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#WeveSeenEnough Images and Video of Police Violence, Activists Say in Call for Congressional Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/weveseenenough-images-and-video-police-violence-activists-say-call-congressional


One has to wonder what it will take before Congress says: WE’VE SEEN ENOUGH! Rand Paul just said he has not seen enough to warrant lynching legislation introduced by Harris and Booker!

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I suppose the states will chime in and say that it’s their call not the feds.


This is indeed impressive. The Crooked Black Caucus working in concert with the pretentious Jerry Nadler, fresh from labeling the phony Russiagate conspiracy as tantamount to Pearl Harbor. Nadler has been in office for about 30 years. He has been sleeping 10 years longer than Rip Van Winkle. Does he ever go back to his district to look around? Or, does he spend all his time in the deli eating cheesecake? The police problem in NYC and the entire country is not new. Nadler has done nothing about it. Ever. Does his primary challenge have something to do with his faux concern? I think so. Btw, what has the CBC ever done about police violence? Have they tried to get rid of the qualified immunity doctrine? Have they tried to stop the militarization of the police? Why weren’t they holding as many hearings and showing as much concern as they did for Russiagate? Answer: they are corrupt.


Heavy handed police violence 65 years ago, 40 years ago = yes.
Today, folkes have phone cameras to take videos.
Today, cable opinion networks will broadcast these a few times an evening.
Today, elected politicians are told that they must be active and restrain their hired guns.

There is no improvement from police presence in a few Chicago neighborhoods. I am expecting a week end starting about now, of shootings and murders that will escalate our sadness, pain and genuine fear. go to heyjackass dot com to view last week ends slaughter and covis19 death count box too.