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'What a Failed State Looks Like': GOP Under Fire for Blocking Necessary Funds as Covid Vaccine Distribution Begins

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/what-failed-state-looks-gop-under-fire-blocking-necessary-funds-covid-vaccine


Supply Side economics 101 folks. You cut taxes and services at the federal level. Tax revenues and aid to the states then slows to a “trickle.” States in turn cut services to cities and counties. Most cities and counties are unable to raise taxes in their own (state laws) so they in turn have to eliminate local services, making them, not the federal government, look like the bad guy. People lose faith in their government.
All remaining government services are then privatized in an effort to make up for the tax revenue short falls. Infrastructure expansion and maintenance become luxuries only the wealthiest of municipalities can afford. Without infrastructure to support the economy the nation fails and becomes a banana republic.
Here we are. All brought to you by the Chicago school of economics. It worked like a charm.


The United States is a Failed State. It is amazing how fast the USA is collapsing. All of it is blamed on the Covid Pandemic. People think that a vaccine will bring us back to our past “normal” and so they are not responding to this crisis. As things progress, martial law is a strong possibility…the US Population has been prepared to live like this with the Covid Lockdown preparation. …

The Real Driver of the collapse of the US economy, the world economy is the destruction and exhaustion of the planet’s biosphere, it’s ecological systems and (previous) stable climate. These have been destroyed by the Human Industrial Civilization… A collapsing ecological support system will collapse economies thus collapsing social and political systems. A voracious corporate capitalist system is destroying this planet… This planet is in the process of rebalancing itself…and this will not be favorable to the human race that depends upon it for its survival.


Facing large budget shortfalls due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Have we forgotten all those tax cuts for the rich??? And that inflated Pentagon budget???

  1. 1st - JFK & Bobby

  2. Then Vietnam

  3. Followed by Reagan & Thatcher (hard right)

  4. Then 9/11 and the demolition of International Law & US Law (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya …)

  5. Now a failing state in a failing democracy - on the brink of GOP takeover and if this occurs - ?

  6. Backdrop - ecosystem collapse ~

Welcome to The Anthropocene


USA’s “economy” is hard to precisely delineate in a modern context, where we get mixed up confusing how people live with the valuation of the DJIA. If you add in the collapse of USA social relations – the shredding of the social contract on so many levels – I’ll agree the “economy” is a real driver.

But the pandemic is a very real exacerbator indeed, of inequality – like a magnifying glass that concentrates sunlight into a burning beam. Twas ever thus: great plagues shift human organization-schemes around on the surface of the planet like a subsurface magnet moving iron filings. The Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire, because at one point Yersinia pestis lent Christianity a huge leg-up on global human consciousness. Go figure!

Check out charts of USA’s death-rate. We’re now lifting off into a higher 7-day average than ever before, with no blunting of this trend in sight. Someone dies of Covid in USA every 36 seconds, at this writing.


Very Good…
And let’s not forget a number of false-flags:

  1. Pearl Harbor…the catalyst for bringing the USA into the war.
  2. Gulf Of Tonkin… justification of US going to war to Vietnam
  3. 9-11… let’s not forget that 3 large buildings were brought down…looked like a controlled demolition to me… the catalyst that justified our destruction of the Middle-East.
  4. Covid… a very real pandemic…may have been hi-jacked to justify many agendas, current and future planned… one does need a catalyst to justify martial law and other such events…

And let’s not forget that the Kennedy assassination was a clear message not to challenge the powers that be or were at the time and still are in place…


Covid- a pandemic with a 3% death rate. Serious? Yes, but not something that rival past pandemics with much higher death rates. Exaggerated to justify extended surveillance and restrictions? Also a ‘yes’. Fear and panic are a primary tool of all oppressive regimes - “The Christians are the ones who really started the fire, kill them all” - Nero.


Sr Citizen…yes Covid 19 is no Bubonic Plague, nor Ebola… but it is being used to scare the hell out of people and to control the masses… Here in the USA, we live in a sea of lies.


This statement is almost aggressively anti-science. No pathogen is the same as any other. As to how many people Covid winds up killing, or leaving permanently disabled, we have absolutely no way of knowing – the comparison is so specious, one wonders what motivates it: The relative severity of a current plague, compared to any previous one, is imponderable while immersed in a rising flood. Everything in the news is used to manipulate. Covid is international news. The reason I concentrate my scrutiny on USA is because the plague is way worse here than anywhere else on Earth. You speak as if it’s irrational to be scared of a novel coronavirus, which we first thought to be a respiratory virus, but turns out to be a vigorous vascular virus. Ebola has been much less threatening than Covid because Ebola is more immediately virulent. The most destructive plague finds the perfect balance between contagion and virulence, which Covid might be mighty close to striking, in its latest, dominant mutation.

Counting D.C. we have 50 states in USA failing to defend against Covid. Only Hawaii remains in the clear, now that I’m factoring momentum into my ranking of state positivity stats. Alabama, first in the alphabet, has seized first (worst) place.


Ranking is momentum-based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. Alabama           41.1         59.4         1.01
>  2. Idaho             52.2         78.7         1.08
>  3. Pennsylvania      34.7         64.8         1.47
>  4. South Dakota      44.0        103.1         2.49
>  5. Kansas            37.6         81.7         1.25
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
>  6. Ohio              18.4         85.1         0.63
>  7. Mississippi       24.3         56.3         1.48
>  8. Tennessee         16.7         82.1         1.03
>  9. Nevada            17.7         77.9         0.98
> 10. Iowa              39.0         76.2         1.94
> 11. Utah              18.7         89.9         0.44
> 12. California         9.4         54.1         0.50
> 13. New Mexico        14.5         89.6         1.39
> 14. Kentucky          14.3         68.2         0.62
> 15. Indiana           12.5         93.4         1.08
> 16. New Hampshire      9.8         46.1         0.62
> 17. Arizona           15.3         68.0         0.82
> 18. Montana           17.3         87.2         1.23
> 19. Arkansas          15.4         62.8         1.54
> 20. Rhode Island       7.6         96.9         0.92
> 21. Oklahoma          16.7         76.2         0.66
> 22. Washington        12.5         35.9         0.64
> 23. Delaware           8.7         63.8         0.46
> 24. Missouri          18.1         62.9         1.09
> 25. Texas             13.6         40.9         1.30
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 26. Minnesota         10.4         95.6         1.04
> 27. South Carolina     9.6         42.1         1.01
> 28. North Carolina     9.8         44.6         0.80
> 29. Alaska             6.2         84.4         0.49
> 30. Colorado           9.7         75.9         1.27
> 31. West Virginia      7.9         60.0         1.34
> 32. Wisconsin         12.9         83.0         1.14
> 33. North Dakota      10.2        114.1         1.80
> 34. New Jersey         9.8         49.6         1.02
> 35. Nebraska          11.1         88.0         1.22
> 36. Wyoming           14.6         98.4         1.18
> 37. Georgia           11.6         41.8         0.88
> 38. Connecticut        6.4         58.5         1.09
> 39. Louisiana          8.9         48.9         1.11
> 40. Michigan          10.8         63.7         1.60
> 41. Illinois           9.7         76.4         1.58
> 42. Virginia          11.3         34.7         0.76
> 43. Massachusetts      5.0         54.9         1.01
> 44. Florida            8.5         40.7         0.96
> 45. New York           4.6         40.8         0.74
> 46. Maryland           5.9         41.4         1.21
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 47. D.C.               3.5         30.4         0.96
> 48. Maine              3.7         19.8         1.27
> 49. Vermont            2.0         16.2         1.39
> 50. Oregon             7.8         30.9         1.09
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 51. Hawaii             2.1          7.0         1.74

For a week, California’s outbreak (#12) has been worsening more quickly than any other state’s.


Is this virus worthy of as much trepidation as Ebola? The bubonic plague is caused a bacterial infection and therefore curable. There are too many unknowns not to be cautious, but can that be taken too far? Certainly. Presently, in the US, it seems a great many don’t take it seriously enough. If it was a simple case of only the careless being affected, I’d say go ahead and let it rip. However, this bug is highly contagious, and warrants a cautious approach. I will agree that fear is used to manipulate, but there is no denying that we face a clear and present danger with Covid.


How is it that when money is needed to save American lives the funds are not available without cutting social services, yet when the military budget is being considered, money is not a problem, and giving $trillions to the wealthy and corporations is merely a keystroke away and the federal deficit is in the $fuckzillions and nobody in government gives a shit? Can somebody explain how that makes sense?


The primary concern is not the number of cases which is irrelevant, but rather the mortality rate which remains less than 3% overall with the majority of those cases being elderly individuals with a co-morbidity which is aggravated by the virus. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned, but shutting down the entire economy, bypassing civil rights, imposing martial law? Definitely not THAT big a concern. Are there isolated cases of younger people? of course. A better response would have been to primarily protect elderly persons in nursing homes and recommend people with co-morbidity self isolate. The rest of society has been virtually unaffected.


I’m a little confused about this story, don’t get me wrong, I too want McConnell to get off his butt and pass a stimulus (survival) package, but the photo is showing boxes of the vaccine? If true, no way, no matter how well insulated those boxes are, will they hold a temperature below -70 F. I was expecting special portable freezers for the transportation, not cardboard boxes.

I try and stay focused - without conspiracy theory.

Dot dot dot - see the pattern emerge.

It is difficult to separate fact from fiction; political necessity from outright evil.

But we are now at Oppenheimer’s ‘pass - and a new world below’. Oppy was speaking of the dawn of the nuclear world, but this is even more ominous.

Two thirds of the GOP are now actively in sedition mode, in favor openly of demolishing the US
democratic election process and taking power by any other means available.

Never having addressed JFK and Bobby - no sentient citizen in the US or around the world believes anymore - we have only the reflected light of past ideals, and the Sun is setting quickly.

Once the Electoral College votes are in today, presuming they go to Biden - all semi-legal avenues will have been exhausted, and I am in total agreement and more with Gellman’s The Atlantic article in the November issue that = to paraphrase - 'we ain’t seen nothing yet. ! ’

Trump has used Twitter to write the modern Mein Kampf - we have been forewarned - and unfortunately - in Germany that warning fell on deaf ears.

To predict the future is a fool’s errand - and so we wait and see. But I am plenty worried - because no matter the details of the coming month - US democracy is for sure on its death bed, and only a type of miracle can revive it.

Following this line of reasoning to its conclusion, the people of the world facing ecological meltdown will have to look elsewhere for leadership.

All is fluid right now, and the true comfort is the realization that it is at precisely such a point of chaotic change that a new system can emerge.


Why would our betters want to PAY us, when the miracle of financialization enables OUR cascading, usurious debt to be sold. Import child-slave manufactured chotskies, with 1099 indentured virtual sharecroppers (many undocumented) to get it to “voting” Creative Class & white flight suburbanite “consumers” sheltering in place. Murika’s’s back to NORMAL

~https://mobile.twitter.com/degnerforiowa/status/1337462760251285505 (GO Squad! Ever notice, which of our “representatives” even BOTHERS reading our tweets?)






I agree but…

“All is fluid right now, and the true comfort is the realization that it is at precisely such a point of chaotic change that a new system can emerge.”

The chances of this new system emerging right now being a good system for the people, is slim at best IMHO. The current divisions of the people, exactly what the ruling class wants, ups the chance that new system will look more like 1930’s Germany, instead of a socialistic utopia.


Yes, the system is a distraction, removed from the natural balance of the universe, and only accountable to a few at the top.


The rest of that formula is: when states/towns raise taxes, which they can do if the tax bugs haven’t passed a limiting referendum, they use more regressive taxes to do it, like sales and property. This is the not so obvious irony of the Reagan revolution. The Feds with their strong tax flow crippled by Reagan couldn’t pass as much $$ down to the states. The states then had to raise their taxes to compensate. So the public paid more in regressive taxes or shortened services. Politically it is easier to oppose local and state taxes so that gave the tax bugs more clout with their never ending referendums.


Your talking about the two sacred cows of neo-liberalism. They have big teats for the rich to suck off.