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'What a Rigged Economy Looks Like,' Says Sanders, as Stock Market Enjoys Best Month in 33 Years Despite 20%+ Unemployment

He doesn’t want to give trump any unnecessary ammo to shoot back at him.

Not to worry, it will all get better when Dr. Dimentia has Larry Summers driving the economic recovery bus off the cliff.


Of course the stock market is up. Investors who lost their shirts want their money back.


The laughingly titled CARES Act past the Senate 96-0. That ‘0’ represents the coward Bernie’s credibility.


Hi Godless:
Hmmm the letters CARES act. Maybe the letters stand for something else like:

Corporations Are Rapping Entire Society. That seems to fit. : (


Bernie has still not given any accounting of his serial refusal to challenge the apparent theft of his two presidential runs. He has not given any accounting to his donors and supporters of why he dropped out so peremptorily without raising questions about the discrepancies between exit polls, early “official results,” and final results of voting where the computers were effectively privately owned black boxes. Bernie must speak to these unanswered questions, unless he wishes to be viewed by many progressives as a joke and a fraud


His continued refusal to criticize the Pelosi-Schumer-Perez etc. etc. corporate Democratic leadership by name speaks volumes.


Unemployment is probably the best measure of business inefficiency.

I think it’s too late. The level of stress/anxiety/anger/fear is clearly visible and palpable where I live. I’m getting reports from friends throughout the country who are seeing the same thing: increased levels of angry outbursts, increased numbers of guns being purchased, huge increases in domestic violence and I suspect substance abuse.

I am not seeing a movement toward a critical mass of people caring for each other.
Soon there will be massive levels of hunger. I don’t even want to think about how ugly that will be. The anger in the article below is about wearing masks!

Retailers around the state report threats, verbal confrontations over mask requirement
One customer threw a cantaloupe bowl at a worker


It’s only cantaloupe bowls being thrown at people’s heads in grocery stores now. And these people are not yet starving-----what will happen when hunger and extreme poverty set in?

I don’t know what you all are seeing in areas where you live but what I am seeing/hearing and feeling is terrifying.

Not seeing a way out of this either. So again I ask . . . what to do?


Corporate Joe doesn’t care. He has been serving the 1% and big banks and credit card companies his whole career.


It was not Sanders fault that the centrist corporate Dem machine (incl media such as the Wash Post) totally united against him and buried him with a deluge of criticism. He had no realistic chance to win when he suspended his campaign. Especially since that traitor to progressives, Liz Warren, would not endorse him.


Listen to this excellent discussion on this subject and others

May 6, 2020 program
BONUS! Corona-Money Talk with Dylan Ratigan! Episode 2


Perhaps in an ideal world, but history shows that it rarely happens.


ByeDone (R-Visa) is not sentient. He’s nothing but a potted plant.

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"Nothing much will change if I am elected."
Thus spoke the non-sentient potted plant.


Let’s see if we can an make sense of this. Investors know that the incredible unemployment rate us entirely caused by government intervention. At the same time that unemployment hits record highs, many states are moving to restart their economies. Markets are forward looking. Investors see improved conditions in the future, and they are buying shares of companies which will bgg benefit from a return to a free economy. Yes, people are unemployed. But there is hope that they will all be back on the job soon.

There is only one group of people powerful enough to hold them responsible, and that is us, We the People.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the majority of us have for the past 3 or 4 decades, continued to drive our country towards the support of criminal politicians, by listening to the lies of the two political parties most prevalent in Washington DC.

These folks can never be counted on to stand up to anyone in Washington DC.

They’re sheep.


The bankers took control of the economy when they created the Fed and now they have perfected it’s use to protect the wealthy. Just remember it was FDR and Truman proposing national healthcare–Nixon even had a plan—Carter had a plan----Clinton offered up some joke corporate plan----and here we sit people loosing their jobs and healthcare in 2020--------This is called Manufacturing Consent-----and we are deep down the rabbit hole.


SANDERS/WARREN 2020-------support the REAL moderate democrat

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Wow, you did that nicely! That should be turned into a meme!


There is nothing to do. One could try begging their congressional representatives to bail out the citizens. But they seem more intent on keeping their corporate cash flowing to them instead by throwing our money to their masters. Short of that I don’t see any solution. The USA is going to crash hard and the citizens did not know how to get along before this and seems very unlikely they will in the midst of this apparently final collapse.
So far I have only seen kindness where I live, but then I try not to go out very much either. We do have a bunch of “patriotic protestors” who stand around on Saturdays, but no violence so far. But folks will do pretty much anything when they start to get really hungry. I’m 65 years old and grateful for the life I’ve lived, but my heart breaks at the thought of all the younger folks just entering life. I would have never dreamed or wished for what I am about to experience in the coming weeks and months. I would have to invoke my magical thinking and pray that some benevolent god snaps their finger and instantly changes our whole economic system to include a livable universal basic income, along with taking back all the money the corporate oligarchs stole. That is what I would do.