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What a Policy of Real Solidarity With the Syrian People Looks Like


What a Policy of Real Solidarity With the Syrian People Looks Like

James Trimarco

After the release of horrifying images of Syrian civilians killed by chemical attacks on Tuesday, there were predictable demands that the United States should “take action” against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Indeed, hawkish voices in both the Democratic and Republican parties have been calling for U.S. military engagement in Syria at least since March 2013, when more than two dozen people were killed in a sarin gas attack in the country’s north.


This article is complete nonsense. In a country faced with savage and mostly foreign fighters armed with heavy artillery trying to undermine the sitting government, there is no room, and certainly no safety, for any "democratic resistence." The author conveniently leaves out US, French, UK, Saudi, Qatari and other support for the not-so-Syrian rebels and is concerned above all with "Assad's violence," a false meme peddled by the Western media and governments. The US and the West must back off, and if they don't, they will destroy Syria "to save it," and we will be looking at the annihilation of an ancient noble country, in the cradle of civilization, another Iraq, with a repressive pro-West quisling government, constant civil uprisings and resistance (these ones authentic), sectarian violence (of which there was none under Assad) and a continuation of the genocidal anti-Arab policies initiated by G.W. Bush and continued by Obama and now Trump. An article like this only serves the war party deeply ensconced in Washington.


Syria's internal matters are no business of America's. The US caused the current violence by supporting not "rebels" but terrorists such as Al Nusra, Al Queda and indirectly, ISIS. This is a matter of record, not conjecture. If Al Assad goes, then Syria will become a new, extremist, Muslim Caliphate and a base for terrorist attacks all across the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere! Something the US leadership never does, is think before they act and the evidence of their foolishness lies 6 feet under in poor cemeteries across the Middle East, Africa and many other countries.


These proposals won't be accepted by a nation who's only goal is to completely destabilize the Middle East. I would call it the Chaos Factor and it's part and parcel of the inhumane and vile policies of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger's policies include sustained, endless wars throughout the world. Zunes must be incredibly naïve to believe that the U. S. will now reverse this war mongering policy now.



Thanks to "Clovis" for knowing "complete nonsense" when you read it.

---Peter Loeb, Boston, MA, USA