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Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt


Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt

Adam Johnson

The Trump administration’s now completely overt effort to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had a very successful public relations effort this week, as major Western media outlets uniformly echoed its simplistic, pre-packaged claim that the Venezuelan government was heartlessly withholding foreign aid:


Will Hanner, having just joined this forum within the past hour, please note that you have no street cred here on CD. Your comments therefore will be received by me with a big pillar of salt. Oh screw it, along with my colleague, EdsNote, I’ll simply say “Bye Troll.”


We supply links to our sources around here. Watcha got?


all I see is a null set. Links to documentation? the challenge is willingly engaged!


interesting… again a litany of allegations, assertions and invasion of ‘undocumented’ assertions. Youŕe not taking it to solid documentation. More, please?


You craft an impressive-looking straw man, sir. However, it has thus far failed to rebut a single point made by the author of this piece. Welcome to the forum.


Sorry, youŕe barking up the wrong trees here.


FAIR is not arguing for a government without corruption.
What power elite is innocent? But it’s a voice opposing
the corporate state’s billionaire owned media’s propaganda.
Do Venezuelans have a right to keep their legitimately
elected government in power? The military-industrial
complex says no.
FAIR is the canary in the coal mine or oil well.


The US (and UK) media dish out a lot of stuff, much of it of dubious value. Context is not exactly their strong suit, to put it mildly.

It would behoove Senator Marco Rubio to develop as much empathy for the poor and suffering in his own state of Florida (and Puerto Rico), as he pretends to feel for the Venezuelan people.


Maduro has to put down this coup with military violence against Guaido and his traitorous accomplices, executing all of them by firing squad immediately, as well as finding a way to assassinate Walrus Face Bolton and POS little f#$%er Abrams. They must also die to put an end to our secret coups and hegemony in the third world. It is time one of our victim countries seriously fight back against our murderous imperialism for oil and other resources.


Let’s see, your first source, Insight Crime, is run out of the super-conservative American University.

Your second source is gated.

Your third source puts forth allegations that have been vociferously denied by the accused.

Also, you come off like an 8th grader.


A Cut and paste from a previous reply to a poster similar to one Will_Hanner.

Observation on one Will_Hanner

Joined 6 hours ago just after this article posted on Common Dreams. Never posted on any other topic many of which are of equal and greater concern to progressives. Somehow he came across THIS particular article which motivated him enough to get an account an Commondreams and then post the US STate Department talking points as to what a despot Mr maduro is.


Was alerted to this article by various search engines that automatically surf the internet looking for articles posted on a given topic. EMAILS are then forwarded to persons who are tasked with going to said site, pretending they are “concerned individuals” and repeat the same stuff I can get off a Bolton speech. These types generally have disclaimers like “I am no fan of Israel or I am no fan of Monsanto or I am no fan of Bolton ” and then speak up in support of the same. They will also claim great familiarity with the Country in questions such as those US Members of the Military that were posting and pretending they “grateful” Iraqi’s


Ignore these paid to post shills. Their intent is to derail conversations like this as they try to give credibility to the actions of the enity for which they work for.

As an aside

The Integrety Initiative, a group that operated much like this poster here , having been exposed as a fraud and little more then a propoganda outlet for the British Government, recently had to pull their site off the web. Watch for them to come back “rebranded” pretending to be “independent and concerned Citizens” with more of their Anti_Russia rants.

To add. Perhaps just a coincidence but the other guy i responded to in such a manner was also a “william”. I guess he still working on the “William” list of usable screenames.


only joined Common Dreams 7 hours ago…


While Maduro and his first circle may be guilty of mismanagement and even corruption, it is the 8-9 million Chavistas in Venezuelan cities and towns who will be most adversely affected. And, I use adversely in the strongest and most detriminal sense, here. Venezuela’s elite are abrogating Constitutional laws pre-dating the rise to power of Hugo Chavez, et al with this attempted coup. Back to the plantation, for you.
Oh by the way, this is an effort to steal the vast resources of 35+ million people, with violence ( extreme prejudice for many ) and invasion being front and center at the bargaining table. Accomodation demanded at the point of a gun; so typically American, since around 1785.
The MSM is a just an extended public relations arm of the current Corporotracy, which will benefit immensely either way this latest adventure in Empire breaks, invasion or by economic strangulation. The MSM gets their ( war ) product for peddling Viagara and Toyotas and the MIC gets a further opportunity to fatten their wallets. By now it’s all way too, too familiar and scripted. Body counts are like last night’s NBA basketball scores in America’s 21st Century of, " you’re either with us or against us " actions.
As a good friend and his wife concurred on Friday night, " No one in true opposition to the status quo is getting their information from CNN or MSNBC. And, sure as hell not FOX News, the national newspapers or messages from the Congress. Those are all deadends. "
Now, that’s truth telling, pretty much.


So if the western media can get so outraged at the blockading of “Aid” that both the U.N. and the Red Cross advised against providing … Where oh where is the outrage at the Israeli blockade of Gaza as well as the oppression and regular slaughter of it’s relatively defenceless people or the brutality of regimes like that of Dutarte in the Philippines or Saudi Arabia or countless other even more brutal regimes that don’t have oil or are governed by Right Wingers. Judging from what he has said I doubt that Bolsonaro of Brazil will be a benevolent leader either but he is a darling of the likes of Bolton and the good Christian Pompeo.


Nice work snowman. You’re hot, now don’t melt on us


It’s so nice to see that you have the best interests of the Venezuelan people in mind who are obviously to stupid to elect a government that will govern in their interests unlike the brilliant voters of 'merica.

So it falls upon the U.S. to ensure that they have a government that is as uncorrupted and benevolent as that of the U.S. where 30 million people lack health care and more than 50 percent of the population lives pay cheque to pay cheque so that the U.S. military can spend neatly a trillion dollars a year and operate in excess of 800 military bases around the world in order to protect the interests of other people against brutes like Maduro even if they have to kill millions of innocents in the process.

The people of Flint Michigan and many other places in the U.S. don’e have safe drinking water but that’s okay because Uncle Sam’s gotta look out for the poor oppressed victims of Maduro who conveniently governs a country with the largest oil reserves and in the world in addition to other valuable resources but that doesn’t matter … it’s the poor citizens of Venezuela that Uncle Sam cares about LOL.

Just like he cares so much about the beleaguered people of Honduras and Guatemala and Saudi Arabia as well as many other’s who are oppressed by regimes that the U.S. considers a friend.

Please spare the world such B.S. that seems to be the primary product of the U.S. government and their tools in the mainstream U.S. media these days


Surprise! Surprise! US does not hold government officials and elected officials accountable and hasn’t for more than just the last 60 years. And we surely haven’t held the billionaires media accountable.

Until we rid ourselves of citizens united we won’t beable to get rid of the billionaires running the world and their tax havens.


they love the “starving their own people!” gag.

without, of course, seeing the irony of that same standard in a country that depends entirely too much on food banking to keep it’s own underclass of citizens fed.

until people turn this crap off and stop reading these sh*t papers, this keeps going.

The very best BDS campaign any of us could engage in is against all corporate forms of media, especially in the US.


rump wants to send aid to venezuala after telling americans that we don’t have the resources to fund Food Stamps? The hypocrisy does not fail to be noticed by me.