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What About the Police Crime Rate?


What About the Police Crime Rate?

Vincent Warren

The failure to indict a police officer for yet another killing of a young, Black person – this time a child, 12-year-old Tamir Rice – should outrage us and cause us to look more deeply at the structures that make both Rice’s shooting and the non-indictment mutually reinforcing acts. Similarly, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the brilliant organizing within it compels us to look at the relationship between crime and policing in a new way: it forces our society to confront how it allows the police to get away with committing crimes against Black and brown communities.


"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" (Who watches the watchmen?)


Thank you, VInce Warren for your comments on the unjust state of much policing in our country, and the unequal treatment and even death for those who aren't white, that has resulted. I am ashamed to be a citizen so often lately. I also want to say that I think Black Lives Matter groups, in urban and rural communities--including student movements on campuses, are a source of hope and potential change from the bloody status quo. They need every decent citizen's support.
And lastly, just a reminder that, regarding police crime, as a young person with a boyfriend whose brother was a detective in our local force in Illinois, I recall a common saying, that I did experience personally, "Cops have the best dope." There have always been jaundiced views of the morals of police; it's just that now, a truer picture of how legally sanctioned their unjust and frequently criminal acts are is a revelation to many.


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"To begin with, we only analyze and project crime rates for civilians, and not for cops. Second, we don’t even collect useful, accurate data on police crimes, because we rely on the police to produce it, which they largely refuse to do. Instead, news outlets like The Guardian and The Washington Post have taken on the function of pulling together the numbers on police-involved shootings and accountability. Third, our court systems have been in the habit of believing just about anything that comes out of a police officer’s, police chief’s or police union official's mouth, no matter how outrageous or demonstrably false."

Once society is militarized to this effect, and this form of domestic militarization tends to occur in parallel to outside theaters of aggressive war(s), it is inordinately difficult to put the armed genii back into the proverbial bottle.

I was listening to a brilliant Black writer speaking about his new book--and reading profound poetry from it--on Public Radio. He was asked (now that he's relocated his family to Paris) if he experienced racism there. He answered that there was racism, but what differentiated the U.S. was its inordinate focus on guns. That to a Black citizen growing up in the U.S. there is ALWAYS a sense of threat to their bodies' safety.

The U.S. (mostly male and white) population has been so indoctrinated into gun use as proof of power, force, manhood, and supposed independence, that essentially, our nation is at war. No nation produces 2.2 million prison inmates and 25,000 or more gun deaths a year out of a peaceful climate.

The paradigm that allows those possessed of the most fire-power to use it and make no apologies for using it (neither any effort to conform to established law) is also known as Mars Rules or Might Makes Right. It's the law of the jungle and advantages those with the most fury and least respect for life. In short, it's a recipe for a sociopathic society in rapid stages of collapse.


The police are doing exactly what the organization was designed to do. Their purpose is to protect the elite from the commoners, the elite including government officials and those with large sums of money which are usually one and the same. The police are an extension of the government and the government's number one priority is maintaining its position of power and authority over the masses, aka self preservation, at any cost. That includes murdering its own citizens. Especially citizens who at one point in history weren't even considered to be human. You won't hear about the police shooting a government official or the owner of some fortune 500 company. You will hear about them killing 12 year old children. To the government, each individual is insignificant. It's when the individuals combine to form a whole that the government takes notice. But not notice in a positive way. It only provides them with a target to use tear gas, rubber bullets. Oh yeah, and occasionally live rounds. What's the solution? We need to hit the reset button. Our so called representatives have never represented us and never will. Law enforcement does not protect and serve us. That being the case, both organizations must be dismantled. The true trivia is what system to use as a replacement. I'm open to suggestions. I'm only certain that the current system is a dangerous failure.


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The thick blue wall


If you want to see police and prosecutorial abuse in action, watch the Netflix series: Making of Murderer. Steven Avery from Manitowoc Wisconsin was framed for rape and served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Finally he was released. When he was suing the criminal police, sheriff and DA for 36 million dollars (and would have won a settlement not covered by insurance due to the crimes of these criminals) they framed him for murder. It was horrifying. Avery is white. However he was considered poor-white-trash so while white privilege is real, the abuse of the powerful against the poor/powerless does cross that racial line at times as well. I worked in prison as a nurse. There are few rich people in prison. The only ones I saw there were the rich that stole from other rich people.


Well said. It precisely that endless fascination with the GUN and with the concept of violence and the threat of the same as some sort of "Value" that leads me to the conclusion that the second amendment is one of the stupidest things to ever put into a countries Constitution.

It is not owning a gun I have issues with. It is the thought processes of "Why I must own a gun" that the defenders of violence continously advance. It leads directy to the sociopath in control and the sociopath as some sort of "saviour".


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I appreciate your feedback and I'm 100% sure that my position is tainted with bias based on my experience. Where I was raised law enforcement was always the opposition. They were always the visiting team. And it seems like they preferred it that way.


It likely hard to chart as only recently have citizens begun counting the number of citizens killed by the Police in the USA.

I am sure that if one went back 30 years and more even to when the Homicide rate in the USA was much higher the number was far less. Now needless to say those that support the Polcie blindly will claim that this lowered Homicide rate somehow evidence that harsh Police tactics work but those type will never be convinced otherwise.


Apparently the prosecuter sent a few people to Jail with even less evidence for crimes the later cleared of.

Now am I wrong or is the person in question a Political animal in that he runs for office and is elected to the position? If that the case then it a stupid system which is bound to create instances where winning the next election more important than is seeing justice done.


del wronf thread


Thanks to police unions and politicians no one is keeping any data/tracking on police sexual misconduct, no tracking on police drug/alcohol use, no data on police suicides or domestic violence or anything. It's a free for all and any data that is kept is secret to control public perception and to limit law suits. So the taxpayer are being tracked but the police nationwide are not! So when an officer is caught breaking the law they have special privileges in other words above the law. The main stream media works for the police and 90% of the news is word for word from the police. So the media is equally responsible for the continued killing of african americans by the police.


90% of the money donated to the DA comes from police unions. Police unions threaten any prosecutor that tries to charge an officer. Police unions are armed militias payed by taxpayers. They threaten to kill anyone even the D. A. that tries to expose there criminal enterprise.


We are not allowed to know about the violent extremist police. It's secret because of the police union contracts.