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'We've Had Enough': Women-Led Marches and Rallies in US Cities Nationwide Call for Trump's Ouster and GOP Defeat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/18/weve-had-enough-women-led-marches-and-rallies-us-cities-nationwide-call-trumps


“From Denver to Durham to D.C., women sent an unmistakable message,” the Women’s March Twitter account noted on Saturday night. "We’ve had enough.

Haven’t we all had enough! Thank you women marchers and voters.


Am reading The Testaments, by Atwood, which amazingly is even more brilliant than its predecessor Handmaid’s Tale.
There are parts of the book describing young women standing up against gestation slavery and all other forms of misogyny, and these marches and rallies echo the book’s emphasis that some people tried to stand up to the christofascists, even in the book’s completely totalitarian, misogynistic, and prison-like society…some fought back.
One of the few hopeful stories I’ve seen in a long time.


Will the police have enough understanding to stay off these marchers?
And I hope men march if they are asked, or be near by for a support role.
There is something radically wrong with many or most of the trump supporters. And that has to be sorted out somehow.
Perhaps something like the North Vietnamese did with the South Vietnamese after the war. Re-education. Hell, I’d even go along with indoctrination at this point.


The Age of Women
"Over the centuries, men have been so afraid of the power of women and the possibility of women ascending within the society and culture that they really have denied themselves the assets and the benefits of these skills. And civilization as a whole has been retarded and restrained, its full potential not realized because of this.

There is a New Message from God in the world, and one of the things that it calls for is the emergence of women leaders, particularly in the area of spirituality and religion. It is time now for certain women to be called into these greater roles and responsibilities, and it is important around the world in different quarters and in different religious traditions that this be allowed."… from the Teaching: “The Age of Women” from the teachings of the New Message.


Yeah, I know too many of them! It is like they have been hypnotized by Trump. Chomsky called it " manufactured consent" that term fits too.

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I keep thinking it is the culmination of the conditioning of Limpbaugh and Fox.
Another words, hate speech.
They just needed the right Hitler look-alike to come along.


Well, they definitely got their wish.


if we don’t take it to the polls we’re really not going to make the change we want and need

Oh come on. Are you really telling me that Joe Biden is some vast improvement over Trump in his attitude to women? Have you been living in a box for the last few years?

Ah, but my New Message from God tells me that women need to be submissive to men. And my Holy Book (the Bible… the Koran… the Torah… not sure which is best) supports me. Who’s right?

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“Ah, but my New Message from God tells me that women need to be submissive to men.”… please clarify.

Hi James, Thanks for your reply. The New Message from God does not support “that women need to be submissive to men”.

AOC 4 President