insane arrogant nutter behavior is likely - partially - drug-coke-related.


Rep. Barbara Lee is straight forward and clear eyed. How many military men has Trump appointed to civilian office? Lee calls Kelly an extremist which is of course disconcerting but worse is the thought that Trump is not really in charge anyway. That is what it is beginning to look like to me. This White House has a lot of free time somehow. Trump tweets and plays golf and yet makes rash and reckless statements as if chomping at the bit for war.

First step was Trump giving control over military actions in the Middle East to the commanders in the field. An acknowledgement that he Trump is not competent to wield presidential command and control responsibilities over the military. Second step is the continuing militarization of this administration. Trump wants to retain ultimate control mainly by exercising a yes or no veto power but not by maintaining daily control which he opts to leave to commanders in the field. How is it that these commanders can increase troop strength on their own say so? How exactly does that work?

What if Trump wants to have his royal war? Royal in the sense that he sits on a throne and delegates authority to commanders retaining the option of removing them for failure. Just like a king and his generals!

Is Trump actually preparing for war? The very fact that he seems aware of his own incompetence to function as Commander in Chief and that he prefers to delegate authority (and responsibility) seems to suggest that.

Trump doesn’t want Trump to decide in a wartime situation. So is he now assembling and testing out his wartime team?


feels like watching NERO fiddling as Rome burned, way back when. It would be hilarious if all of it did not affect all of us watching. it’s an oy vey time folks. and btw, the healthcare debacle fell because of we the people not McCain. It was done by folks calling, showing up at town halls, sitting in at senators’ offices, especially the sit-ins of disabled people. Let’s give credit where credit is due. and the FIGHT IS LONG FROM OVER! Keep asking for what we want and need - a single payer system that protects us all from cradle to grave.


What the H, am I watching apprentice?


"Next up Trump fires the American people"
Says you are un - American, if you are not true blue money grabbing, cheating, extorting, capitalist. Leave!


Shame the first two are in the pocket of corporate interests and will stay with Trump as long as it is convenient. And if you think the people have any significant political power anymore than you are dreaming.


Might be. Generals are certainly those “when all you have is a hammer” kind of people who think the answer to everything is more war. The silver lining to Trump not deciding what to do is that we might be less likely to bumble our way into a nuclear war. These are indeed scary times.


Because of the continuing chaos in the White House, I think it is really scary times. Who knows where Trump’s instability will lead? What are all these personnel changes really about? Too many all at once. It isn’t like he didn’t pick these people originally. Something is going on that the public isn’t privy to.

The craziness in this administration is bad enough but this apparent militarization (as if Trump were assuring certain powers that be that he isn’t really going to try to be in charge of the military) of the team makes one wonder.


I wouldn’t be surprised that by the end of his administration, whatever ends it, he will get into another war as a way to deflect his negative image. The worst part is the media will probably praise such an action, like they did when he dropped the MOAB and when he bombed that Syrian airfield. In that case I cynically wonder what country Trump decides to go to war to will receive the less damage. Unfortunately that very well might be Iran.


If Kim didn’t scare everybody like he is doing than maybe Iran but Iran isn’t threatening us despite the hype. Kim however actually is pushing the question. I just worry that an actual risk like Kim’s new missiles will not sit easy with the ‘Generals’ (I’m thinking we need to recognize the militarization of the WH with a name).
If they sat on Iran for a year or two, nothing really changes but it is hard to think that the Kim situation would be so static.

They would have to ‘push’ just to get into it with Iran. On the other hand Kim is pushing and there is no ignoring it. That’s what worries me the most. They seemingly have to do something with Kim but exactly what becomes the problem.


One of the few things I don’t worry about is foreign policy or interventions. Trump simply has no interest of anything beyond his own boarders and it is only goading from the press (Fox news) that seem to push him into action. That disinterest creates a vacuum that could be exploited by those with agendas in his administration but crossing the Donald has consequences. The truth is that vacuum is being gleefully exploited by the Chinese as they push their trillion dollar plan (the Silk road policy) to link Asia together with infrastructure that leads back to China. And Asia includes, because of physical connectivity, the middle east, Russia and Africa. It’s brilliant and truth be told American is done in greater Asia and Trump’s inattention has sealed the deal.

We are witnessing the full collapse of the American empire. It has been going on for some time but properly staffed administrations with competent leaders was able to skillfully moderate their declining fortunes. The end of nearly all previous empires culminated with the ascent of right wing nutbars who accelerated the rate of social and economic decline. Need I say more.

If there is one saving grace and it isn’t much, I do think, for the very first time, that the Donald will be impeached. He is a huge liability and his declining poll numbers in every demographic in every state is staggering to look at. Republican lawmakers and other insiders no longer fear him or the tea party movement. It was the one card Trump could play and without it he is defenseless. The incompetence greased the wheels of impeachment and his Russian mob ties will be the one bridge too far; republican insiders won’t ride to his rescue as fear can’t be used as a weapon.


It appears to me that Trump is not in charge of foreign policy although he cannot resist making a show now and again for the media. That ‘wrong way fleet’ episode embarrassed him tremendously more because a president who really is in charge would have known full well which way the fleet was headed. It isn’t like telling a taxi your destination. Preparations for any fleet maneuver take months ahead of time. Was Trump embarrassed or was he made to be embarrassed to make him quit these foreign policy blunders like he was making? After the ‘wrong way fleet’ debacle, Trump’s foreign policy bombast ratcheted down and in fact he refrained from the usual autocratic sounding threats etc… Trump has been fairly circumspect and ‘quasi-diplomatic’ about China having a role in North Korea’s behavior, saying that they aren’t doing enough and therefore we might have to. Trump started out all guns and glory gangbusters towards threatening NK in the early days. That has been toned down. I think it is because the Trump Team has been fortified (pun intended) by the addition of the military being appointed to civilian office. I call them the ‘Generals’ but I would imagine others do too!

What they decide is a whole other order of business. They could bring us to war although many in the public would feel it was Trump, I doubt that he has that much solidity in the Oval Office. What I mean is that I doubt that he could simply order a war on his own but he has been replaced by a delegated authority military team - the ‘Generals’ - who were put in place to advise and give their consent for any such an action. Small comfort to have the military in the role of diplomats but that is somewhat better than having a bombastic ego bound fool in total charge of the military.

When Kim launched that second missile, reality changed for the USA (and the world for that matter)! To paraphrase ‘All roads lead to Rome’ …once that long range missile launched >>> ‘All foreign policy led to North Korea’. This is unquantifiable and even apocalyptic but the fact nonetheless and who do we have in charge (such as he is or isn’t) but a con artist egotistical incompetent!


Hello brucebennett, I was drinking a cup of coffee when I read the line “Trumpo the Maleficent really is a combo of Commodus and Nero” when I almost sprayed my PC. Just barely stopped in the nick of time! I finally finished reading without the coffee and I agree with your post. I have seen the Shiticus photo and Commodus is now an alternative that could also be used. “Trumpo the Maleficent” is an apt description. I hope that I will see this in the future!