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WH Stenographer Who Resigned in Protest: Trump's "Not Even Trying to Tell the Truth"


WH Stenographer Who Resigned in Protest: Trump's "Not Even Trying to Tell the Truth"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A former White House stenographer on Wednesday offered new details into why she resigned from the post, saying she felt President Donald Trump was "not even trying to tell the truth" to the American public.

Beck Dorey-Stein began as a White House stenographer in 2012 under the Obama administration, and resigned just months after Trump took office.

"I quit because I couldn't be proud of where I worked anymore," she told CNN's "New Day."


Perhaps the laws have been changed, but I am er, surprised, that DT wasn’t arrested as soon as he landed on U.S. soil from Finland.


Why is she in Toronto? Seeking asylum from Trump’s goons there?


She apparently is not into fascism. Well, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


She was “so proud” to be part of the expanded surveillance state, the expanded wars, the drone killings of civilians in countries where we are not legally at war, the attacks on Social Security, the broken campaign promises, the worst income disparity in history…

While there is nothing to be proud of while serving Trump, the only way I would have been proud to serve in the Obama administration was if I was opposing them every day from the left flank.


Well said. What’s truly shocking isn’t that this one woman is principled enough to resign in protest, but that there haven’t been mass resignations every day since Inauguration Day 1981.


You Can Compare President Trump to Richard Nixon, But Times Have Changed

An interesting comparison between Nixon and Trump. Nixon had Watergate and his crew of undercover guys stealing documents from Democratic headquarters filing cabinets. Trump had Russian hackers as his computer spies. So Nixon and Trump can be identified as sociopaths. I would have to say Trump is a con artist sociopath far beyond Nixon. Trump and his cabinet are the richest president and cabinet in our entire history, and they have established a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Which is a very close parallel to being the government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Very, very, very definitely the Trump style of government that needs to perish in 2020. Nixon did not even come close to Trump in terms of con artist skills lying.


We already know that, but who will stop him from lying? Who will stop him from being a Traitor? Nobody so far…


A young person of character outshines the world’s most self-absorbed “man”. Maybe there’s hope. (Not Hope, that is.)


A woman of substance in a den of theives and liars.


The world’s fear of DT is not forever.

He’s a temp who’s in a world of trouble.


PB- I doubt that DT is in much trouble. Even if he miraculously doesn’t “serve” his first term, he’ll land up…in the Emirates or Saudi Arabia or Israel.
The trouble is reserved for us.


I thought she said she resigned because truth was not being served not that the political direction was wrong.


mountainmike…Nixon was every bit the crook as is Dump. He lost to JFK in 1960 and who gained the most after RFK’S murder in 1968? Easy answer, I’m not a crook Tricky Dick. One and a half terms with big crook Agnew biting the dust followed by Warren Commission yes man crook Ford who was never elected to the high office.


I am usually an optimistic person Chapdrum, however, in this case, you are more optimistic than I.


We’re supposed to just believe whatever the media and this person says ? It’s all lies and prevarication at this point… from all quarters and factions ! Interesting that so many are so nostalgic for Obama’s brand of corruption which he made so palatable with his suave facade… we see it all the time… the cult of personality divides, conquers and rules. Personally I’m sick of hearing how wonderful the last psychopath was… the most unredeemable psychopaths are the smoothest operators… that is clinical fact… and yes, I initially fell for his shyte… hope and change indeed… sad that we continue to fall for these evil soulless fiends… no hyperbole.

As for her comments and perspective: vis-a-vis Trump offending her and fellow stenographers by excluding them from meetings (“in the middle of the day”… a childish comment that needs to be called such). Perhaps he’s sparing them the danger of knowing too much… supposing he really is fighting the deep state, which I nor anyone has a clear bead on… all that could be mere theater ? Conversely, this is just all more psychological operational tactics… divide, conquer and rule.

The upshot: my only reason for commenting is to point out how we are all being played… even in this minor childish finger pointing. If everyone repeats something over and over then it somehow magically becomes “true”… very middle-school.


I agree. From my perspective, compared to Trump, Nixon was a choir boy!


Too bad most of the Republicans in congress, are such cowards that they do not say the same thing!


Trump, by nature is not an honest man. His lies are many and hard for the old sack of shit to keep up with. Trump, likes to make things up as he goes along flying by the seat of his pants…NOW if you start recording these lies by transcript or audio, recording them for posterity or future history. Well the big stupid asshole(Trump) does not like have his lies recorded because he cant remember which lie he told for which ever situation he told it and there is always several varieties of the lies and frankly I dont think Trump likes to keep up with his own bullshit. But recording his bullshit thru the day is always going to be a no no…He wont give interviews to any news except FOX news and he goes in advance to make sure they have the same lies to share with the rest of us cake eaters. Trump is nothing but a common fraud…He is not very very very smart lol…He does not use the bestest words the bigly words or the complicated words he is a man of few words…and he cant even spell them half the time…Hes is a self confessed non reader(who would have ever guessed? lol) He cant or wont read. He wont study facts. He wont take advice because he is the Donald. The shit-fer-brains is a lazy human being who likes to give orders and be waited on hand and foot and lay around on his big fat ass and do nothing…Being stupid and a back stabbing asshole,habitual liar,racist,CROOKED TO THE BONE.possible traitor, a lover of dick-ta-tors a dick and a misogynist…Incompetent to say the least…How did someone like that get to be president.???.. Has American voters surrendered their morals,decency,intelligence,common sense, fair play…? Has the brain juice leaked out and been replaced by the GOP swampy water. Geeze Trumpys are sum dumb dipshitz.


And Rand Paul is screeching in all his nude glory that the Democrats are against peace through negotiations with Putin and the Putin invitation to the white house. Why not invite a global criminal to the White House for a steak dinner. I always suspected OPaul of being a little loose. Where is nurse Rachet when we need her?