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"We've Moved the Needle a Lot" But Far More Work to Do, Say Progressives as Biden-Sanders Panels Unveil Policy Blueprint

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/weve-moved-needle-lot-far-more-work-do-say-progressives-biden-sanders-panels-unveil

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Here in VT, an upcoming event , One Life, One Home Planet, One Human Family Gathering, two key demands: Green Economy For Environmental, Economic and Social Justice; End Health Disparities Pass Improved Medicare For All.


In an interview published yesterday Biden, with his willfull dingbat wife at his side, still advocated for the current for profit system.
In essence, Joe told democratic voters in that interview to “eat cake”.
This year, the bar is very low. That’s the problem.


the Unity Task Force affirmed healthcare as “a right” but did not embrace Medicare for All

This “Task Force” is a joke.

How many more times are people going to fall for this BS?


We’ve Moved the Needle a Lot … You are dealing with the Blue Dogs Bern. Be careful where you sit.


Another key demand needing emphasis: No Justice No Peace: Abolish Prison Gulag.


Beware of the “public option”!

Medicare is already one-third privatized through the deceptively named “Medicare Advantage Plans”, which are merely private insurance policies designed and administered to profit the insurance companies. A “public option” will simply expand the pool of customers that the health insurance industry can sucker into buying their crap.


The claim that “We’ve moved the needle a lot” reminds me of the words of Malcolm X: “You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you’re making progress”…“Progress is healing the wound that the blow made.”

The Biden “needle” has always been near-zero-low, and his refusal, and apparent inability, to alter his views makes the efforts of those trying to prop him up lamentable but understandable - “better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all” -. The only thing that makes the corrupt Biden candidacy even partially palatable is the existentially destructive reality of trump and his regime even more reprehensible and threatening. 4 more years is a death sentence for millions/billions potentially, while a Biden admn likely less so, altho his slavish dedication to Vulture Capitalism and for-profit regime an utter failure and betrayal of the future - his history, mental capacities, and lack of moral quality make Biden unable to grasp the moment, like the DNC mob. The ultimate responsibility rests with the machinations of the private political party/entity called the “Democratic” and its entrenched corrupt DNC hierarchy - a new party seems essential if we are to survive - we have the people and only await true leaders of courage and integrity for one.


I wouldn’t discount Trump’s chances of winning reelection. His support within his party is at 95% whereas Biden is a weak candidate. The trend has been fewer and fewer democrats voting at general elections.


Absolutely. Without first fixing Medicare a single payer option is next to worthless, as people still can’t afford supplemental policies and will therefore still go bankrupt trying to pay the 20% copays.
This is what happens when rich white guys go into a smoke filled room to discuss poor peoples issues.


All too true.
The average Republican voter is frothing at the mouth. They can’t wait to vote.
Joe Biden’s candidacy has been met by the democratic electorate with a collective “meh”
The democrats fail to recognize that Joe is just one senior moment in October away from losing the electoral college.


“the Unity Task Force affirmed healthcare is ‘a right’ but did not embrace Medicare for All.”

Meaning you have a right to not be able to afford healthcare. That’s some real progress there, same as it always was.


They didn’t so much move the needle as twist the knife…


Has Biden ever explained the absurdity of his position that healthcare is a “right” that people should have to pay for?

If so I haven’t heard it. He says it so often, and every time, I think “WTF does that mean and why isn’t someone asking?”

I suppose voting is a “right” too, except when your vote is suppressed and Democrats cede to the Republicans anyway. Let’s not forget Al Gore “winning” in 2000, and Jill Stein fighting for a recount in Wisconsin.

And maybe life is a “right” too, except when a cop brutalizes you with impunity.

Maybe Democrats don’t know what rights are.


Kind of a weird way to word your post, Biden’s support within his party is 100%. What matters is support outside of their parties, other than his fascist base, Trump’s support is sinking fast. At this point Biden could win this thing sitting in his basement
Check out the latest ad from the Lincoln Project, it doesn’t just hit Trump but his supporters in the Senate also.



No “Medicare for All.” No “Green New Deal.” No “cancel college debt.”

Shame on Bernie.

In the end, he didn’t have it in him to fight the Corporate Oligarchy that controls the Democratic Party.

All of his talk about “Revolution” was just that . . . talk.



sounds very hopey and changey


Next: Bernie and Biden will lead us in a rousing, frothing chant of USA! USA! USA! USA!


At this pace of “moving the needle,” we just another century to achieve real progress.


“Moving the needle” is progressive happy talk that leaders use to avoid admitting defeat. Remember that these recommendations will go to a platform committee where progressives will have only a minority of seats, if they have any, and the platform committee’s recommendations will go to the convention floor for adoption.

Progressive leaders should be embarrassed by their happy talk. It undermines their credibility.