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'What a Disgrace': Pentagon Weighing $2.2 Billion in Cuts to Military Healthcare Just After Passage of $740 Billion Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/what-disgrace-pentagon-weighing-22-billion-cuts-military-healthcare-just-after


In other words, fvck you for your service.


The government has an endless money supply when it comes to war. In summary, the budget is there for death and murder and bankrupt when it comes to health and healing. Yes, go out there and fight for your country so your country can then cast you aside and let you die.


Bet we don’t hear any “support the troops” maga crowd speak out.


Like Arundhati Roy said
The flag is a multicolored piece of cloth that politicians use to shrink wrap peoples heads , and later as a shroud to bury their willing dead.

Or something like that. The exact words are in the cobwebs of what passes for my mind.


Oh my, that’s truly inspirational. A shot in the arm of the cause. Just when we need it most, we see that the Dems are fighting for the people once again, the champions of the little guy and gal, looking out for the really important things in our lives like, say, healthcare. And they’re right as rain on this, aren’t they? It’s such a disgrace, they say, for the Pentagon to be selling out our servicemen and women on healthcare. We’re shocked - shocked to find that political treachery is going on here! Unconscionable, the Dems say even as they jockey behind the scenes to again sell us out on - yes- healthcare; even before the election; hell, even before the convention.

Read David Sirota’s story on his new TMI website - Dems Begin Signaling A Post-Election Surrender On Health Care. It’s easy to find and pull up.And it just reinforces what we already know about Biden and the neo-liberal Dems - that they are fully committed to the oligarchs and the big corporations, corporate fascism Dem style, served up in a far more subtle and effective way than Trump and his Death Cult could ever do it. They are just as committed to stealing from the masses and passing it on to the rich and powerful, and they have most of us fooled.

We already know that the for-profit healthcare industry’s new lobbying tool, The Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future, is gearing up to oppose the pubic option supposed to appear in the Dem platform ( as if that has any meaning whatsoever). But the Dems’ real constituents are letting their agents in government know that they’re not happy about all this talk of helping out average Americans. No sir, not happy at all.

And the story on TMI is that the Dems have gotten the message and are already waffling on the pledge to ol’ Bern and his disciples, starting to push that “robust public option” back until at least the second year of Biden’s FDR-like administration. People, it’s already getting the Obama treatment and the charade that is the 2020 convention hasn’t even started.

And why should we be surprised when, even as the Dems’ treachery accelerates, right out there in the open, there’s hapless, pathetic, shameless Bernie Sanders, running around like a neo-liberal Energizer bunny, shilling for Joe, Kamala and the Dems? Why should we be surprised when those having traditionally supported the Party through all the sellouts, progressives among them, still fall all over themselves to get in line, swallowing the Dems’ treachery, bending over yet again and repeating the famous words of actor Kevin Bacon in the film Animal House “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

Well, of course you may.


Regardless the issue, the crisis, the people affected, the destruction of what the PTB set their sights-on, the military establishment is a threat to civilian society, not its protector.
Vet health-care and associated programs are cut while the obscene spending increased by Pentagon brass, Congressional stooges/sycophants and arms industry lobbyists, while all civilian agencies and programs are ended or severely cut by this and previous regimes serving the MICC!

There’s always money, often obscene amounts, to spread-around to arms manufacturers, unneeded faulty-engineered weapons systems, foreign outposts, wars of choice, and all the careers and pensions the corrupt system supports; none to tighten the military belt as all other sectors are made to, stop paying highly inflated costs for toys and parts, fully-funding veteran health-care and things like the GI Bill for education; for a future NOT involving imported violence and killing - that being the border patrol, Bortac, for-profit prisons, cop hiring and all the other make-work abusive jobs we have allowed the MICC and Congress to foist on our civilian nation and republic!



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As Ike warned us nearly sixty years ago, the “defense budget” was actually a military industrial complex corporate welfare budget…crony capitalism at its finest.

Upon ascending the throne in 1981 Saint Ron morphed the military industrial complex into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that spends even less of the “defense budget” on defense while showering MIMIC operatives with ever expanding unprecedented corporate welfare.


I think I’ve figured out Trump’s strategy for declaring the election results invalid. He’s going to do everything thing he can to lose the vote in every demographic by so much that the results will be questionable on their face. I mean who will believe that only 5% of veterans and military personnel voted for him? Or seniors who no longer get their prescriptions on time? Or anyone in the general population that’s lost their job to Covid-19 and now live in abject poverty?

He’s a very stable genius that guy…


yeah, well?

How about support the troops CD crowd .

Was flown to a sf hospital last year after hand amputated,(had flight insurance thank goodness) have been kibitzing between Medicare and va as to who gets the bills for old and new procedures, was on the phone for 5hours Friday trying to straighten out the kinks ,(For charges from a year ago ), get institutions to charge the correct entity , Medicare has deductible,va not , refferals from Surgeon To primary caregiver (whom I’ve never seen other than on line ) goes to Tri west healthcare (VAs off campus insurance guys) then wait till they contact the next provider (ie physical therapy) then re contact to make appt , my point ,not so easy for failing peabrains as myself ,wondering how much actually gets wasted in the shuffle ,and after talking to tri west ,va ,Medicare, and the hospital the conclusion was the bills are being juggled , you’ll get it when someone figures it out , 20 veteran suicides a day still , oh having trouble getting meds in the mail ?? Be patient,the solution ??discontinue the the politicians golden parachutes of insurance policies, just sayin


So is this Esper’s threat, to counter the 10% Pentagon budget cut proposal that failed? His way of making sure it doesn’t happen again?
If this goes through, maybe this and the failed promise related to members required to buy Tri-Care, will reduce new enlistments in the future. One can hope, despite many young people doing so because of economic reasons, and money for college.

I have said it before, and it appears I need to repeat it.
How can any imbecile that volunteered for the modern US military be surprised that they are once again being abused and marginalized by politicians and generals that take have always taken their service for granted?
My lord people, how stupid can you be? Apparently very.
Our “warriors” have had almost as many promises broken to them as native Americans. Native Americans know not to trust rich white men, why do these meatheads?

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No money was spared in the Countries of the West to wage WW2 on the Fascists. The debt to GDP run up to wage that war was higher then at any time in history throughout these Countries.

Yet at the same time COVID strikes and threatens to kill millions and at the same time Climate Change threatens to kill more then killed through the entire second world war , these Governments claim they do not have the money to combat them.

After spending all of that money to fight Fascists in WW2 , these Governments are now trending towards Fascism. You can not make this stuff up.


I suspect the Government prefers this scenario.

The Citizen shall have no access to health care , medicare , Unemployment insurance, Social security SNAP or any other Social spending programs , unless they serve in the Military first.

They will also be unable to vote unless they have Military service.

They haven’t paid any attention to kissinger. “Military men are dumb, stupid animals - to be used as pawns in foreign policy”. A quote attributed to him, though I read it has never been acknowledged ( or denied).

I don’t understand you response, the article is about reducing medical care for military members and those who have served and retired.

I can’t help it:
“I told us so.”
Too many people calculated that - “Trump can’t be all that bad.”

The lack of interest by the voters reminds that “Idle hands do the devils work.”

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