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What A Glorious Day: Dancing On the Bodies of the Dead


What A Glorious Day: Dancing On the Bodies of the Dead

What to say to the abomination of Monday's blood-soaked opening for the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem: A messianic Bibi, with heedless Trump as accomplice, proclaimed "a great day for peace," Israelis chanted “Burn Them, Shoot Them, Kill Them” at protesting Palestinians, and their soldiers shot dead at least 55 unarmed Gazans, wounding over 1,350. Much of the media described them "dying" in "clashes." No. Surely the least we can say is this: They were massacred.


We all have the duty, the obligation, to fight Hate no matter where it is found most importantly in your very own heart. Those that breed Hate are very sick. I don’t know how to cure this disease. Does anyone? Disease prevention is then key. One element of the therapy is truth. It must never be compromised. It is a bitter pill to some, this truth. It shatters myths. So then another part of this therapy must be to not perpetuate myths. Truth becomes it’s own judgement, you can suspend judgement then and speak the truth without it.


what peace?


The only thing that counters hate, is love. It is one of the most basic and obvious truths. It is also one of the most ignored.


is this what our wall will become as they try to find ways over and under? like shooting fish in a barrel.


This is the ultimate truth, Love. I steered away from it because as you say it is ignored. I would add it is misunderstood as well. Truth is like a diamond, hard and fast but it is like sand, it slips through your fingers as if it were sand when being grasp.


Yes, like you would a cancer. You kill it because otherwise it is going to kill you. Love a monster and you’re dead. Greed and religion must die.


I think it is a lot to expect there to be love between Israelis and Palestinians, maybe start with respect and equality. You don’t have to love someone to have respect for them. Both sides love their country, it takes more than that.


Again, that is why I steered away from love. It is too much to expect. There are so many incapable of love it diminishes respect, trust and the like and hate takes root.


If Gandhi came back to live and saw the suffering of the Palestinian people and the general descent or the worlds wealthy white humans into the savage heartless and subhuman state they occupy today as they brazenly defend their indefensible barbarism, with no moral voices in journalism or popular culture to be heard anywhere, he would renounce Satyagraha, and promptly commit suicide by self-immolation.


Genocide the entirety of a country’s indigenous people is peace for the occupiers in a way.


Don’t need any more walls than we already have to produce such outcomes; these are not a “maybe” awaiting the U.S. in the future! Just try being Black, male and walking with a shower head or a cell phone in any city in AmeriKKKa.


Love is “too much to ask”?

Oh, really?

We’re all mostly made of Water, in these Earthy bodies.

Everything is One within the Water. Nothing can be hidden; everything is shared.

Sounds a lot like Love, doesn’t it?

Sounds a lot like ecological reality, too.

There’s a good reason Water and Love are so allied in human consciousness…there’s a good reason that troubles with Water now imminently threaten Life on Earth as we know it.

Is it “too much to ask” that human beings remember our True nature?

Is there any other genuine solution to our annihilating habit of violence?

Is Love too much to ask?

No. Love’s simply the only thing that works.

Those who claim otherwise are, in my experience, afraid of Love. Which means, they don’t really Know Love.

“Gee, if I really admit that my True nature is Love, what temporal creature comforts might I be compelled to sacrifice?”

“My job, my retirement account, my credit rating—even my home?”

“Could Love ask me—as it asked the Cantonville 9–to go to prison?!?”

“Could Love ask me to give up my life?!?”

“No way, that’s much too scary!”

“Surely, if Love Loves me, It Knows I CAN’T do anything so scary! Doesn’t It?”

“Surely, Love Knows, as I do, that I deserve to enjoy all these temporal creature comforts, while countless ‘others’ suffer and die for ‘my’ convenience and cowardice! Right?”

“Love wouldn’t dare ask me to manifest Common Sense—would It?!?”

“Love wouldn’t dare ask me to live in Truth—would It?!?”

“Well, then it’s obvious that only a few extraordinary people could ever consent to live under such a fierce, implacable ruler as Love!”

“Love is too much to ask!”

Yes—if you’re content to sell your soul.

No—if you want to live—and die—with a smile in your heart.


You can always ask?

Even water is a combination of elements, not one thing. It is the balance of elements water, fire, earth, and air in various combinations that create life.

I suggest love is ordinary, it is a part of nature. It is everywhere. It doesn’t rule and can’t be sold.

Maybe the Cantonville 9 were just being true to their nature but they used fire to destroy what they disagreed with.


Your reply is lyrical, poetic, and somehow heartfelt.

Still, it seems to me a charming distraction from the point I was trying to make.

The Cantonville 9 destroyed draft cards with fire, yes. What’s your point?

My understanding of their action says they did so because they experienced themselves as one with “others”.

Because they chose to live the Truth of the Water within, they felt directly the anguish of those whose local forests, villages, and families were then aflame with napalm. They chose to feel, rather than dissociate themselves from, the anguish of those who dropped the bombs and tore their hearts, souls, families apart in the process.

Because the Cantonville 9 experienced all these wounds and losses as their own, the “personal” risk entailed in their action seemed necessary to them.

Because they recognized their own lives as inseparable from those saved through the destruction of their draft cards, they chose to burn those draft cards, and to incur jail time rather than burn forever with shame and regret.

According to your “nice”, “peaceful” cosmology, Love doesn’t rule.

I Know that Love can do anything and everything, including rule!

Yes, Love can and does rule! When the small craven self wants to pretend that I can be free while others are enslaved, Love will bring that self to its knees. And a good thing, too.

While vague musings about the beauty of nature and how everything is just following its nature (so it’s “all good”, whether we’re burning draft cards or witches at the stake) just encourage us to sell our souls.

Once you know that the State has gone full predator, the Water calls you to act to stop and transform its violence.

To pretend otherwise is to lie. To pretend otherwise is to knowingly put more poison in the Water upon which all Life depends.

If you think Love’s “all good” with that, I repeat: you don’t Know Love.


Oh, very kind of you to say, thank you.

Fire is a mutable force, they employed a mutable force to make a change Just as the volcano eruption in Hawaii is both destructive and creative.

The Cantonsville 9 were a small part of a much larger opposition to the war. I don’t think you can measure empathy by degree. Not everything done in the name of love is truly loving. Anymore than a mother cat saving her kittens is any less.

Your interpretation is interesting, I assume you are using water as a metaphor but I’m not sure what you mean by that. So I will ask how you feel about the known world be consumed by water?