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WH Regurgitates Anti-immigrant Wish List as Trump Doubles Down on Making Dreamers Bargaining Chips

WH Regurgitates Anti-immigrant Wish List as Trump Doubles Down on Making Dreamers Bargaining Chips

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"This is a tactic of people who want to blow up progress, not of people who are serious about solving problems," says Greisa Martinez Rosas, United We Dream

A march in support of immigrant rights in Los Angeles. (Photo:Molly Adams/flickr/cc)

Why not also end the dictatorships, resource wars and corporate exploitation of poor countries so they can improve their lot?

People would like to stay in their own countries if empires did not wreck them.


The Reptilians are in charge of the WH and both houses of Congress so passing a budget is in their hands. I am totally dependent on my SS check as my only means of support but I’m willing to forego payment if it means these young people get the relief they were promised. I’m hoping the Origami Party doesn’t fold on this like they do with so many other things. Schumer has shown too many times that he has the backbone of an amoeba or he would have fought this fight in December.

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Right on, let’s go after corporate Amerika who brought their parents here.

What about CHIPS?


By any rational measure this is the Dreamers country. This is where they should stay.


Schumer certainly has a backbone, just not for truly progressive policy.

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He brought back collection agencys to the IRS which of course will focus on lower income tax payers ( no lawyers, you know) with harassing phone calls indistinguishable from the scam artists who’ve been making those threatening calls for years. He did it because a company agreed to set up a call center in NY State. He’s like some small time pol, trading in favors.

In order to have a chip in a gambling game you have to buy it. If you are using people as chips does this mean you have bought them? Does this indicate slavery? Are dreamers for sale? Not in a Democratic Republic. The whole idea of a human being used as a “chip” is revolting. Our use of the english language is interesting, are we saying what we mean? Do we mean what we say?

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Immigration was the issue that won the election for Trump. The increasing number of Hispanics in rust belt towns was probably the reason Trump was able to flip Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania which gave him the election. His supporters are convinced that the immigration of non-whites into the US has to be halted if the US is going to return to a country dominated by whites as it was several decades ago. Basically Trump and his supporters are trying to reverse history and the Wall if nothing else is a symbol of what they are trying to accomplish. The more extreme members of this movement support eliminating non-whites. Think Dylann Roof. So if this thing keeps moving right it could be far worse than it already is.

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The only possible purpose for this political hostage taking is trying to play to the white racist vote.

The problem with taking an entire group of telegenic, normal-looking people hostage, if you’re a politician, is that you’re a hostage taker. At this point nobody is worried about Mister Stable Genius running for a second term in 2020, but all Congresspeople and a number of Senators are up for re-election in 2018. These are the people who want to tell voters, “I voted racist! I didn’t care how much I damaged this country by deporting thousands of English-speaking college graduates to some perfectly strange foreign dictatorship. It was all about skin color!”

If you’re a Democrat and your main opponent is acting like an unstable hostage-taker, aren’t you going to jump in and rescue your poor opponent from her/his political disaster? The answer is no! That’s why the Democrats are just sitting there watching this whole wish list and hostage taking show.

Contempt and loathing for Trump and the GOP are all I can muster after reading this report. Hard to believe they can hold Dream youngsters hostage for Trump’s wasteful and unwanted border wall, and that the American public wants this.


This is cynical to the nth degree, and absolutely in line with the cruelty of right wingers in general but especially the demented mind of one dickhead Donald Trump.


Hey! How dare you!

That isle IS NOT meaningless!!!

(Countless times a day they traipse down that isle together to the imagined wedding bells and the offspring they are set to create!.)

And then honeymoon on the aisle of Capri.

In addition to having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Donald J. Trump also has obsessive compulsive disorder. That plus narcissism is a tall order.