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We've Already Used Up More Resources Than the Planet Can Create in a Year


We've Already Used Up More Resources Than the Planet Can Create in a Year

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Earth Overshoot Day—the day on which people worldwide have officially used up more natural resources like air, food, and water than the planet can regenerate in a year—has come early.

The 2016 threshold was hit on Monday, making it the fastest pace yet, according to a new report by the Global Footprint Network, which measures the dubious milestone every year.


The mantra of growth and globalization both continued to be pushed. High “consumer spending” is seen as a sign of a healthy economy. It all so very dysfunctional and can lead to only a dystopian future, if we have one at all , yet is relentlessly promoted by those growing rich off this as the way it must be.

Our own Green party here in Canada got only 6 percent of the vote last election and they they only party with a genuine concern for the environment. The rest are all “cut it all down , drill baby drill sell it and grow rich” !


Humans replaced by super-intelligent machines: Extinction or Evolution?


It has come down to the next two decades. Can we? Will we? What will happen if we don’t get off fossil fuels in the next twenty years?

All of human history distilled into a sliver thin span of years - twenty years or bust. Meanwhile emissions for this year were higher than last year’s. Twenty years is beyond being close to the wire. It is the wire itself and our final call. Has ‘Can we?’ even evolved as part of human consciousness yet? We have only the next twenty years left to find out!

Oh and by the way >>> the next twenty years will be the special effects portion of this movie. Get ready because there is no place to hide from the age of storms, of droughts and floods, of heat waves and expanding upheaval worldwide.

What shall we talk about? How about the weather?

Interesting times ahead.


The Sixth Great Extinction proceeds unabated while the government does nothing. Business as usual. Sure makes this election appear trivial!


Yes, IT IS VERY TRIVIAL… That, is a good way to put it… can we put it on a bumper sticker?.. or better yet… we should still have the SOAP BOX in the town square… .that way, we could hear what people have to say, what they think in your own local area. We do have town meetings here in my tiny town. I went to a few… almost all men… But a soap box in a town square, would allow for MUCH MORE info TO BE SPREAD… yes, you would think that with SOCIAL MEDIA… more people would know more… but of course, that really is not the case… why?.. because not enough people know enough about stuff… or the stuff that matters… I post many of these articles on Facebook… also articles from scientific journals and other sites… do you think I get ANY COMMENTS ./??? NOT A ONE…


An apocalyptic appetite


We as Humanity are living in an unsustainable manner. Year over year, we are raping the LIMITED resources of our planet and not taking into consideration the ensuing consequences. We cannot continue down the path we are on. The global overpopulation bomb continues to add one million more hungry mouths on this little rock in the univers every five days. We are near the apex of human population growth and are nearer every day to that ultimate “correction” when our numbers will sharply decline. Barring any World War III scenario by Trump or Clinton, I believe the (already) collapse of global ecosystems will be our demise. Plants cannot keep pace with the anthropogenic warming of our planet. Most of us will die from one of three things; suicide, ,starvation, predation. That’s right. Predation. With limited resources within twenty five years or so and having a nomadic mass of Humanity on the move to find food, WE will become the hunted in our final days Just read the book “The Road.” That book scared the shit out of me.


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ok but don’t say “humanity” did this. a few billion poor people in the Global South consumed just enough to stay alive, except for those who did not even get that much. It was capitalism, and team USA that did this


We are screwed. Extinction is just a matter of time now…


People know even when they claim to deny the obvious truth…they know already. That is why they don’t respond. They know why you post is true but have nothing meaningful to add, so they stay silent. You need to ask people to help as opposed to telling them something they know already. You need to start organizing stuff so people can feel more engaged by actually doing stuff rather than just more talk about it.

We all know the North Pole is melting away. You may know how fast and all but in the end everybody already knows the truth of it. More telling them that it is melting doesn’t help. Telling them how they can do something (like everybody in town signing a letter to mayor about it etc will actually DOsomething) will let people feel empowered. Talk is cheap when everybody knows already.


The only topic on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, and ABC is what Trump is saying about Hillary and what Hillary is saying about Trump. Who the hell cares? We face the exigent issue of global warming, and only some of us are trying to deal with it. In addition, we’re working within an 18th Century form of government with some very good features but with lots of weight and drag on progress. There are other democratic systems, and people might want to get involved with Gar Alperovitz’s Next System Project, which is in a stage I would call idea gathering sort of like a think tank. Alperovitz’s books are excellent—America Beyond Capitalism and What Then Must We Do?—both of which, in short, call for people to start democratic institutions in their own cities and communities: worker-owned businesses, co-operatives of all kinds, land trusts, etc.

We are running out of time, and we must be nimble if we’re going to survive. Town meetings are a good place to start. Here in Wisconsin, we’re fighting the Enbridge tar-sands pipeline running through the state. It is already pumping more of this filthy sludge through it (nearly 1,200,000 bpd) than was ever intended for the Keystone XL. We have done some good with county boards and trying to raise awareness among landowners. It’s slow, hard work, and it has taken it’s toll on me.

I’m an older guy—nearing 70—and I’m not on social media, but it sounds like a great platform. I hope you can keep up the good work.


That is why, we were pushing “Industrial Ecosystems”…but no one CARED except CHINA…


Yes, I was told about the book first… read it… gave it to my sister… then, I saw the movie. You are right, Predation will be a huge part of the picture. It will start sooner than we think, on a smaller scale… then grow… Now, don’t get me wrong… even a few years ago… I had hopes that our government would WAKE UP… and start rearranging things, so that first of all, capitalism, would start to melt away… they’d hand out land grants and cut mortgages, so that people could grow food for their communities… THAT would be a good jobs program… set up about what, maybe 25 or 30 % of our pop here in the US as small scale and subsistence farmers… then, cottage industry… in other words, we’d go local… but, many people cannot do that, since they have a mortgage and other bills… I think people are STUCK… I am… a little less than I was, but not much… if you have no money, it’s hard to make a move… I’d love to open a coop… for bulk food, bring your own container… as I am sick and tired of garbage… I think recycling is stupid… I read where only about 15 percent of garbage gets recycled, anyway… All corporate supermarkets need to go by the way side… no more stores filled with thousands of plastic and other containers… .oh, and I have to admit… I have no real credit… between medical bills and just really not making enough money, even with working full time… I never seemed to stay out of a whole… the years of rising gas prices and health insurance, killed me…


Yes, our over-exploitation of Earth’s resources is very much to the United States of America’s SHAME! Can we reform? Can we phase in a high tax on greenhouse emissions and use to revenue to at least start to clean up after ourselves. It is very much technically and beginning to become economically feasible to capture CO2 from both chimneys and ambient air and make good use of it to frack hot rock reservoirs for Enhanced Geothermal Systems. Will we do anything that constructive?