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'What a Rigged Economy Looks Like': Top 10% Now Own 77% of American Wealth


'What a Rigged Economy Looks Like': Top 10% Now Own 77% of American Wealth

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump and the Republican Party unveiled their "cruel joke" of a tax plan that would provide an enormous boon for the rich disguised as a "middle class miracle," an analysis by the People's Policy Project (3P) published Wednesday found that the to


I felt sick when “O” was in office. Now it’s terminal.


Democrats are pervasively corrupt, and marginally civilized.
Rethugricans are organized criminals.
The American idiot sheeple are marginally useful peasants and useful cannon fodder.


The upcoming tax “reform” will accelerate the shifting of wealth from the 90% to the 10% and will also shift more from those at the lower end of that 10% up and into the hands of those at the top of that 10%.


Implementing a 90% income tax rate for billionaires isn’t hard at all. Our nation has already done it, and more. All that’s needed is:

  1. We have to run people. If God had wanted us to vote he would have given some of us the courage to be candidates.

  2. The voting system is rigged. When the people scream badly enough, people within the government with some integrity flip, they can’t square their going to church and their utter hatred of their own country, and then the felons go to jail for their amoral rigging or at least they retire under pressure.


Looking at the bar graph made me regurgitate some of my breakfast this morning. How can this not make anyone but the richest 10 percent sick? This graph should be posted everywhere.


Trust me, now it’s all going to come trickling down. Before was just the build up so the rich could feel secure, but now that they functionally have control of everything the benevolence should come raining down upon us filling our baskets full of god’s sweet blessings. Praise be the job creators.


Senator Huey Long of Louisiana’s 'Share Our Wealth Plan" tax plan , or “Share The Wealth Plan” tax plan would go light-years it plainly appears to un-doing the rigged economy here in the present USA, where it currently obviously appears is a tax plan of “Government by the Money, and for the Money, so Help the Bengamins.” Furthermore, Senator Long also stated his tax plan would enable, or where in his own words “Every Man is a King”; or in other words, where everyone has a big chunk of the wealth pie.


It is precisely that top 10% and the rigged - corporate economy that the ginger chimp represents! That is what this “morally repugnant” and obscene “tax-cut” plan/scam charade intends, to further empower greed and profits uber-alles, and thru iinheritance-tax elimination create dynasties of even more super-rich families that have zero empathy, common decency or Moral Compass - they exist only for their own interests, pleasure, and that of their cronies - that is the dynamic the trump regime represents and thru its poster boy…tiny hands, tiny mind, tiny integrity and tiny intellect tries to foist on America…all is ego-driven greed-driven pathology…and criminal manipulation


There is no other choice except mass civil protests demanding resignations.

Loud, and prolonged, men,women, and children with one message, “Resign.”


Too bad that some country does not bring the US freedom and democracy! Freedom from the oligarchy and the military dictatorship, so America can have a true democracy!


Besides the wealth they also own Congress. Our “trusted” servants always ready to serve their patrons.


democrats were complicit


Working in the White House is a business opportunity and a racket, this is just example that backfired.


These graphs should make people angry–angry enough to rise up. Total, Gandhian (because we are outgunned) non cooperation. Enough!


Right!  “The Fat Cats piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto the Working Poor.”

Don’t eliminate the Inheritance Tax — TRIPLE It!!   While you’re at it, TRIPLE the Capital Gains Tax too!!


Of course but don’t neglect to sharpen your pitchforks.


And the jobless or senior non working poor, well we are not even on the radar! The situation is such that the top percentile will not give up their power due to their financial wealth. Time for us to come together for we far outnumber them and refuse to participate in their designs. Rent strikes across the nation in our major cities should begin our non cooperative efforts. Folks outside the cities bring in food, etc. supplies to support them, and from there we escalate the resistance.


What is happening right now is an outrage. It was bad enough of a Republican policy before Trump. With Trump it is now one of the most outrageous policies Republicans have ever advocated. With our current income wealth disparity, all the Republicans can think of are ways to make it even worse. Essentially Supply Side Trickle Down is a deeply flaws approach for the economy. The rich and super rich tend to hoard money into offshore banks and invest it in shell companies so it cannot be taxed. On the other hand, tax cuts and breaks for the working class and middle class have been found to stimulate the American economy because the money stays in American and most of it is spent. It is the spending the stimulates the economy. Trump is the classic example of this, a multi millionaire that pays no taxes. What type of role model is that for the country?.


And guillotine blades.