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Westworld: A Show That Reveals Killing Is as American as Apple Pie


Westworld: A Show That Reveals Killing Is as American as Apple Pie

Pat LaMarche

Wow! Westworld is back with a vengeance. Literally.

If you thought those pesky robots were gonna stop with just killing their creator who killed their other creator, you were in for quite a surprise.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the show, keep reading anyway, because this column isn’t really about the TV show—it’s about humanity—and you can get a good glimpse of that anywhere, not just HBO.


Maybe the point could have been made better, but it is an important point, nonetheless. Hard to fight gun culture, when there’s an even more pervasive culture that loves violence in general; or that loves hi-tech military gear in general. And just think, this is how most people relax!

Gun advocates are right that most AR15 owners aren’t plotting a massacre. But then again, most AR15 owners think such weapons are AWESOME! Some of us wonder why.


“Shock and Awe” , that invasion of Iraq wherein Cities across that Country were subjected to a massive terrorist attack so as to “Break the Iraqi will to fight” , was broadcast by the major networks as "Entertainment’. When they showed the light shows and explosions going off over cities, ratings on the TV Networks jumped.

There was more then enough "Blood and guts " of men, women and children to give 100 thousand Westworlds worth of the same and peoples were in the streets CHEERING.

Westworld is a work of fiction. “Shock and Awe” was very real and those that launched that murderous rampage on other people still walk the streets as free men and those that dropped the bombs and launched those missiles, still treated as heroes.

You can not separate the violence that the United States of America and those allied nations that participate in those WARS commit from the violence that the Citizens of the United States of America and those other Nations commit against each other. Westworld glorifies violence so as to increase ratings , and the Media and Governments of the world Glorify their wars and their soldiers to do the same.

Every time a citizen stands up with “Hand over heart” to show their “support of the troops” they are doing the same.


It’s all about the conditioning of young minds to accept violence.

Get the Bad Guy.

Kill Him before he kills you or anyone else.

Gun violence is acceptable as long as you kill the Bad people first.


Certainly violent and blood-thirsty, I can honestly say I have a hard time pointing out any positive features of our culture and society. The few that we did have seemed to have died of neglect.


When I was 15 years old, I took driver’s ed as a high school class.

Part of the class involved viewing films showing the horrible injuries, deaths and twisted wrecks caused by various bad driving habits. Even at 60 years old now, there are images from those films which still are with me and keep my driving “sane”.

Canada puts graphic illness photos caused by cigarettes on the packages for the same reason.

Perhaps we should use the same approach with young (and all) minds regarding gun violence. Show actual injuries, deaths and grieving loved ones from real, Made-In-The-USA shootings to everyone. Make people flinch in revulsion against violence and its tools.


Your proposal is interesting. I don’t think it by itself is any solution, but as part of a comprehensive turn around in which America re-adopts some form of morality, it would probably help. There is a reason the government doesn’t allow pictures of dead soldiers coming home from war.

Even worse, the media is so distrusted at this point that there are many people who no longer believe in mass shootings like Las Vegas, because of the total lack of any pictures of actual hurt people. I myself found Las Vegas to be distrurbing on a number of levels. Too many discrepancies all the way around.

I am to a point where I have way less then zero confidence in anything I am told by major media.


Toss the TV and let life begin.


Suspira…I am not picking on you, and I wholeheartedly agree with your post up until the last line. Here’s why:

Putting ones hand over ones heart does not necessarily mean, “support of the troops.” When I do it, I am acknowledging that I am aware that I am living in a country that aspires to freedom. In my mind I see the Statue of Liberty with her hand raised high–holding the light for all to enter her shores. This is the higher good–even though it is not lived up to presently.

I hear those words: “Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation; conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” And I know…these words are not being lived up to presently.

My heart is breaking for this country–for the beautiful possibility that we could have shared. The idea of freedom, justice for all, liberty, democracy…these are ideals we aspire to.

Right from the beginning, our Nation was infiltrated by some horribly negative minds. War and violence “trickled down” to the populace, and we got what was begetted at the top.

My hand over my heart is for hope and love of the ideals many of us have in our hearts if only we can bring them to fruition.

Am I idealistic? Probably. But my heart is still mine–and doesn’t belong to “troops.”


Note I qualified the statement when I mentioned “supporting the troops”. There a distinct difference between that and putting ones hand over ones heart.


Pat, i love you.

Reading it wasn’t easy. much like president Orange Caligula watching ‘‘small part’’ of the Para-Olympics. because I never watched Westworld or Games of thrones. the latter gave ideas to Isis on ways of killing people. Westworld - I didn’t watch because I heard it degrades women.

But I thanks you. you put a mirror in front of the blood thirsty America. I love the United States, and out of love i’m saying that i’m afraid it was doomed from the start. they won’t give away their guns, ever, the military industries won’t ease their grip on decision makers to buy more weapons/go to more wars, and HBO won’t give up the ratings.

Good souls will have to continue ducking bullets.

Dror Marom,