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What 2020 Politicians and Pundits Get Wrong About Fracking

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/what-2020-politicians-and-pundits-get-wrong-about-fracking

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Most politicians and pundits indirectly work for the fossil fuel corporations which fund their campaigns or advertise on their networks.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” … Upton Sinclair


Fracking the facts is bipartisan bullshittery


Fear not: Fracking has been losing money hand over fist since it was invented. So let the turds go bankrupt. They have only themselves to blame.


Yes sir.
In the UK we are even more anti-it (and it’s effectively stopped at least at the moment, despite a previously blind Johnson government on it). I am heartened by the people in the US not being that into it either.
We all need to get together to acknowledge - together the unpalatable reality if our climate-situation - something that the majority of politicians cannot seem to do - and then do something. We need to Act Boldly, Decisively, Now and Together for Future Generations!. Trump getting in again would be so counter-productive for that it does not bear thinking about, so please -successfullly - dialogue with any would-be Republican voters this time throughout september and october!


Fortunately a LOT of people have seen the truth, with more following every day. But pay attention to that quote from Upton Sinclair (REDPILLED).

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"Too many Democrats continue to fundamentally misunderstand the politics of fracking "

We’re seeing this everywhere—people misinterpreting evil as stupidity. Maybe it’s charitable, maybe it’s denial. Democratic handlers know how to read polls. They know what’s going on with jobs, pollution, climate, and politics. Well, not so much climate. But they’re just too beholden not only to the oil and gas industry but to the corporate structure, to capitalism, and to the current regime. They know a fracking ban or close to it will win votes and elections; they just don’t care. They’d rather lose to Republicans and keep the system that’s making them rich than let progressives or progressive ideas in to their own party to win elections but lose everything that matters to them–wealth, power, and position. To let progressives in would be to surrender, and people on the right wing are too ideologically bound, too addicted to domination to allow that.


the sad fact–the Democrats have failed to deliver while pushing for planet destruction with their support of fossil fuel corporations-their failure to bring universal health care to the people(saying NO to M4A in time of pandemic)-their abandonment of the working classes-they can’t even support a living wage($15/hr is pathetic being about $5-$6 short of a living wage) preferring the working class live on the edge of survival for the profits of those same corporations-you can vote Trump out of office but it will not stop the assault on us and the world by the corporate controlled political parties-- we will continue to circle the drain with the support of the corporations who’s business plan ends with the collapse of our ecosystems- fascism is horrible–the 6th Great Extinction is real,in process in every corner of our globe and will end with the death of EVERY living thing on this planet–and THAT extinction is the policy supported by the corporate tools who call themselves our “leaders” but who in fact are simply shills working for the money made on that destruction


In the meantime, they’re destroying the whole damn planet.
So, no. I’m thinking fear is warranted. Obligatory. A precursor to anger and rebellion.

First, I live in Pennsylvania. Second, I’m a life-long Democrat. Third, I’m pro environment - a long-term Sierra Club member , a long term vegetarian, etc. Finally, I’m a retired electrical engineer and spent 3 decades working in the energy sector.

Yes, fracking and pipeline construction has negatively impacted people and communities in this region. However, facts can sometimes get in the way of our hopes.

The build-out of natural gas-fired power plants has resulted in a substantial decrease in greenhouse gas emissions as these new plants have forced the retirement of dozens of coal-fired plants. Two things are at play here: 1) coal cannot compete economically with gas, 2) converting from coal to gas results in a 55% drop in greenhouse gas emissions - this is huge.

Nationwide, emissions from automobiles now surpasses emissions from electricity generation - this milestone is a direct result of fracking.

Because of “Capacity Factor” (do some research and learn what this is), renewables are not likely to supply a substantial portion of our energy needs any time soon. In the mid Atlantic region where I live, it would take a photovoltaic array 100 square miles in size to produce the same amount of electricity (on an annual basis) as one natural gas power plant. How much farmland are we willing to convert? How many forests are we willing to clear?