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'We've Got Your Back': As Pruitt Drowns in Scandal, Trump and Kelly Rush to His Defense


'We've Got Your Back': As Pruitt Drowns in Scandal, Trump and Kelly Rush to His Defense

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With EPA chief Scott Pruitt under fire for flying first-class on the taxpayer's dime, approving a pipeline project backed by his oil lobbyist landlord, and giving his two "favorite" aides a big raise over the objections of White House


Anyone Trump replaces Pruitt with will be no better. I strongly recommend focusing on the policies of Trump’s EPA, and not personal peccadillos - as bad as they are.


“America is an empire. I hope you know that now. All empires, by definition, are bumbling, shambolic, bullying, bureaucratic affairs, as certain of the rightness of their cause in infancy, as they are corrupted by power in their dotage.”
Felix Dennis


The rats group together to defend each others crimes and corruption. They should all swing together…if there were any goddamn justice!


Shouldn’t every decision made by Sketchy Scotty and the Environmental Destruction Agency be null and void given his corruption?


The deconstruction of the government is right on schedule. Pruitt is one of the corporate fascist best tools… They will protect him. And everyday the country becomes a little less then it was the day before…it takes time for an empire to die, or a people to be enslaved. But it will and we will before you know it.


P- in epa stands for protect corporate PROFITS $$$$


Has there ever been a more corrupt, heartless, and greedy administration in U.S. history???!!!
*(Rhetorical question)


Trump and his chief of staff and cabinet are straight out of Lord of the Flies.


Trump: “Keep your head up.”

American People: “Off, with his head.”


Congress is one hundred percent complicit in keeping Don and his wrecking crew in office. Its members are the only people who can throw this dangerous cretin to the curb.


And then, up from the curb/scum comes Pence! What the fuck is the difference?!
We are completely FUCKED!!!


And all empires die.


Hard to disagree, FF, but if we are truly Exceptional, then the established liar Pence would also be removed.
I’ll acknowledge that the odds of that aren’t good.


Not without incurring a lot of er, collateral damage.


And guess who’s next, chapdrum? PAUL FUCKING RYAN!!! WOO-HOOOO!
Should I keep ticking them off? I probably should because they all tick ME off!!!


In fact, at this time, the most noticeable way (not just to Americans, but to the rest of the world) that we are Exceptional is that we continue to ignore the clear, present and seditious danger that is Don and all of his enablers.


Now, step back and take a breath. Personally, I believe he and DeVos should be absolutely gone, now. Both have already done immediate damage that cannot be repaired.
Given all of this, look at where we are as a people. It it like living in gangster’s household. Trump is not alcoholic, but he might as well be. There has been talk, I tend to believe that literally he IS on some type of amphetamine like substance. His behavior may not include this, but I would not rule it out. The constant dramatics of the con man’s tragic dark house. We have never seen so much coming and going of staff and loyalties in our life. It is crime. It is a negative vortex. This everybody basically has figured out. We will not make it through three more years of this. And I suspect the economy will crack in maybe a year or so when tax receipts can no longer keep the federal government functioning. This is what Reagan ultimately led us to. We need to at least invoke the 25th amendment.


The more noise made now on his backing up Pruitt’s misbehaviors is just as important. About every thing the clown king does is wrong as well. We need to make everyone concerned on all of it, with the mid-term elections coming up.


I could put aside the abuses that Screwit has perpetrated if the gestalt of his whole effort since taking over the EPA wasn’t toxic to the very thing his department was designed to protect. The man is doing his master’s bidding and so Trumpster is loath to replace him. Any sane person would have been canned months ago. I was following orders will be the excuse in his tombstone.