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What Americans Abroad Know about Bernie Sanders and You Should Know Too


What Americans Abroad Know about Bernie Sanders and You Should Know Too

Susan Neiman

As the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House moves from ludicrous to terrifying, it’s time to reconsider the electability question. Despite polls suggesting that Hillary Clinton is more likely to lose the general election than Bernie Sanders, her supporters routinely argue that Sanders’ program is too radically utopian to have a chance.


I concur as an expat living in Canada


American imperialism and exploitation of workers starts at home. There was a point when Reagan's corporate jingoism triumphed over patriotism and support for the commonweal's unified citizenry. There arose two types of citizens - the workers and the business elite which saw the American workforce not as fellow citizens that deserved to prosper but as an expendable workforce that in fact should prosper less thereby increasing profits. The war on unions began in earnest. Unlike elsewhere like in Germany, American workers started to lose ground. Lose pensions most of all. Lose benefits and protection. American Business warred against the American worker. This has gone so far that republicans would even attack soc sec.

To the rich dog eat dog is only fair especially when everybody has more than enough anyway but to the poor dog eat dog is akin to cannibalism and those who don't have enough are desperate to take from wherever just to get by, even to take from each other. Hence right to work anti Union laws.

What happened to America is what is planned by corporations for the rest of the world over time. Corporate rule - a one world corporate economy and someday perhaps (when mega mergers merge with mega mergers to form super corporations) even corporate nationhood that will replace geographical nationhood with a basically economic corporate entity that is international.

In any case the oligarchy is anti worker and that is the reality. All workers are expendable - a commodity - not fellow citizens to be helped by a national corporation. American corporations have excused themselves from being patriotic they are multinational instead..

You can see why they don't want Bernie. He remembers the way it used to be.


The "Clinton supporter" has been ill-informed, seriously out of touch with current events and the actual record of Clinton and Sanders, a product of Clinton Crime Family manipulation, pandering, propaganda and feel-good rubbish!
The two notable pro-Clinton demographics are Clinton's so-called "Southern Firewall", black voters over a certain age, and white seniors - two groups apparently easily manipulated and bamboozled by both Clintons. Their children have a much firmer grasp of politics and the record/history of both Clintons and Bernie Sanders, and overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders and the issues he champions - you younger people got to give your "rents" a damn good talking-to - if you can bear it........
"Once his proposals are seriously considered, it’s argued, any adult will reject them out of hand" typical jive from the Clinton stooge camp..........be careful what you wish for..........

And on another topic where Clinton fails miserably, being you know, owned by the oil & gas conglomerate and polluters r us........I called NRDC today but they were closed....next week I'll give 'em a piece of my mind......NRDC!....wake up and smell the corrupt Clinton stench!


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But Germany is a model worth emulating: Its economy remains one of
the strongest to emerge from the 2008 financial crisis. It has managed
to preserve much of its manufacturing base in the process of becoming a
dominant player in a globalized world. It is a major industrial
exporter. Its success has gone hand in hand with laws and practices that
American workers, blue collar or white, would be grateful for.

and they can kiss all that goodbye if TTIP is passed.


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Props to the LA Times for running this article, just days before the California primary vote.


But we can't continue to give subsidizes to the rich, the large corporations and the MIC if we help our citizens.


Typo: Austria.


Thank you, first I've heard of this primary.


One difference is that these foreign countries have parliamentary systems of government while the US has a two-party system and one of the two major parties is extremely conservative, calling for smaller government. There is nothing wrong per se with most of Sander's proposals. The problem is that there is no way they would be approved by Congress. I think people are concerned that electing Sanders would result in even greater polarization than we have now between the executive branch and the Republicans in Congress.


Oh Lrx Lrx, are you serious? Do you really think that Bernie as president would be more divisive than Hillary, or what is going on with Obama? At least Bernie is white, that's one check mark in his favor for the Right. They won't have the race card to play with him. And jeezus christ, Hillary and Bill are so despised by the Right that it isn't even a contest. Give it up already. Come up with a rational reason why Bernie would be worse than Hillary and maybe we will listen.


Lrx and other Clintonistas need to wake up.

If Hillary is elected POTUS the Republicans will start impeachment proceedings on Day 1, if not before.


I fear that you are right.


The title of the movie is totally idiotic though.


You will find that the UK, New Zealand and Australia are hell-bent on privatising their welfare systems and are well down the track of USification.


Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy, although the current Prime Minister and former CEO of Goldman Sachs (Australia) wanted to turn the place into a republic and no doubt be Australia's first President.

Perhaps you meant Austria?


Sure, Sanders would be facing a stone wall with the current Congress. But don't forget that as a way to enlighten a MSM-addicted populace the president and his bully pulpit can be pretty damn effective. Bernie on TV, with fireside chats and rousing addresses regarding the state of the union, would help bring people to the light, to considering a society where justice and fairness are important. Not to mention his powerful effect on congressional races in 2018 and 2020. The bloodless revolution has to start somewhere, and Bernie is where it is. Maybe by 2020 the country will begin to take courageous visionaries like Jill Stein seriously. As for "greater polarization" if we elect Sanders, can the polarization between the people and the rulers get much greater? GO BERNIE!!


Great Article,

Don't forget that Germany is Super Green, and is largely Solar-Powered despite the bad weather common there. Also, Germany is phasing out all nuclear power plants as they are unwarranted dangers to us all. And they are anti-GMO fake MoSatan Frankenfood.

They are way ahead of us in the USA, in the common sense department.