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Western Nations: Beacons of Hope or Source of Destruction?


Western Nations: Beacons of Hope or Source of Destruction?

Gabriel Rockhill

"It is Europe today," claimed the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, "that represents a beacon of hope, a haven of stability in the eyes of women and men in the Middle East and in Africa." The rest of his State of the Union Address is certainly not without its merits, but the discourse on the beacon of hope, which has become ubiquitous for framing a relationship between needy refugees and prosperous host countries, should give us pause.


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Ah, yes...honest introspection. Not a big virtue in today's world.


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Don't worry, someone will go further back and introduce British colonialism.

Then someone else will mention the Crusades.

Hard to figure how far back is far enough.


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The mess began in 1916 with the Anglo-French Sykes-Picot agreement to carve up the destroyed Ottoman Empire. It was continued in the 1940s-1950s by assorted western interventions and it really kicked off with the Carter-Brzinski support in 1979 for the mediaeval Islamic fundamentalists in their desire to overthrow the socialist, USSR-friendly Afghan government and make women wear sacks over their heads, thus giving rise to Bin Laden and others.


Okay-the mess began when Eve told Adam to eat an apple for his dessert.


lol. Thanks.


The Guardian newspaper reports that according to a Western Diplomat , Russia had approached The UK , France and The United States of America with the proposal of negotiating the resignation of Assad in Syria and new elections in that country in return for the halting of Western support to the factions fighting against said Government.

According to the article and the Diplomat (A Finnish Politician)The offer was rejected. The Western powers continued to supply these groups arms .


No one blamed the immigrant crisis in Europe on the US in the Republican debates, except Rand Paul. Hearing Jeb Bush say that his brother "kept us safe", followed by loud applause was truly nauseating.


Yes, I thought we were entering a new Dark Ages with GWB. Now I'm sure we did. Medieval
torture and constant war are hard to quantify any other way. And then there's the rebirth of the Feudal Landlord system. Nothing but Soldiers, Priests, Lords and landless serfs and peasants as far as the eye can see.

But now with Obomber, it seems like we are slipping even further back; we're slipping into some sort of Roman Military Dictatorship. Drone wars inside the US are on the horizon. Where the hell's the Messiah? He's way overdue! Oh that's right, he went over to the dark side. Hope and Changed his mind.

What I need is a Delorian with time circuits set to 1776....


Made me chuckle TJ. :smile:

It looks like paulscrawl and the one who said opposition to the anti-Bernie crowd was coming from opponents of BDS have become unpersons.

I don't miss them.



I think I kinda like this new system after all! :smiley:

I can't find it anymore, but their was a Discourse Trust Level Description that said that if a Basic User gets something like five flags, he can't become a Trusted User and post pics or links, or post repeatedly, etc. Can't remember the specifics now. Enough flags and you can get demoted or bias out of the system by the automatic software itself. (if I remember correctly.)

Anyway the new Open Source Code "Discourse Message system" works great way out here, whereas the old proprietary Malware, the See-Eye-Aye "Disgusting Message system" turned into glue if you criticized the Empire.

You were one of the first to become a full member, if I recall. CD might make you a Moderator.



Thank you to this professor, who has put things in historical and economic perspective, and has a human and humane set of values as well. I have been waiting to see any mention in the media frenzy over 'migrants' of the role the western corporate and state powers had in creating this mass misery. Misery that hits families so hard they must leave all they know and have, to depend on the very cultures, as this author outlines so well, that engender it.


Well, I don't miss them but I think paulscrawl was a committed individual passionate about his beliefs. He didn't jump to cursing until I'd kept pushing him about his 'lie' about Sanders. I think he was telling the truth when he said he'd just repeated something he saw elsewhere and thought was true. I noticed on a later post of his that he mentioned he verified a Sanders vote, so I think he got the message.

As for the other one, I think a newby jumping into accusing Sanders supporters of being anti-BDS/Palestinian right off the bat doesn't bode well for future interactions. Still, making someone an unperson is no small thing and I'd want to see a history of crap like that before bouncing someone.

The only times I've ever flagged someone is when I saw blatant anti-Semitism (of the HamBaconEggs variety) or when they made an actual threat. If we actually do have the power to stop someone from becoming a full member, or even get them bounced, it's something we need to use judiciously. The board gets boring when we're all singing the same song.

That being said, I really appreciate your support in my interaction with paulscrawl. What got me was an old-timer jumping on me to side with someone who posted something false & misleading and who'd cursed when challenged, and another poster taking a similar tack. Your support meant a lot to me.


Really good points, and I agree with all of them. I didn't see most of the interaction between the two of you when I went on the defense of old members. I just saw the end result first, so flagged the hell out of his surly, hostile posts. (I read the whole "thread" later.)

But I know you, and you are the most tolerant, reasonable poster on the board, so what he was saying, regardless of what prompted it, was unacceptable for a basic newbie user who didn't even know that you used to be ctrl-z. He was correcting my spelling of your name, he said.

Here's a guy who claimed to be a member of our community in the past, but doesn't know the regular's names and also refused to say what his old screen name was. Maybe he was banned in the past or something. As you said, we couldn't verify his claim since he was so secretive. Then there was the tag-team comment which suggested to me he was an old troll who attacked SR in the past (i.e., "you guys do the same thing you accused the boiler room of doing.")

I've got no problem at all with anti-Sanders positions, and as you allude to, this place is great since there is no censorship and alternate views are welcome. Just expect fierce rebuttal when you malign our candidate unfairly! And if you stand on a soapbox in the Commons spouting lies, be prepared for a few tomatoes! It goes with the territory of engaging in true free speech!

But don't take it personally guys. If it devolves into the ditch we may favor the members over the newbie who dared to slander the entire community in one post with his vicious appraisal of the membership at CD. The tone of his criticism was derogatory toward us Liberals. JJ/John Treada and sock puppets are famous for that, so get my sharp keyboard since I smell something Right-Wing-Rotten and disingenuous with that type of mantra. (It's straight out of Lush Windbag/Shaw Insanity/ GOP talk.)

Also, the literal Black-and-White interpretations I keep seeing of: Everything CD members do equals murder, is an anti-liberal tactic designed to shame us out of the voting booth, and characteristic of the bipolar view of the world screamed by the extreme Religious Right Wing, which is on my personal chit-list as the real root cause of all the suffering in the world. If the truth were told, mindless religion frequently foments war and genocide (or is used as a tool by the One Percent to make everyone cannon-fodder all the time.)

So I reject any claim that merely voting makes us responsible for deaths by the War Machine which currently seems to rule the world. We Liberals do the best we can with a hopeless situation.


Sorry for the long-winded post. You are the greatest in my book, ctrl-z.



Well I found this on how it works. I remembered it wrong. My bad.