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What Ails this Country? Bernie Sanders Will Ask You


What Ails this Country? Bernie Sanders Will Ask You

Elizabeth Oriel

“What is government if not a relationship with the people?”–resident of Concord, Massachusetts

“I think the amount of influence I have, or anyone has, as a member of the public basically comes from free discourse.” –resident of Concord, Massachusetts


I agree with Bernie on his political, domestic agenda; but unequivocally disagree on his foreign policy. And that is the crux of the problem of what ails this country.


While I’m happy that Bernie is running, even if he were elected, we would still have a corrupt Congress to deal with. Bernie wouldn’t be able to pass a single piece of legislation because a corporate Congress would be instructed to fight Bernie on any and all issues. In an ideal world, the public would quickly realize this and toss out all Democrats and Republicans from Congress, but the more likely scenario is that the corporate media would successfully paint Sanders as a traitor/communist/crook that is bad for business, national security and politics.
In the meantime I don’t think corporate America is worried about Sanders as they are confident that their woman (HRC) with unlimited financial backing and biased media coverage should easily prevail in the Democratic primaries. The debates will introduce Sanders to America (most Americans have never heard of Bernie Sanders) while pitting conventional political rhetoric against an honest account of what ails the country. I have no idea if the Democrat delegates will rise to the occassion or if they will succumb to a corporate agenda and dismiss Sanders as some fringe lunatic. At least Sanders will finally force Americans to face the fact that corporate America has highjacked our democracy for the sake of the .01% and for this I am grateful.


Mr. Nader pointed this problem (or paradox) out on Amy Goodman’s show, “Democracy Now” yesterday.

Could it be that if Sanders barks too substantially against the MIC “tree” that he’ll get mowed down in an “unfortunate accident”?

Wall ST and the MIC work hand in glove and both are the arguable powers truly driving this nation’s agenda, along with that of MANY others. That’s essentially why Obama is pushing TPP and TIPP. These secrecy agreements foreclose upon any further public engagement. They also close off avenues to legal redress while driving a race to the bottom where labor rights, wages, and environmental protections are concerned.

Let us hope that Mr. Sanders is hedging his bets. And in the unlikely event that his robust public engagement rouses a true threat to this nation’s dynastic throne, he’ll begin the dismantling of The Beast.


No one can state with certainty which Fracking Thrust will set off the next big earthquake.

I’m using this metaphor as an analogy to suggest that the nation, reverberating from blow after blow (loss of wages, indecency of corporate power’s abuses, foreign wars which send moral and financial blowback back home, etc.) may find in Mr. Sander’s principled exposures, a major release mechanism. He could light a spark that takes off…


Thanks for your excellent reply. " Could it be that if Sanders barks too substantially against the MIC " tree" that he will get mowed down in an unfortunate accident".

When JFK wanted to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces,” the CIA sent a powerful message to anyone else that wanted to reign in their power. I am sure Bernie is aware that he cannot bark too loud against the MIC, even though he may want to smash this draconian beast into a thousand pieces.


“…even if he were elected, we would still have a corrupt Congress to deal with.”

If Bernie were elected, it would be the result of a tidal wave in public opinion and support for his truly bold solutions to widespread poverty and global warming. And that tidal wave could sweep Democrats into control of both the Senate and the House. Public opinion already supports Bernie’s policies, so this is not a wild fancy or dream.


Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party nominee, has a much more coherent stance on foreign and domestic policy, but even she has not yet - to my knowledge - made crystal clear the linkage between empire abroad and growing inequity at home. Here’s a glimpse of her views:

stein on foreign policy


Thank you for noticing. We are in a minority of posters that doesn’t digest the regurgitated version of 911-related events, a/k/a the official narrative.

I think it’s obvious that Paul Wellstone–the only senator voting against the “fixed case against Iraq” and call to war–had his plane go down for reasons other than an accident.

Many forget that before his untimely death, Hugo Chavez made it known that some kind of Cancer had been covertly introduced into his body.

There is a Scandinavian researcher, Ole Dammegard who’s spent years chronicling how these events occur and tracing a pattern that seldom to never deviates from the protocols that he spells out.

People ARE taken out–Dr. King was showing the connection between the Black community’s lack of financial opportunities along with that of poor white communities and seguing both into the wasted costs of war… when he was conveniently taken out.

Too many find fault with Bernie. No one is without sin or imperfections. MANY of the issues Mr. Sanders is loudly raising are of major significance and mean the difference between lives of disquieted desperation and worse to millions. He is the first candidate I sent campaign $ to in over a decade. He deserves the support of decent people everywhere even if he isn’t quite Left enough for this forum’s tag team… the same members of which slight the likes of Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, and Edward Snowden. It’s no secret that I view these individuals as plants.


Look, Americans no longer have a representative government. Period. Grow up and face the reality. Elections are virtually meaningless, without verification and the evil doers behind the screens can cook up any election result they want - and you can’t do a gad damned thing about it.

I can’t remember when the best candidate for “The People…” was elected? It is the corrupt mass media and its 24-7 propaganda machine that wins every time. Nader would have been better than any candidate in any election, as well as Kucinich, but the media drowns out the best in favor of the ruling elite.

You want a shot for the brass ring stop buying into the machine.


I supported Dr. Stein and will continue to support her in the future. Thanks.


I agree and the good side to Bernie, in my opinion, is the man has domestic integrity even though he has had to compromise on US foreign policy. And compared to Obama, Bush, and Hilliary… Bernie is a saint! Albeit, on the bad side, that is exactly why he has no chance of the democratic nomination unless there is a grass roots uprising of millions and millions of the American electorate that kicks out the .01%. That seems to me to be the only calculus that is a viable equation. Yes, Bernie does deserve the support of decent people everywhere. How about a Sanders/Sawant ticket in 2016? Or a Sanders/Ventura? Or a Sanders/Warren? Any one of those could build a grass roots political, tsunami. .


It’s up to all of us to demand that the media cover Bernie’s campaign and more importantly, his platform. If enough people can hear what he stands for, there could be a groundswell of support. There are millions in the U.S. totally fed up with the corptocracy. Obviously Bernie will never be able to compete on the money level, so we have to make it a people-powered campaign.


I think all progressives are hoping for a similiar spark. I am very curious to see how this all plays out. It was easy after all to ban Ralph Nader from debates because he was a thrid party candidate, but doesn’t mean that Bernie will get fair coverage. Remeber that Kucinich ran for the Democratic nomination as well, but was still barred from some debates and when he was present, he was ignored. Are we in for a repeat this time around?