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'Wet Kiss for Wall Street': Warren Shreds GOP Attempt to Gut Dodd-Frank


'Wet Kiss for Wall Street': Warren Shreds GOP Attempt to Gut Dodd-Frank

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A Republican plan to dismantle key banking reforms passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis has been dubbed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) the "Wet Kiss for Wall Street Act."


When they crashed the economy in 2008 the five too-big-to-fail banks controlled 25% of US bank assets. Dodd Frank enabled them to increase control to over 45% today and rising fast.

Dodd Frank DID make Main Street and community banks less competitive, enabling the big investment banks to grow even faster. This “wet kiss for Wall Street” simply continues the trend that matured during the 1990s.


I’m sure HRC’s on board. If President Trump proposes this abomination, there might be effective opposition. If President HRC proposes it, none of those socially liberal, well-educated men and women who voted for her experienced, pragmatic vagina will utter a peep. Just as no one opposed the vicious war-mongering Obama.


After 8 years of BushCo horror, I’ll never forget the sound of crickets when Obomber did basically the same thing…


Yeah, right, more advantages for the Wall Street parasites - just what America needs!
RepubliCons have only "one thing"on their so-called minds - lower taxes (for the rich only), deregulation on ability to rob from America (more police-state oppression on the 99%), more environmental rape and pollution, climate denial (more poison and flooding for poorer neighborhoods) more banker deregulation (more greed and financial instruments designed to steal), and more advantages for the 1% (more and higher “fees” and costs for average people, the 99%, kept as serfs to serve and enrich the uber wealthy…and government dutifully kisses their asses…


maybe Elizabeth should be directing her remarks to Shillary, like she would not do similar shit to the rest of us. I too am sick of her and her ass kissing to the Clintons without calling out Bill Clinton for his destruction of Glass Steagall.


All they have to do is raise a few hundred billion in capital to avoid regulations?!! How? By just printing it? Or do is it written in the bill that they have to take it from folks who don’t make more than $80K a year for it to be legitimate?!


I apologize for the iPhone adding words due to my fat fingers!