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We've Got Just Three Years: Experts Warn of Emissions Tipping Point


We've Got Just Three Years: Experts Warn of Emissions Tipping Point

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Should emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, the temperature goals set in Paris become almost unattainable."


That's quite a list of things that would have to be if not accomplished at least be well under way in three years -- interestingly, that coincides with the finishing of the Denier In Chief's first term.

Unless a leader or several emerge with worldwide media recognition and a dynamic communication style and the organizational wherewithal to get concerned experts in every field that would be necessary working together to make plans and arrangements, and who get everyday people into a state of organized prioritized willingness to put other issues on, if you'll pardon the expression, the back burner, then we'd better hope the remaining time to act estimates are wrong, or else, if you'll pardon another expression, we're toast.


I'm a little confused with the Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion here in the article. The conversion table I use says 1 degree Celsius is 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit? Is the decimal in the wrong place in the article, or in my conversion table?


I'm very pleased to hear that the tipping point is so close! That means that once those three short years have passed, and of course nothing substantive will have been done to reign in climate change, that we can stop worrying about it because we will be past the tipping point and nothing we can do will stop runaway climate change. So then we can get on with the job of continuing BAU for as long as possible while burning all the fossil fuels we can get our hands on without having to feel guilty that we are destroying the climate because it will already be too late. What a relief.


Hahahahhaghhaaaaaaaaaa...whst a joke .......and then they woke up


The numbers you state are correct for one particular temperature only — when it is one degree above zero C that's the same temperature as 33.8 degrees above zero F.  In general, a CHANGE of one Centigrade degree is equal to a CHANGE of 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees, plus the two scales start at different points. Water freezes at 0° on the Centigrade scale, but that's the same temperature as 32° on the Fahrenheit scale.

To convert a given temperature from F to C, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature, and then divide by 1.8.  For example, if your refrigerator is just above freezing at 33.8 degrees (your numbers above), you have (33.8F − 32.0)/1.8 => 1.8/1.8 => 1°C.  Yesterday's 113°F in Yuma would be (113 − 32)/1.8 => 81/1.8 => 45°C.

Going from C to F is the opposite; multiply the Centigrade temperature by 1.8 and then add 32, so 35°C would be (35x1.8)+32 => 63+32 => 95°F.  

There's just one temperature that's the same on both scales: −40°Fahrenheit = −40°Centigrade.   BRRrrrrrr!
(−40 − 32 )/1.8 => −72/1.8 => −40 . . .


Thanks UncleFester


Also, if you don't want to do all the math, there are conversion tables easily available online. Being lazy, that's what I do. :slight_smile:


Thanks :o)


This is the correct conversion 1C = 1.8F


We passed the tipping point years ago. Far too many positive feedback loops are already underway. Human Extinction sometime by mid-century is my rough estimate.


The fossil fuel industry receives a lot of criticism these days, and rightfully so. But in the final analysis, we are the ones who support the energy industry and it is our standard of living that will need to change. So contemplate what you can do for the cause

Personal Actions
End our love affair with the automobile
Ride more trains and buses
Car pool
Walk and bike more
Turn off the air conditioner in the summer and dial the thermostat down in winter
Become vegetarians or vegans
Refill plastic bottles with tap water
Discontinue using aluminum cans with and without carbonation
Maximize use of reusable bags and products
Recycle junk mail
Forego fast junk food
Go to “slow food”;
Recycle maximally, especially aluminum cans
Drive and accelerate more slowly
Climb more stairs
Plant more trees
Forego use of spray cans
Ride more trains and buses
Repair, mend and alter as much as possible
Buy solar panels
Compost as much as possible
Last person out of the room turn off the lights
Eat and farm organic
Ride more trains and buses
Fly fewer planes
Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings
Use manual tools instead of power tools
Share more
Use rakes rather than leaf blowers
Decrease use of bottled water and refill plastic bottles with tap water
Maximize reusable bags and products
Push rather than power small mowers
Replace lawns with vegetable gardens
Stop fertilizing and mowing lawns
Compost as much as possible
Minimize use of disposables (Pampers);
Maximize high efficiency LED and solar powered lighting;
Limit endless gadgets
Use motion lighting, where appropriate

Local Government Actions
Reorganize cities, building taller residences with a smaller footprint (the end of suburbia)
Institute a carbon tax
Promote car pooling subsidize and expand mass transit
Expand bike paths
Have shareable (zip) cars
Ban electric outdoor signs;
Eat and farm organic
Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings
Eliminate approximately 50% of all street lighting and office lighting in unoccupied buildings
eliminate “fast junk food”; go to “slow food

Federal Government Actions
Ban gasohol
Rein in the militaries for defense only and outlaw war
Discontinue night baseball
Make electronics, house wares, furniture, etc to be as durable and long-lived as possible
Recycle maximally
Make appliances to be as energy efficient as possible
Discontinue aluminum cans
Ban electric outdoor signs
Maximize solar and wind power;
Change from petroleum based fertilizers to regenerative agriculture
Reverse deforestation, plant more trees
Restrict spray cans
Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings
Promote zero population growth with free condoms and family planning world-wide
End yearly auto model changes;
Proscribe junk mail
Scrap the mission to Mars


Hello stiffupperflipflop, I would say that we are royally screwed "burnt toast"!


Hello ruckndl, I see you have recycled some of your suggestions! lol


This 3 year deadline will pass with no real action just like all the other warnings since rachek Carson's Silent Spring!
Lets face it, love of money, worship of Mammon, vast ignorance and greed has replaced respect and love for our Mother Earth - we have become the destroyer not the steward. We are led by depraved fools who lost or never had any notion of life on Earth or the Web of Life, of which we are part - people a low morality and lower integrity.

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." ~Cree Proverb

"We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy" -- Wallace Stegner


Wonder how much my wife and I lowered our carbon footprint by not having kids.


You at the very least stopped a potential suffering child from being born in a horrible world.


The incredible freedom we've enjoyed hasn't hurt either. We made the right decision.

And everywhere we turn, there are our nieces, nephews, and our friend's kids.


Wow how self centered we are. What you are facing is your extinction. Does not mean all life will be gone. But it is all about you isn't it?


Hell, 'flipper – why wait?  "Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die!!"

There are quite a few folks - myself included - who think we have already passed the tipping point.  It's been predicted that the Arctic Sea Ice will completely disappear for while this summer, the darker ocean will absorb even more heat than the reflective ice, and it will take longer for ice to re-form this coming winter and there will be less of it, so it will disappear even sooner next summer, and so forth & so on . . .

Meanwhile the added warmth in both sea and air due to the above will increase the rate of thaw of the perma- frost in Siberia (releasing even more methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere), as well as speeding up the melting of the ice caps over Antarctica and Greenland (which could affect the flow of the Gulf Stream, which could exacerbate drought in eastern Europe and the Middle East – and/or cause stronger hurricanes and more floods in the U.S.), etc., etc.