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Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt


This stoopid nation has never, ever had anything remotely considered to be truthful or accurate reporting on Venezuela.
The state dept PR machine is working over time concocting bull shyte stories and in the background lurks Elliot Abrams with guns 'n aid.


Are these “mysterious assumptions”

Or malevolent assistance?



How many times does history have to repeat itself before a spade is indelibly stamped a spade?


Leave it to the slick tyrant Rubio and the bumbling, silly Trump to dump any sign of decency or honesty just to sucker Americans. Not just in Venezuela, either.

These guys are acting in concert to make America a “unity government” (ie, “imperial”). Why Rubio and other Republicans in government go along for the ride is not quite a mystery: they plan to ride the trumpeter’s coattails in the vain hope he will reward them when trump is Emperor of the USA.


What’s remarkable is that today (2/12), after being called to task on the phoniness of that “humanitarian aid” stunt, the MSM is still acting as if it is real.
I was especially disgusted with NPR, which should know better after receiving numerous corrections from their audience, for continuing to talk about that “blocked bridge” and other fake facts. Nowhere was it mentioned that Maduro has all along allowed the International Red Cross to operate and dispense real humanitarian aid within Venezuelan borders.
Maduro is no saint, but he shouldn’t be blamed for resisting an obvious attempt at political sabotage from a superpower.
Not his first rodeo . . .