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We've Been on Donald Trump's Road for a Long, Long Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/02/weve-been-donald-trumps-road-long-long-time


Very interesting article. The author says: “Believe me, even if Donald Trump has to leave the Oval Office on January 20, 2021, we’ll still be in his America.”

Slight correction, Trump’s America is America without the PR. And it is the America that the Democrats also want, that’s why they picked Biden who helped shape it for the past 50 years.


Ah-Yup.   Tweetle-Dumb is just the visible pustule on the surface of a deep infection of virulent illnesses named Nixon, Bush (two of 'em), Clinton (another two), Cheney, O’Bummer, McConnell, P’Loser, Barr, Barrett, Biden, Yoo . . .


Thank you, Tom Engelhardt. Coincidentally, Richard Sennett wrote a similar piece in today’s Guardian. As much as I have dumped on Bernie for, to all appearances, his dropping the ball – twice – he was the only candidate, at least in 2016, who tried to reach out to the white working class with a different narrative, a different analysis, and a solution for a shared future. Of course many white workers are racist, but simply calling them “deplorable” without understanding how they got there and what keeps them there is a strategy for race war, rather than for constructive real change. If the Left doesn’t reach out to these people, it is taking a cheap and disastrous path.


Wasn’t 1973 the year that Associate SCOTUS Justice Powell’s memo was released, providing a blueprint for launching a new dark age ?

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People who have not been shown that the world they live in is just a small part of a bigger world which includes many different races, species, histories and geographies usually do not understand how their own personal situation is a result of many, many factors. The Frank Nelsons of our time did not get a good enough education. We need to spend more on public schools. They provide great opportunities for enlightenment.

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Laurel- To do that we need to get rid of a majority of Charter Schools.


lulemali, I think that what you are saying with your “slight correction” is exactly what Tom is saying in the original. No matter, the empire is crumbling just as all those that came before us did. Eventually every bully is taken down. Ours, I believe, will succumb to Human Caused Climate Change.

UncleFester, I just today read that Amy Coney Barrett’s father was an attorney for Shell Oil. Will that ‘revolving door’ we call our government ever stop spinning. Who was it that said “we need a Revolution every generation”? Truer words were never spoken!


Or at least stop funding them with Fed money.

Don’t pan the pandemic… as it were. If SOMETHING hadn’t happened to change the ROTpublicans’ plans, they WOULD have won. Think about that (horrible as it is to have to resort to such perspectives).