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We've Got a Rigged Economy, Vast Majority of Americans Agree


We've Got a Rigged Economy, Vast Majority of Americans Agree

Nika Knight, staff writer

A new Marketplace-Edison Research poll published Tuesday found that a full 71 percent of respondents agree that the economy is rigged, affirming the popular rhetoric of the current presidential campaign season.

The majority opinion held firm across ethnicity, class, age, and gender differences. A whopping 83 percent of African Americans polled agreed that the economy is rigged, and 80 percent of people ages 18-24 also held that opinion.


Pretty soon, the movie The Gangs of New York will become a twenty-first century reality.


Although no politician is more responsible for money in politics that rigs the economy than Clinton, many local Clinton voters tell me that to end the rigged economy we need to get money out of politics. Connecting the dots has never been a high priority for most.


Oh, there's a shock coming alright. This mess can be fixed but they won't do it, they think every crumb they throw us is coming out of their pocket.
I married at 23years old and had one child. My husband and I, each working average jobs, him the water department and me a shipping secretary. We bought a house, cars, an RV, furniture and remodeled the basement. We took vacations and had a decent life. Do you think we could do that now???
My son is making 65,000 a year with 4 kids and he's drowning in bills. Not because they live extravagantly but because that kind of money won't buy what my husband and I bought in 1973.
You think they haven't rigged this economy? Are you willing to compete with Thailand and make a dollar or 50 cents an hour? If we don't fight right now we will never break these overlords of their greed. We can't wait for Killary to push us further back. NOW is the time.
Never Hillary


And those rigging the economy continue to be successful in giving us the choice between their purchased candidate #1 and their purchased candidate #2. Expect more of the same.


I've noticed the same thing. Just makes me want to hit my head against the wall. Why can't people develop REASONING?!! I hear so many Hillary people talk about these same issues about the economy, Monsanto, etc --- but they don't connect it to Hillary! And when you try and kindly point it out -- watch out! I've never heard so much screaming and ranting in my life so I can't deal with those people.


Yup, the best way to stop afire is to burn it out.


Don't forget that when someone like Sanders manages to squeeze past the barriers and threatens to derail the gravy train, we are faced with programmable electronic "voting" machines to insure the desired outcome. I was born after WWII, but as a child I was steeped in its lore. The biggest evils were the Axis trying to "take over the world." Well, corporations, in alliance with nation-states, are about to really take over the world and we will be little more than slaves. Did I see someone here mention guillotines?


Most people studying the Depression/WWII era don't look past the superficial aspects. When you drill down to the blow by blow details of the advances in propaganda during that era and the revisionist history propaganda we have been fed since then, you realize that the Democrats and GOP follow the play books of Goebbels and other European fascist operatives, and the play books of Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and other US fascist operatives of the era.


Media cons are saying "stop this market interference nonsense". But many of us realize that corporate monopolies and oligopolies interfere with free markets more than anything else does.


"7 Out of 10 Americans Agree That Economy is Rigged Against Them"
But how many Americans or other 'democratic' citizens realize that they are ruled by an ideology that commodifies people, is exempt from morality, social justice and democratic accountability, yet dominates politics?
If they actually realized this, seems a little odd they keep voting for the Dark Overlords of Economic Domination who will ensure their slavery and suffering perpetually. It's like shooting yourself and thinking that really hurts, then continuing to shoot again and again and again . . . .


QUOTE; Bernie Sanders :heavy_check_mark: @SenSanders
The truth is, we have a rigged economy. It is unsustainable. It is not moral. And it's not the economy we need to be a great nation. UNQUOTE

Then don't vote for Wall Street Hillary. You can beat both Hillary AND Trump running under your own banner!
You have another 4 months to build up steam, Why give up now???


The Big Short or the Big Short Change?
Don't believe anything off MSNBC and Huffington Post
As owners Comcast & Verizon only want your money- so to keep everything going they donate to Clinton, the Foundation, and the SuperPacs.

And with corporate control of media is it any wonder Bernie received either mostly negative coverage or was dropped into a black hole with no coverage?
Support Common Dreams.
And start thinking 'GREEN'.


Remember, the schools of our youth used to teach children to think, to reason. They were given knowledge and trained to use that knowledge to better themselves and the world.
* The schools of today (with a few exceptions) teach children to memorize the answers to the tests they will take. A poor performance in taking the tests may well get their teacher fired, perhaps the school closed, so that becomes the main drive from the Principal on down.
* Fascist governments do not want thinkers, people of judgement, people who can recognize evil and do their best to thwart it. They want technically trained drones who can do the tasks needed, but are imbued with the meme, "The fuehrer knows best!" "The fuehrer is always right!"
* Then, when they are told that the need of the government is "Full Spectrum Domination," they will work toward, and die for, that goal.
* I fear that, if the Clintonostra regains overt power again, in addition to its covert power, the Fourth Reich will do even more harm to both its own people and to the world than it is doing today.
* Somebody asked me what I was going to do on the Fourth this year. I think I will just stay quietly at home and watch V for Vendetta, again.




The plurality of respondents who

"...are not satisfied at all with either of the two Presidential Contenders"

Must, at least, include all of us who voted for Bernie, or Wanted to or Tried to, and had the Primaries, as is shown by wide Exit Poll Discrepancies, stolen from us.
It takes Nerve to hold fast until the right moment when we lift our spears (Braveheart).
I'm waiting to see what Bernie says, as we go, Step by Step.
After the Convention, and/or at the appropriate time, we will know what to do.
Either we will have won, or will continue our fight in whichever way seems most effective.
Establishing our own ground rules as to whether to support our Democratic Party Candidate Bernie Sanders, or, if that does not happen, then supporting Bernie as a Third Party Candidate, or, if that will not happen, then The Green Ticket, with efforts made to have them on Every Ballot.
Maybe then,
If we can get our Votes Counted,
Things can start to change.


7 out of 10? The fact of the matter is that it would have been 1 or 2 out of 10 were it not for Bernie speaking truth to power in real terms and who spoke about things that haven't been spoken about since the depression.

We all need to give credit to Bernie who opened the door and made much of the progressive agenda and our understanding of how the world of money and power really works out into the open. Many progressives are tagging along on Bernie's coattails acting like they are his equal because they have long held similar ideals but they owe Bernie the honors because he was the one who brought such discussions into the mainstream and none of them did. It is fine to write progressive articles for liberal and progressive sites but it was Bernie who has been able to reach those seven in ten.

Thank you Bernie, if all else fails, you did not fail in the long run.

"When the sleeper awakes!" Bernie! The future changes.

Yay Bernie. Thanks!


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Right on the money!


We will never see these poll results in the mainstream corporate media.